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Very pricey. Takes quite a while to charge. The Hugo 2 is a DAC designed for use in the home and on the go with either headphones or an audio system, and features cutting edge technology that separates it from the rest of the pack. FPGA technology has been implemented to improve noise reduction and amp power. It is very flexible due to its many inputs and outputs as well as its fully functional remote control that is included with it.

Four digital inputs are available to use, including optical, coaxial, and high-definition USB. The Hugo 2 also has Bluetooth compatibility for wireless enjoyment of music. Featured on the DAC are 4 control buttons, which light up with 11 different colors in correspondence with the current settings and functions, which is a great way to keep track of the settings without having to rely on a menu. The buttons include: power, input, a multi function filter, and crossfeed. With the filter button, four functions are available to allow you to change the frequency shape, depending on whether you want warmer tones or something more transparent and neutral.

The crossfeed button offers 3 operation modes that essentially mimic the soundstage that you would get from listening to music on speakers. A volume roller is featured on the top of the DAC. The Hugo 2 is battery-powered and will operate for around 7 hours with a full charge that takes 4 hours. An indicator light shows the battery status.

The frequency response range of the device is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and you can get a variety of sound signatures from it due to its many filter modes, but in general the audio is very flat and natural sounding without having any overexaggerated frequency issues. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys music and wants an easy to use DAC that they can take anywhere. Extremely small USB type dongle for mobile device and computer use.

DragonFly logo indicates audio resolution. Very small and therefore easy to lose. Will need proper adapters to use with mobile devices. It can play any file type as long as it has audio in it, regardless of the resolution and quality.

The DragonFly Black has a very simple dongle style design, it plugs into phones with a Lightning to USB adapter from Apple or the appropriate adapter for Android devices. It features a new, updated chipset and ESS Sabre processor that improves everything about the sound, everything from the clarity, detail, to the richness, tone, and transparency. This new chip also improves the signal to noise ratio for a cleaner sound and better silent operation. As a result, we have developed a way of excluding or bypassing all these corrective measures, to allow the conversion from digital to analogue to be done without any manipulation whatsoever.

All we do is to reformat the data stream to allow the converter chip to be able to interpolate the incoming information correctly. Having removed all of the digital filtering that is required for over sampling, all filtering is done in the analogue domain where it is easier to retain good, wide band phase-frequency and dynamically coherent behaviour. It uses the highest grade Analogue Devices AD, 18Bit stereo converter chip solely because we found it to be the best sounding available yes, even better than the 20Bit versions!

The air gaps in the two filter coils per channel are matched across the full frequency range to within 0. With a step-down ratio, this output transformer not only has exceptionally wide frequency response, but also just about the absolutely best dynamic transfer function possible. The analogue output has provisions for both unbalanced and balanced operation, using the best available quality RCA and XLR connectors.

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My TOP TEN DAC List. These are my Faves and #1 will SURPRISE YOU!

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