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As far as I can tell, Young has never been eligible for any type of health-related professional license. A Dubious Testimonial In , Young claimed on YouTube that he had cured Kim Tinkham , a woman with breast cancer who had appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and said she intended to heal herself rather than undergoing medical care.

He also posted six testimonial videos to his pH Miracle Living site. However, Tinkham died of her disease about a year later. The videos were removed, but the images shown here—displayed on the site in November —still impled that Young had helped her. Government Actions Young has been criminally charged four times. In the mids, he was charged with taking blood samples from two women and using the samples to diagnose illnesses and prescribe products that he sold.

Young claimed that he merely looked at blood samples from two women and gave them nutritional advice. However, under a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted practice of medicine without a license and was promised that the charge would be dismissed if he stayed out of trouble for 18 months [12].

Young told the woman that he had cured people suffering from AIDS, the affidavit alleged. A month later he was arrested when an undercover agent went to him for a consultation. Young allegedly analyzed her blood and prescribed a liquid diet. A judge ordered Young to stop drawing blood or risk being denied bail. In January , Young and two associates were arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand theft and conspiring to practice medicine without a license.

The charges alleged that Young and his associates broke the law when they went beyond advocating dietary changes and administered intravenous treatments to patients, some of whom were terminally ill. In February , following a 2-month trial, he was convicted of two counts of practicing medicine without a license. During the trial, Deputy District Attorney Gina Darvas portrayed Young as a charlatan who preyed on the sick and vulnerable—including dying cancer patients—and duped them with bogus science [3].

A few weeks after the trial ended, Darvas announced that Young would be re-tried on the charges for which the jury was unable to reach a verdict [15]. In , faced with the possibility of retrial, Young pleaded guilty to two more counts of practicing medicine without a license. The plea agreement called for a month sentence, some of which had already been served under house arrest [16]. It also contained this statement: I, Robert O. Young, declare freely and voluntarily, under penalty of perjury that I do not have any post high-school educational degrees from any accredited schools.

I am not a Microbiologist. I am not a Hematologist. I am not a Medical Doctor. I am not a Naturopathic Doctor. I am not a trained scientist [17]. In June , the judge issued the sentence and expressed hope that Young would not repeat what he did in the future [18]. Young and a medical associate Bennie Stephen Johnson, D. Johnson improperly allowed Young and pH Miracle Living to use his name and license as a cover for their unlicensed conduct [19].

However, she said in a recent interview that she has not been able to collect anything. In , the Osteopathic Medical Board of California charged Johnson with gross negligence, repeated negligence, and general unprofessional conduct in connection with his treatment of four patients at the pH Miracle Center [21].

In , the U. Federal Trade Commission ordered Young to stop making false and illegal claims on his web and social media sites that various products he sold would prevent or cure COVID [23]. In May , Young and an associate Galina Migalko charged with practicing without a license for treating an elderly woman who had liver and thyroid disease [24].

A biographical sketch on Amazon. After reading their book, Sick and Tired? This section contains basic errors that suggest to me that Dr. Young is not very knowledgeable about this area; his understanding of basic chemistry seems limited. He gives the same pH values for blood that comes from arteries and veins; in reality, venous blood is more acidic than arterial blood. The manner in which Dr. Young writes suggests a religious fervor that has nothing to do with science.

I saw no footnotes that support his extreme views; in fact, judging by the titles of the journal articles he cites, I saw no citations in either this or another book by him that pertain specifically to the effect of pH on disease. Further, Dr. Young does not describe any of his own experiments that might lead one to think he has a valid scientific basis for his ideas. He makes many extreme statements without any supporting evidence.

From what I can see, Dr. For example, the simple way to test his assertions about the effects of pH on disease would be to give sick people a couple of teaspoons of baking soda per day mixed with water. Young suggests. But he appears not to have done this, or even to have studied the medical literature to see if others have [25]. The same observations apply equally to The pH Miracle, which contains so many dubious passages that it would take a book to respond to them all.

The notification should disclose the safety information that a manufacturer relied upon to conclude the product is reasonably expected to be safe. Comments about the draft guidance can be submitted online by July 19, FDA news release, May 19, ] Dietary supplement trade associations have criticized the draft guidance as too lax and condemned the FDA for failing to adequately enforce the NDI notification requirement.

Natural Products Insider, May 23, ] But the fundamental problem is that DSHEA has enabled countless supplement companies to enter the marketplace without first demonstrating that their products are useful. Research on health misinformation evaluated. People may be more susceptible to misinformation because of insufficient consideration of validity of claims or due to motivated reasoning, but research support for both applications is inconsistent.

People who share misinformation may do so because they perceive it to be interesting rather than truthful. Evidence-based best practices in designing debunking messages involve: a leading with the truth, b appealing to scientific consensus and authoritative expert sources, c ensuring that the correction is easily accessible and not more complex than the initial misinformation, d explaining clearly why the misinformation is wrong, and e providing a coherent alternative causal explanation.

However, recent research has found that this risk is low and should not prevent the issuing of corrections. Misinformation reaches more people than debunking can. Misinformation: susceptibility, spread, and interventions to immunize the public. Nature Medicine, 28, , ] Dr. Stephen Barrett has described his more than 30 years of anti-tobacco activism, which focused mainly on reducing public exposure to cigarette smoke.

The sites focus on health frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct. Their main goal is to provide quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere. Their main goal is to provide quackery -related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere.

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Spread betting companies offers lifescript I am not a trained scientist [17]. Lifescript Karma Although the principles of managing a business in the Third World are the same as in the West, there are still big differences between the two. Its primary focus is on health, but occasionally it includes non-health scams. Slowly, however, the idea of all-natural, safe, and effective remedies for a self-limiting ailment sold around the world under the Vicks name grew spread betting them. Offers making our products more accessible, we would enhance consumer satisfaction and companies competitive advantage. When I first mooted this idea, my bosses at the head office in the United States practically fell off their chairs.
Rallen csgo betting Free for a limited time! From the archives: "What Went Wrong? If we could change our government registration from Western medicine to Indian medicine, we could expand our distribution to food shops, general stores, and street kiosks and thus reduce dependence on the pharmacists. This widening inequality occurs in both international and domestic realms. References About us. Government Actions Young has been criminally charged four times. Young told the woman that he had cured people suffering from AIDS, the affidavit alleged.
spread betting companies offers lifescript

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