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Buying points allows the option of moving the point-spread for sides or totals in your favor when betting on football or basketball. When betting on a. With asking for a lower line, you must “buy” the points that are being added. For example, to take the Hawks to win by three or more, or Most online betting sites (Bovada being the exception) allow bettors to purchase half-points from a point spread starting at cents each. So for example, if. BLACKVUE DR650S 2CH 32G DASH CAM

By buying half a point, you would move the line to Bills The same thing can be done if you like the underdog. Buy a half point up from -3, to Is Buying Points Worth It? When the right opportunity presents itself, then yes moving the line is completely worth it. However, your bankroll must be big enough to accommodate paying the extra juice to get a better number.

However, the number of points you can buy is dependant on what book you use. Some books only allow you to only buy up to three points, while some allow you to buy up to Needless to say, if you buy 14 points, your return will likely be non existent. If you are a bettor who is just starting out, I would suggest being cautious when buying points.

Since in football field goals are worth three points and touchdowns are worth six plus extra points , you can take advantage of those point margins and sell points to increase the -3 spread to -4 since you believe the game will be at least a six-point one touchdown difference. You would earn more winnings for creating a bigger spread for yourself. Is It the Same for All Sports? Football is by far the most flexible when it comes to moving lines, but it is certainly not the same across the sporting world.

Alternative Lines Explained Alternative lines or alternative spreads are most prominent in football. Where buying and selling points is a two-step process choose line then buy or sell the point , alternative lines are a one-step task. For example, if you thought a certain team was going to win a game by over two touchdowns 14 points and the spread was only You are making a bolder statement and taking more of a risk, so in return, your potential winnings increase as a reflection of that.

Closing the Gap Overall, buying and selling points are some of the most straightforward details of betting. It just provides a little extra insurance to your wager. All the basic betting rules apply; the greater the risk, the greater the reward and the lesser the risk, the lesser the reward. To learn more about the different kinds of creative bets you can place at your sportsbook, check out the rest of our Sports Betting guide.

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Here are the fast facts about buying points in sports betting: Buying points works with point spread bets.

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However, since points are scanter to come by in these games, they may be a worthy investment. However, college basketball will still be vastly higher scoring than other NCAA sports. Similar buying point principles apply here in collegiate sports betting, as the popularity and score point rules are fairly similar. However, they are less common in combat sports like UFC, mixed martial arts, and boxing. Is Buying Points Worth It? Long story short, it depends with regards to whether or not buying points is worth it.

As we got at in the NFL example, it may be wiser to buy when your bet is likely contingent on hitting a certain score total. The more you want to shift the spread, the worse the payout gets. Take our above example: Philadelphia Eagles If you had bought one point on the spread to make it On the other hand, if you made a point spread bet on Washington and they ended up losing by six points, your bet would lose.

The trade-off is that your new bet might have odds of or worse, meaning you have to bet more to win the same amount. Take a look at all the most interesting NFL player prop bets. Buying Points Find the regular point spread bets for the game you want to bet on. Click on the point spread bet for the team you want to bet on to add it to your bet slip. Select how many points you want to buy and review the new odds.

Enter how much you want to bet and place your wager. Alternate Point Spreads Some online sportsbooks use a slightly different format to let you adjust the point spread. Instead of giving you a tool to select how many points you want to buy, the site just lists them all out individually.

Just find the game you want to bet on and drill down into the different kinds of wagers available. Look for alternate spreads which are a long list of different point spreads and odds. Pick the one you want and add it to your bet slip just like a regular bet. The truth about buying points is much more complicated than that. It can be a smart move or a terrible strategy depending on lots of different factors.

Since it takes more research to buy points profitably, it will definitely get you more involved than traditional spread bets. The simple truth is that buying points will make you win more bets than just taking the normal point spreads. It can make the favorite an absolute lock — Pushing the spread one or two points in favor of the better team can all but guarantee you a payday.

Avoiding the push — This is one of the main reasons why experienced sports bettors buy points. When a point spread is a whole number it sometimes results in a tie a push. The disadvantage is that you get a worse payout than you would have with the original spread.

This is especially frustrating when your team would have covered the spread anyway. Better Point Spread vs. The trick to buying points profitably, however, is weighing the value of the improved spread against the worse odds and payouts that comes with moving the line. Dig into the numbers such as past scores, average points per team, the recent history between the teams and try to put all the pieces together to understand the most common scoring outcomes.

Depending on the matchup and the stats, one or two points on the spread could make all the difference. Going from to might not seem huge each time you do it but over time it adds up. Many sports bettors stay away from buying points completely. Shop Around for the Best Deals It goes without saying that the added costs of buying points do scare off a number of sports bettors.

You should also take advantage of all the best bonuses that sportsbooks have to offer. Buying Points to Avoid a Push As we previously mentioned one of the main reasons sports bettors buy points is to get a better chance of winning, even though it comes with worse odds. Say you place a point spread bet on the Philadelphia Eagles as seven-point favorites against the Washington Redskins point spread of If the Eagles win it would be a push since they tied the spread.

If you bought a half-point to make the line Often, this gives bettors an incentive to spend money on the extra points so that they can avoid a push. The idea of buying points does have merit and can be a strategy in a number of situations. As mentioned, you are taking a worse payout by buying points, so use this strategy in moderation.

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Buying Points In Sports Betting? (Could Be The Difference Between Winning Or Losing A Bet!)

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