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This is Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris. · Voulgaris has been a recurring guest on Bill Simmons' popular podcast "The BS Report." He portrays himself. › the-triangle › b-s-report-guest-host-jay-caspian-kang. The Bill Simmons Podcast · NBA · NBA Playoffs. A Huge Celts Comeback with Haralabos Voulgaris. INSTAFOREX OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT

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Bs report haralabos voulgaris betting the open betting bs report haralabos voulgaris betting


As his losses continued into the next season, he knew he had to change his strategy if he was to become successful again, and he did just that. He employed a more grinding style of betting, using quantitative data to make smaller bets on edges over a longer amount of time. Together they built a model called Ewing, an algorithm that simulates a game of basketball between any two teams and creates a projected score.

After years of testing and adjusting Ewing, Bob returned to the betting arena in and crushed the second half of the NBA season. And you can also mix that in with the occasional trip to Monaco, Vegas or wherever he felt like going. Arrogantly, after spending so much time watching and analysing Basketball, Bob believed he could put together a better squad than any general manager in the league. Five months later and his time in the NBA was over, resulting in Voulgaris returning to the betting arena after he felt a sense of exclusion by the co-owner of the franchise.

He started missing bets, and his otherworldly 70 percent win rate dipped to pedestrian levels. Voulgaris moved on from watching coaches play calling styles and instead evolved his winning strategy into watching the sportsbooks themselves. Bob began taking heavy action on the spread for first and second halves of NBA games.

While this is still standard practice, sportsbooks were not holding into account the increased scoring output that comes in the fourth quarter league-wide. Instead, bookmakers would total the final score and split the results in half. This allowed Voulgaris to take advantage of the system and string together a new trend of winning wagers. Once again, the Voulgaris strategy becomes antiquated.

After several years of tests and modifications, that machine, called Ewing, was ready for primetime, and it made Voulgaris and his secret business partner a lot of money ever since. Meaning that he has a great talent to read others which is what he did while betting on the NBA. That team is the Dallas Mavericks as he was hired back in He took the job with Dallas in an effort to work closely with Mark Cuban and learn the tricks of the trade.

That was until when Voulgaris stepped away from his position on the team after a fallout with the front office.

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Haralabos Voulgaris, the NBA's Greatest Ever Bettor - People Who Got Rich from Sports Betting

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