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Moneycorp, HIFX, World First, Smart Currency, UK Forex, Oz Forex, Foremost Currency, Foreign Currency Exchange, Currency Index. We compare OFX (UK) and Moneycorp head to head to see who fared better. Read our review of both OFX (UK) and Moneycorp. Transferring money to UK - is there a UKForex/Moneycorp or similar? ON EXPATWOMAN TODAY. Find Your Child's Personal Success at GEMS FirstPoint School. GIANTS VS EAGLES BETTING ODDS

Alternatively, if you employ migrant workers you may want to advise them on how to send money overseas. If you are living and working in the UK, even for a relatively short period, you may need to use a money transfer service. But what questions should you be asking? Basic Bank Accounts You may not yet have set up a basic bank account — it can be complicated and time-consuming dealing with high street banks.

You may be working as part of the contingent labour force and be uncertain of whether you are able to set up an account in this country. In any case, banks may not be the best or cheapest choice when it comes to sending payments abroad.

And that also applies to British citizens transferring money out of the country for things such as mortgage payments for overseas properties, tuition fees for relatives studying abroad or purchasing certain items. Currency Exchange Companies When you are looking at a specialist currency exchange companies, pay attention to the exchange rates and transfer fees, because some services charge more than others.

It is important to make the transfer at the right time. Moneycorp has additional offices in France, Spain, Ireland and Brazil. Both firms are endowed with a broad reach in foreign exchange transactions. In , Moneycorp facilitated foreign exchange currency trades in countries. It can also support 35 currencies, while OFX can support transfers to over countries in over 55 currencies. Moneycorp is more limited in its ability due to its lack of access to some countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Note that these lists are subject to change. Checking with either company prior to making a transfer is advised. Ease of Use Moneycorp and OFX provide a smooth process to register for an account through their websites.

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