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Invest your gold in the trade routes across Skyrim! View graphs of historic returns, gamble on which route will do best next week. › Xbox › Role-Playing › Western-Style. You gain the ability to invest in shops when you select the "Investor" perk from the speech perk tree. It requires a speech skill of 70 to select it. GOOGLE CLOUD CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING

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Sell this armor to armor merchants in town and make some gold. Tip 6: Dungeon Crawling Go explore the world of Skyrim, especially the caves and dungeons. These places are filled with bandits, draugr, vampires and Falmer. Try to clear out Nordic Ruins and Strongholds as these places are usually filled with locked chests and gems. You can sell the loot from these dungeons to in town merchants and make quite a bit of gold doing it.

Raise your lockpicking skill to make sure you get the best of the loot in these places. Tip 7: Work for the Dark Brotherhood Once you find out how to join the Dark Brotherhood is quickly becomes very rewarding. Tip 8: Steal Working for the thieves guild makes this a much easier task. Find some of the more rich manors throughout Skyrim and steal their best stuff then return to The Ragged Flagon and speak to Tonilia about your stolen goods, she pays a decent price.

Tip 9: Slay Dragons! Of course this step requires a bit of work in two different departments first you need to raise your smithing level to which can be easy if you check out our Smithing Guide. Once you do those two things begin smithing Dragonscale Armor which can be sold for 2, gold pieces each. Tip Learn the Transmute Spell With this spell you can change iron ore into gold ore and smelt it into gold ignots.

Sell these amulets or turn them into rings or amulets. With these tips your should be a goldenaire no time. Just make sure you spend your money wisely and raise your speech skill a bit so you get better deals from the vendors. About The Author Phill is a long time Elder Scrolls enthusiast who decided to create a community of his own.

For example, if you initiate trading with a merchant who has gold, sell things to them until they only have 20 gold left, then load a saved game, the merchant's gold will still be at Any items you bought before reloading will also be gone from the merchant's inventory. Closing the game and opening it again resets all merchants' inventory and gold contents. You can sell items to a group of merchants until they run out of golds, save and close the game, re-open and reload the game, and resume selling items to the same merchants whose inventory and gold contents are reset.

Another way to cause a trader to reset prematurely is to save your game, attack them until they become hostile, and then reload the saved game. Trading with vendors becomes unreliable when their gold reserves exceeds 32, The game's internal trading mechanism mistakenly treats their gold quantity as a signed bit integer , whose value could be between and If you buy a lot of expensive items or receive high-level skill training, so much so that their gold reserve goes beyond 32,, an Integer overflow bug occurs.

Thus, you can still sell them items, but you lose the item without gaining any gold. Complicating the matter is the fact that each vendor's gold reserve is the sum of gold in their inventory plus the gold in their chests.

A community-developed bug fix is available as a mod called " Barter Limit Fix.

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