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Open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications. Official account of the Ethereum Foundation. Ethereum Fear and Greed Index. A member-led industry organization enabling global blockchain leaders to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their day-to-day business operations. The 'world's crypto bank' Aave's CEO wants to build an alternative version of Twitter on the Ethereum blockchain network. EPL BETTING CLOSED TODAY

Please note you have to use a different account name than "test" since it is already taken. You can also look up all existing accounts. Use the TweetRegistry variable created in the previous section to look up accounts. Once you know the address of the account you want to read, use instructions in section Read Tweets to continue.

Get address of account called test: TweetRegistry. Change ID to iterate over all accounts. Get name of account address: TweetRegistry. Documentation is available at solidity. It explains how compilation from Solidity source code to the Ethereum byte code was done. Advertisement He explained that, currently, Twitter's revenue comes through its users but the platform functions in a centralised manner. This means that Twitter decides what content or which users get traction through its innate algorithm.

And, while alternatives to Twitter exist, all of them are still centralised in nature. If Twitter is built on Ethereum, Kulechov claims that users would be able to monetise their posts and frame the rules that'll govern the network. While the concept may sound far-fetched, the Ethereum blockchain has proven to be an excellent platform for experimenting with tokenisation and incorporating new ideas — like non-fungible tokens NFTs.

Twitter is adopting crypto while crypto is adopting Twitter. Advertisement The proclamation was sparked by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey when he announced plans to create a new business division via his payment firm, Square. It aims to build an open developer platform that makes it easier for developers to develop non-custodial and decentralised finance on Bitcoin. Kulechov implied that Dorsey's business idea is similar to Aave, as it's also an open-source, non-custodial DeFi protocol that makes it easier for users to borrow assets and earn interest.

It's worth noting that DeFi-based social networks already exist but haven't managed to take off. Steemit tried to bring a Reddit-like experience but could barely stay afloat. Founded in July , Steemit was an early blockchain project that showed promise. However, these blockchain-based solutions are yet to go mainstream.

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According to Stani Kulechov, users will be able to monetise their posts and frame their own rules.

10 things you need to know about bitcoin If it's able to launch a platform twitter ethereum can challenge the traditional internet, it'll have to be user-friendly, easy to understand, and straightforward. You can also try it out by sending something to that address wongmjane. She further added a wallet address for people to tips on it. This means that Twitter decides what content or which users get traction through its innate algorithm. And, twitter ethereum are focusing on getting a head start since it could potentially change how the world works.
Maps of india distance between places in singapore Get address of account called test: TweetRegistry. It's worth noting that DeFi-based social networks already exist but haven't managed to take off. Create a twitter for the account registry. For a more in-depth discussion, come on over to Business Insider Cryptosphere — a forum where users can ethereum dive into all things crypto, engage in interesting discussions and stay ethereum of the curve. Interested in cryptocurrency?
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What are you going to do to me? Much has been discussed about the Merge before it happened; however, now that the transition is finally successful, here are some notable commentaries on Twitter about what to expect after The Merge. Vocal industry leaders like Vitalik and CZ, the Founders of Ethereum and Binance, respectively, have tweeted about the Merge congratulating stakeholders and everyone involved. The Merge is finally over, and crypto enthusiasts eagerly await to experience the new Ethereum ecosystem that moves from PoW to PoS consensus mechanism.

Load Error After the successful completion of The Merge, Vitalik took to Twitter to notify Ethereum network fans of the Successful process and to congratulate everyone involved. Similarly, other industry leaders like CZ, the CEO of the Binance crypto exchange platform, also announced the successful transition. His Tweet reassured his followers of the success of the entire process and stated that PoS is fully activated. Other notable tweets post-merge tweets highlight various notable activities on the Network after The Merge.

Ivan on Tech Web3 applauds the successful Ethereum merge and makes a striking comparison to the Bitcoin network. The former Twitter CEO is known as a bitcoin maximalist, and he has publicly dismissed other digital coins. Many believe that the latest Ethereum-related features launched on Twitter would not have gone through with Dorsey still in charge.

Other jokes met a known complaint about the ethereum network: gas fees. Ethereum is moving towards a Proof of Stake model and L2 protocols are meant to evolve into a point where gas fees become a problem of the past, but at the moment users still have to be careful of the price swings when sending transactions. As seen in the following chart, the prices can vary a lot in a week.

There are many tricks and calculators that can help make a transaction when ETH gas fees are low, but do users what to go through all that just to send a tip? They can also tip with Bitcoin by using Strike, a payments platform built on the Lightning Network, which usually costs a few cents or less to make a transaction.

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