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A 'Parlay' bet is a bet placed on multiple outcomes to occur. For a Parlay bet to win, all outcomes within the Parlay must be selected correctly. Whatever the name, the concept is fairly simple. A parlay bet simply combines multiple wagers into one bet. It does this by rolling over the winnings from each. Calculating Parlay Payouts · Convert the American odds to decimal odds. · Multiply all the decimal odds together. · Multiply the result by your bet amount. OU TEXAS BETTING LINE 2022 GMC

So Joe risked more money while Jane went for the big payout. Based on the results of the three games, Joe made the better bets. But what if all three teams lost? Teasers and Pleasers Teasers and pleasers are special parlays that allow you to change the lines of each leg in a single direction. In a teaser, you move the lines to give yourself better odds but a lower payout.

Many sportsbooks refer to both of these bet types as teasers, and you can move the line in either direction based on your preferences. Some sportsbooks even allow you to combine multiple same game parlays into a single massive wager. Round Robin Round robin betting involves combining a series of bets into smaller parlay combinations. Think of it as a way to make many small parlays from a list of outcomes.

Round robins are best placed sparingly and by knowledgeable bettors. There are various combinations and formats available in round robin betting. For instance, a three-team round-robin parlay—one of the most popular types of round robins—would include three separate two-team parlays, and if desired one three-team parlay.

In most cases — especially if all three teams have negative moneyline odds i. Easier said than done. How to Bet a Parlay Placing a parlay bet is simple. Example: The Colorado Rockies are a big moneyline favorite against the Washington Nationals, and you think Colorado is going to win a high-scoring laugher. So you want to construct a parlay of the Rockies Parlay Bet Examples Below are some parlay examples involving popular sports.

Basketball Parlay Bet Traditional sides and totals. First-quarter, first-half and second-half bets. Player and team proposition offerings. Toronto Raptors Golden State Warriors vs. Obviously, each leg needs to hit. Football Parlay Bet: Teaser Like basketball, football presents numerous team and player parlay opportunities. And it is the most popular sport when it comes to a parlay sub-genre: teasers. What is the Math Behind a Parlay Bet? One can get a very good sense of the amazing returns on a parlay bet using a parlay calculator courtesy of vegasinsider.

Here are some examples with how a parlay would work with betting on spreads versus moneylines. Again, for this parlay to cash, all four teams must cover their respective spreads. Since this parlay deals with spreads, look at the Fixed Odds Parlay Table on the parlay calculator. Why is this advantageous? However, what if you went betting on each of these games individually? Bettors are drawn to this type of parlay since all five teams are big favorites to win their games.

Because this parlay involves moneylines, these five teams would simply have to win in order for the parlay to cash. To find out what this parlay would payout, go to the True Odds Parlay Calculator. That is not bad considering how big of favorites some of these teams are. When making a sports bet on a mobile device, you would click on the bet you want to make. Once you clicked on the bet, a screen pops up that asks you how much you want to wager. For parlays bets, ignore this screen that pops up since you need to wager on multiple games.

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