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You can think of a win/place bet as two separate bets: to win and to show. In the US, most horse racing betting sites allow customers to place combination. Win/Place or Place/Show: Simply a combination of win & place or place & show. There are two combinations, so a $2 bet would cost $4 in total. Exotic Single Bets. Win: You win if your horse finishes first in the official order of finish; Place: You win if your horse finishes first or second in the order of finish; Show. SPORTS BETTING ARBITRAGE EXPLAINED TAKE

Win is a horse that finishes in first place in the race. Place is a horse that finishes in second place in the race. Show is a horse that finishes in third place in the race. On betting A win bet is the act of placing a bet on one horse that the better thinks will finish first in the race.

A place bet is the act of placing a bet on one horse that the better thinks will finish first OR second place in the race. If the this occurs, the better wins. Remember that a "show bet" is a bet for your horse to come in the top three or four and not to win. This is what makes it different to the "each-way" bet.

Which Horses to Choose There are certain races and certain horses that are perfect for "show bets" and we'll examine which ones they are. Sometimes a show bet can be so good compared to other betting systems that it's almost like stealing money. Let's say that you've picked your horse blindly, if you do this then your horse may be a poor jumper for all you know. It may also be drawn poorly on a track where the draw is very important. This is why it's important to make sure that you have the conditions in your horse's favour.

Remember that you need your horse to run well and finish in the first three or four. To achieve that, your horse needs to be a contender and so here we have your first logical step before betting. Remember that your show odds are only a fraction of the win odds and you will need a much higher strike rate to be profitable. Where does your horse stand in the betting? Is the race competitive? Competitive races mean that the event will have numerous horses that are either in contention for first place or in contention for the minor placings.

The more competition that your horse has to get placed then the less chance your horse has to provide you with a winner. The key to making show bets pay is to carefully select your horses and your races. It's also a sign of a race that should be avoided for a show bet. Is your horse a consistent performer?

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Calculating the Payout for Place Bets Step 1: Find out the total bet pool amount, and deduct the cost of takeout. Step 2: Find out how much was bet on the two-place horses. Step 3: Find out the profit that will be divided between the winning bettors. This is a term you will hear floating around the race track very often. This bet is all the three win, place, show rolled into one. Three scenarios come out of this: 1.

Your Horse comes 2nd — You will get the Place Show payout 3. When you compare it to other bets, say even the individual win bet, getting any some payout is higher. This betting approach gives you a useful safety net. Usually, the cut on this is lower. The race bet organizers levy a charge for their services; these charges are called takeout.

For a win place show bet, the takeout is usually the lowest than other bets especially the exotic wagers. The Negatives of an Across the Board Wager However, the payout of this kind of bet is usually one of the lowest. It is also called the lazy bet, and rightly so as you do not need to spend a lot of time analyzing and making specific selections: less effort, fewer rewards.

This result is the case unless you use The Wizards selections, where we research on your behalf and only suggest a handful of place bets each day at the track. The bet can also get more expensive. It is sporadic that you will get back a substantial value, and your overlay is high. All in all, this bet is one of the least stressful chances, and when you are just starting — you want to have fun. This guide will tell you more about the win, place, show definition, and why this bet is worth it.

This simple bet is among the most commonly placed on horse races. This one keeps things simple, unlike all the exotic wagers such as the Trifecta, Quinella , Superfecta, or Lucky These bets are similar in significance, although different at their core. As mentioned earlier, this type of horse race bet can be broken down into 3 different components. Each of them plays a large role in your returns and the takeout. Of course, it will only be as successful as your picks, so make sure to choose your runners carefully.

You can pick the winner of the race, a horse that comes first or second, and a horse that must be within the top 3. You might pick a heavy favorite for the race as your winner and an underdog to show. Win Bet It is the most straightforward part of this bet. Online bookmakers will likely list the horses by their odds. Surprises are common in horse betting, mainly due to injuries that can throw your plans in turmoil right before the race.

Make your pick by clicking on the odds to place a winning bet. Enter the stake, and the first part of this bet is done. Place Bet The place wager is a bit more confusing than the win part. Show Bet Like a place wager, a show bet means choosing a horse to finish in the top 3. Naturally, it has the lowest odds of the bunch but gives you better chances to win. Across the Board Do you want to combine the win, place, and show bet on one ticket?

You can then put your money on an Across the Board bet. Just choose Across the Board, pick your horses, and enter the stake. If your horse wins the race with this combined bet, you get paid on all 3 parts. If it finishes second, you lose the win wager and get paid for the place and show.

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