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As the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin demand increases because supply is becoming more limited. Long-term, wealthier investors hold their Bitcoins. The potential short-term and long-term growth prospects of bitcoin can be gauged from the ongoing price activity. BTC price is facing increasing resistance. He warns, “If the current situation continues, miners will likely sell their Bitcoins when the price rebounds, which will slow down the pace of. DONGLEMOUSE MATCHED BETTING REVIEW

When the value of this metric goes up, it means the total number of coins being involved in transactions on the chain is going up right now. Such a trend suggests the BTC blockchain is getting more activity now.

Could you be next big winner? On the other hand, declining values of the indicator can mean the general trader interest around the crypto may be going down as activity on the network is reducing. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the 7-day average daily Bitcoin trading volume over the past year: The value of the indicator seems to have been quite low in recent days Source: Arcane Research's The Weekly Update - Week 26, As you can see in the above graph, the daily Bitcoin spot trading volume showed a large spike in June.

This is despite the market seeing some volatility in this period. Saturday especially saw the lowest daily value since the start of June. The report notes that the low volumes were likely influenced by the 4th July weekend in the US. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow in value, more people are beginning to explore their options for buying and selling them. Other factors driving growth in crypto ATM include regulatory uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies, which is creating an opportunity for providers of these machines to expand into new crypto ATM markets.

Additionally, the advent of blockchain technology has created opportunities for new applications that can be built using crypto assets. This includes use cases such as payment platforms and smart contracts. As a result, providers of these machines are expanding their operations into new markets in an effort to capitalize on this growing trend.

The latest location to add onto this list is Singapore. The city state is home to a staggering number of ATMs bearing the names of popular digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. India become the latest country to install 2 crypto ATM in August Story continues According to SkyQuest study on global crypto ATM market, the operators of these machines say they hope this initiative will lead to increased interest in the underlying blockchain technology and prompt more people to explore the potential benefits of cryptocurrency ownership.

However, since then, only 5, new ATMs are installed in the year as the cryptocurrency market has undergone a rapid fall, leading to a decrease in the number of crypto ATMs installed around the world. However, this number has since decreased by significantly and 4, new crypto ATMs are added in the span of 7 months thereafter.

Although there are a few possible reasons for this decrease in the number of crypto ATMs being installed, one of the main factors could be the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies. Since most ATMs require users to deposit fiat currency in order to withdraw cryptocurrencies, an increase or decrease in the value of cryptocurrencies could lead to an overall decline or increase in the number of installations respectively in the crypto ATM market.

Another potential reason for this decrease in the number of crypto ATMs is due to increased regulatory scrutiny.

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He said the sector could potentially provide extra revenue for the Russian economy. El Salvador made history by becoming the first sovereign country to accept BTC as legal tender. It has since been buying the dips and accumulating Bitcoin while providing infrastructure for its citizens to tap maximum benefits from cheap remittance enabled by Bitcoin. Bitcoin Technical Analysis The Bitcoin price is up 30 percent from January lows at the time of writing. Still, there are fissures as lower lows print relative to the upper BB.

Technical charts courtesy of Trading View Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are not investment advice. Do your research. These slowdowns disappeared when I re-ran my syncs while only requesting data from peer nodes on my local network. Bcoin v2.

Syncing from a node on my local network did much better: Reached block , in 24 hours 9 min. Bitcoin Core v22 1st run took 6 hours 27 min to block , I thought perhaps it was because I had a wallet enabled, so I did a 2nd run with the wallet disabled, but it once again took exactly 6 hours 27 min.

Suffice to say that these results are confusing. I'm on the same gigabit connection as last year and my bandwidth tests don't show it to be a bottleneck. After discussing with Core maintainer Marco Falke, he suggested the culprit could be bad peers on the public network: Syncing from the network obviously means that the weakest link might be outside your control. Two scenarios come to mind: First, you might have a peer that delivers blocks, but does so at a reduced speed.

Second, you might have a peer that actively sabotages block relay by promising to send the block, but never follows up. This should cause slow-downs whenever the slow peer is the last one in the block download window. Charting Sync Performance To try to determine where the slowdown is happening, I next took the sync logs from v21 and compared them to v22, resulting in the following chart.

Here we can see that the slowdown is pretty uniform throughout the blockchain sync. Malicious Peers? During my first sync test of Gocoin it crashed while requesting a block from this peer due to receiving malformed block data. Note that this google cloud hosted node that served malformed block data existed in November but as of January it no longer exists. I haven't been able to find a pattern of other nodes acting in a similar fashion, but it's noteworthy because this is the only "obvious" maliciousness that I've observed during my testing.

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