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Find the latest Lisk ETH (LSK-ETH) price quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your cryptocurrency trading and investing. for selected blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Lisk, Steem, Ripple. find stats about the network; Bitcoin reddit thread · Bitcoin on GitHub. (10/12) Zonda (Formerly BitBay), established in , is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Estonia. Available Lisk trading pairs. ETHEREUM CLOUD MINING COMPARISON

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The team has proven to diligently and consistently work on the project with one of the highest development activity in the industry and high funding to last for many years ahead. Application-specific chains Instead of relying on smart contracts, developers are implementing their blockchain applications natively on their own blockchain with the Lisk SDK.

This prevents scalability issues and high fees, however maintains composability thanks to interoperability. JavaScript Instead of using archaic and niche or new and unproven programming languages, the Lisk SDK is fully written in JavaScript tapping into the biggest pool of developers globally.

How Is the Lisk Network Secured? Without the need for miners the electricity consumption of the entire network is kept to a minimum while ensuring high-throughput and security. Industry-leading development standards and test coverage at Lisk ensures smooth operation since the launch of the network on May 24th, Regular third party security audits bring further trust and reputation.

This represents an over 40x return, given the LSK token price now. Who Are the Founders of Lisk? Lisk was founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Since then, Max has become increasingly involved in the global crypto community, speaking at many of the top blockchain conferences in the world. Today, he is working relentlessly to help the industry gain traction. Together with Max, he co-founded Lisk and developed it to be a go-to platform for JavaScript developers and also co-founded Lightcurve, a leading blockchain studio in Berlin.

With Lisk, developers can build applications on their sidechain linked to the Lisk Network, and also with their custom token. In that sense, Lisk is similar with the Ethereum blockchain. With the aim of making blockchain development easily accessible, Lisk was forked from Crypti by Max Kordex and Oliver Beddows in May This allows developers create blockchain applications conveniently in a downloadable package.

The front end of these applications is accessed in a decentralized way, which is a unique feature in the blockchain industry as at present. What Makes Lisk Unique? There are several developers toolkits and blockchain platforms out there, but Lisk hopes to be different with its accessibility by its Software Development Kit which is written using JavaScript.

With Lisk, developers are also able to focus on user experience, unlike other platforms. The mainchain provides security and stability. Also, the sidechains allow for unlimited flexibility. Developers are also able to create their network in the form of a sidechain without putting too much efforts and time to build a blockchain entirely from the ground up. Lisk makes that much faster. The possibilities of using the Software Development Kit are limitless. It will be possible to develop decentralized social networks, games, messengers, and all other platform independent applications.

The good part is the developer will have no hassle of following peer-to-peer network protocols or developing consensus algorithms. To make use of Lisk to full capabilities , you begin by creating an account and downloading the Lisk wallet , then launch the application.

After these, you will acquire some LSK tokens, which can be bought on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Now you can customize the features on your account however you like it, including the options to add a second passphrase for added security.

Now you are ready to explore the tools in the Lisk Blockchain Explorer. For the most important news from the Lisk Community you should check LiskMagazine.

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