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Designed to work with 50/50 bets, like red or black, or odd or even on roulette, the Labouchere system is a progressive betting strategy. The Labouchere system is a type of cancellation system for playing any gambling game – however it is known to work particularly well with roulette. The Labouchere betting system is a negative progression system, mostly adapted for casino games, namely roulette. The strategy can also be applied in sports. THINK OR SWIM FOREX REVIEWS

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How Does it Work? Labouchere system starts with a sequence of numbers that are randomly selected by the player. Let us assume that you decided to start with the simplest sequence: The expected profit would be the total of all the numbers in the sequence 6 while the initial bet should be the sum of the first and the last number, which, in this case, is 4.

If you win the bet, the relevant numbers are removed, leaving you with 2. If, on the other hand, you lose, number 4 should be added to the sequence: Once you are left with a single number, your next bet should correspond to that specific value and the system will start from the original sequence unless you lose. Example: Start the session with sequence and add 4 if you lose. Examining the profitability of the Labouchere system To be profitable in sports betting, staking strategy is as important as finding value odds.

With many progressive staking systems, such as the Labouchere system, promising almost infinite wealth, are they a good idea to follow? Determine how you will split this money. Place a bet that would win the sum of the first and last numbers. If you win, you tick off the first and last number. Otherwise, you add the amount of the stake you made, so that you need to win this back. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you win the amount you are aiming for.

The rationale behind this strategy is that you tick two items off the list when you win, but you only add one; so you are ticking it faster than you are adding. To recommend or not to recommend? While it is fun to deal with, I would not recommend any progressive staking methods. In essence, they suggest you bet and bet until you win the desired amount, without heeding the amount you afford to bet.

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