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It all adds to the taste. Let us know which coffee roasters you think should make the list at htsifavourites ft. The Dirty Chai — a traditional chai latte with an espresso shot thrown in — was what I lived on for four years in the Lion City.

All the beans come from Singapore-based Common Man Coffee Roasters, but the artistry — crema, dosage, froth and all — is signature Forty Hands. Not that the lack of internet deters customers: Tandem regularly draws long queues, and popular baked goods sell out early an unsurprising feat, given its James Beard-nominated head baker. Take in the atmosphere while sipping on a Kyoto-style cold brew prepared for more than four hours in a Japanese ice dripper or choose from two rotating varieties of single-origin coffees both seasonally sourced from across South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

As such, a trip to Rosslyn is as much about the coffee as it is the friendly service, although the thoughtful house blends, rotating guest roasters and not so secret list of off-menu drinks are enough to satisfy any coffee snob. The chic aesthetic makes it a favourite with Instagrammers, who diligently document their cappuccinos and squat, sugar-dusted pancakes.

A portion of sales from its coffee bags and cold brew is donated to World Bicycle Relief, which provides bikes to citizens of rural developing countries. Before that it was an ellinikos or tourkiko, as some still call it , which some claim can tell your fortune when turned upside down. Founders Agata Mikulska and Greg Schuler have paid careful attention to the design with terrazzo tables, timber accents and succulents galore.

There are also lots of tasty things on sourdough, including burrata with truffle oil and locally grown Ramallet tomatoes. The banana bread is also worth a visit. But when Francesco Sanapo opened Ditta Artigianale in the Via dei Neri in , the proposition was a new one — an Italian coffee roaster with an international vision — and the game was subtly changed. What did it mean? Telling the coffee story in a new way, one that included free trade, single-origin beans and micro-lots, community stories and international brewing styles.

Translation: while the cappuccino is unassailable, so is the flat white. Likewise, the cornetto and the avocado toast. In addition, 70, students are already engaged in foreign universities for higher studies as 2nd or 3rd-year students. Since , Sri Lankan students have chosen foreign universities for their study purposes, there is a foreign currency outflow of USD2.

To reduce USD2. Offer tax holidays and other incentives for new private university establishments and existing small-capacity private universities for their expansions. This will negate the current outflow of USD2. An annual saving of USD million can be achieved by initiating this action item. Following best practices of global student visas issued by countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA, an online student visa application system should be introduced.

Through this, 35, international student visas should be issued as a solution to the current outflow of USD2. Monthly, 2 million migrant workers on average send USD to their families as funds during the pre-Covid period. In order to increase monthly funds from USD to USD1,, the Sri Lankan migrant workforce should be given the necessary qualifications and training, targeting foreign countries that offer high-salary jobs.

With this implementation, Sri Lanka can earn foreign worker remittances of USD24 billion per annum within a year period. Due to Covid19, the number of workers departing from Sri Lanka has decreased when compared to pre-Covid19 period. Form a committee to identify current challenges and find solutions to increase the number of workers departing from Sri Lanka. Maintain Telegram groups per foreign country to improve conditions in the sector of foreign employment for Sri Lankan migrant workers.

A dedicated team should be appointed by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau to collect these ideas. This team should report to the Minister of Foreign Employment on a weekly basis with the identified challenges and solutions given. Sri Lankan foreign employment agencies should conduct monthly performance reviews on the number of foreign jobs they may have secured for Sri Lanka with the Minister of Foreign Employment.

Initiate a program for all Sri Lankan foreign missions based in various countries to find and share what are the most in-demand and highest paid jobs in their destinations. Ensure Sri Lankan migrant workers are placed at those destinations for high-salary jobs. For those jobs, develop teaching and training materials following global best curriculums. Maintain a skill development Telegram group to provide training and improve the skills of migrant workers.

Conduct Government-sponsored workshops for foreign employment agencies to increase overseas job placement numbers for Sri Lankan migrant workers. Launch a website that would contain details of available global jobs for Sri Lankan migrant workers to access. Develop the existing eldercare assistant vocational program and increase the number of eldercare assistant migrant workers to earn USD1 billion inward worker remittances.

Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission and the private sector should collaborate and create a plan to produce , migrant workers as eldercare assistants targeting the Europe market. Necessary training should be given targeting a monthly salary of USD1, or more for the migrant worker.

For example, the University of Moratuwa, and DP Education launched a free online course that can be completed in a short period of time. Produce a pool of migrant workers, by setting physical and medical standards such as height-weight proportionally, age, eyesight, and awareness on general health habits as key focus areas in introducing these standards.

All services of the Foreign Employment Bureau, i. Services of the Department of Immigration and Emigration including the issuance of passports. Consular services provided through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Services of the Police Department including police and forensic reports. Services of the Ministry of Education and Department of Examinations. Services of the Department of Law and Justice. Collaborate with employment agencies in other countries to find jobs for Sri Lankan migrant workers.

Yearly, USD1. Increase foreign direct investments. Increase regional competitiveness by introducing tax holidays and other incentives. Existing state university-owned ICT, engineering, and programming degrees are to be made available for private education institutions to use and offer as external degrees for their students.

Every 6 months, exams can be held following the procedures of state universities. Over a 5-year period, , students should get educated and enter the IT industry. An additional earning of USD million per annum can be achieved by initiating above mentioned suggestions. Establish budget airline hubs to generate USD2 billion. In Sri Lanka, out of the 80, hotel rooms, only 30, hotel rooms are classified as 5 or 4 stars or any star category.

The remaining 50, hotel rooms are in the budget accommodation category.

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