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Enjoy the best online betting experience at Virgin Bet. Browse all the latest odds across our huge selection of sports betting markets (T&Cs Apply). All bets apply to the relevant full 'regular time' period including stoppage time. Any extra-time and/or penalty shoot-out is not included. References within. Use and interpretation The General Rules apply to all bets on the is an own goal, Scorecast bets are settled as a correct score single. TU S PLACE MENU FOR DIABETICS

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As an example, Paddy Power may offer money back on all scorecast wagers if Wayne Rooney scores the last goal of the game, or other possible scenarios like that. When there are decent money back specials offered then it becomes more lucrative to place scorecast bets. I do suggest sticking with the more likely goalscorers and fewer total goals when placing your scorecast bets in order to get paid out much more frequently. Visit Paddy Power to see what kind of money back specials they have on scorecast wagers this week.

Top Sportsbooks. Variations of scorecast bets As we mentioned above, scorecast bet has different variations. These are: Scorecast — Last Goal As can be guessed, a scorecast last goal is bet is about guessing the correct score and who will score the last goal in the game. Instead of the first goalscorer, you try to guess the last goal scorer.

Other than that, all rules are the same. Scorecast — Anytime This is probably the simplest variant: You try to guess the correct score and bet that a specific player will score a goal at any time during the game. He can score the first, second, third, or the last goal — it does not matter. As long as your selected player scores at least one goal before the match ends, you win this bet you must also guess the correct score too, of course.

Wincast This is a pretty new option, and it is an exciting one. A wincast bet is about guessing the goal scorer and the match result. But no matter which one you prefer, you only have three options when it comes to guessing the match result: Team A wins, Team B wins, and draw. You bet on who will score a goal and when that goal will be scored and both predictions have to be correct. The first part of the timecast bet can be the first, last or Anytime Goalscorer.

A Timecast bet can be split into more parts, depending on the bookmaker: for example, in the first 15 minutes, between 20 — 45 minutes, or at the last 10 minutes, etc. Scorecast bets can pay surprisingly big. The payout can exceed the payment limits of small bookies and independent operators. Like in the example below, this option pays Therefore, you should pick big bookmakers such as William Hill scorecast so no matter how big the payout is, you will be able to get it without a problem.

Money back betting offers and bore draw promotions can be extremely useful and let you win or avoid a loss without spending your money. Sometimes, placing two single and separate bets for the correct score and the first goalscorer can offer higher odds. For this reason, always check and compare the odds before placing your scorecast bet. As always, making research is the key here: If you know about the statistics, you can make a much more accurate prediction about both outcomes.

So do not rely only on your luck: Make your research. High payouts with scorecast bets Should you try scorecast betting? Any time can be a perfect time or not — it all depends on the game and the players in it. What is the meaning of anytime scorecast? This means you are betting on the correct score of the game and your selected player will score a goal at any time during the match, whether it is the first, second, or last goal.

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