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Lipa's proved herself to be an extremely adept interviewer, and the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, author Lisa Taddeo and Elton John have hopped on to hobnob. Don't expect a guest like Russell Brand to be hauled over the coals for his conspiratorial leanings, but do expect an unguarded and quietly revealing look into the creative process. Gary Matthews liked to take photos around Shrewsbury before the pandemic, and was part of a big Facebook group where he shared his work. In January he died of Covid.

Spring talks to the people who believed the same as Matthews did, and listens as their nonsense meets hard real world consequences. From the ways in the fantastical narrative which Russia's government has fed its citizens has torn families living on opposite sides of the border apart to a man called Rob who believes that the war isn't actually happening and is all part of an attempt to install a single, tyrannical world government, there's a lot to unpack.

With the disinformation war still ramping up it's easy to feel disorientated when new fakery and speculation lands every single day — this is vital stuff. In , an anonymous letter accused Muslim school leaders in Birmingham of subverting their schools to run along fundamentalist Islamist lines. It looked like a fake. But who wrote it? Brian Reed and young Brummie journalist Hamza Syed investigate. Cooper sets out on the South Downs to find out more about the Green Man, the legendary embodiment of the English landscape who stands for the cyclical renewal of each spring.

On the way he finds Morris dancers, traditional musicians and a renewed sense of wonder at the odd vestigial bits of England still poking out of the earth. The difference is that Sweet Bobby unspools as a live investigation. They start chatting, and they get close. But then she smells a rat. But as she tries to get to the bottom of who he really is, he keeps slipping through her fingers. Gripping stuff. Laura Van Wyhe was found dead at the side of a road in Iowa in Now Champion is heading back there to find out what happened.

You love them, you resent them, you want to give them a hug, you want to tell them to please — please — fuck off. This podcast digs into the daring heist and follows specialists Art Recovery International as they try to track the Aston down.

Not immediately cheery, but completely sublime. A third series is in the offing for spring Beneath its chiselled, upright good looks, Hilton argues, is a town where lies and subterfuge leak from the walls. Grace Spence Green was minding her own business in Stratford Westfield shopping centre when she was crushed by a man who fell several storeys onto her, leaving her paralysed.

Journalist Shon Faye speaks to elders in the community about where we've come from and where we're going, and the adventures they've had on the way. First time around that included theorist Kate Bornstein, 73, who travelled across America to live with groups including the Amish, the Baha'i and the Church of Scientology to better understand their gender identity.

William Phelps, gets a phone call that sets an investigation in motion. You know, like ghosts, haunted houses, cursed woods, possessed children, etc. So it's no wonder why we're obsessed with this podcast that takes inspiration from creepy real-life events and turns them into goosebump-worthy fictional stories. They even turn the tales into animated YouTube videos opens in new tab!

In one podcast? In the wise words of Ms. Hannah Montana, "It's the best of both worlds! This pod has been downloaded over 80 million times and counting. The year-old went out one night and disappeared—and then her body was found at The Orange Tree, a condo complex near the university. This story takes such a crazy turn you'll find yourself binging all the episodes in one day. Many believe that the CIA produced several mind control experiments between the s and '60s and never really stopped.

It's the perfect balance between comedy, banter, and true crime storytelling from British hosts Hannah and Suruthi. They tackle everything from serial killers to some incredibly creepy hauntings—so basically, you'll never be bored again. The actor's father, Charles, is the subject in this episode podcast by Jason Cavanagh as he tries to separate the true-crime fan fiction from the truth. There are interviews from the Harrelson family on what they think happened, why Charles claimed to have been involved in the JFK assassination, and tons of other eye-opening stuff.

The performers sell a fantasy to their all-female audiences—women's liberation in the form of a greased-up man in a bow tie. This gripping podcast exposes the dark underbelly of their business that eventually gives way to greed and murder.

You've probably heard about season one about Adnan Syed, which captured the attention of the whole world when it came out in , but the This American Life-backed podcast has two more seasons to dig into: one about Bowe Bergdahl, one about our justice system. It's our time to shine. Hosts Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy go deep into the world's most talked-about conspiracy theories, like did Edgar Allen Poe really die from alcohol poisoning to the belief the Bush family had something to do with John F.

Kennedy's assassination. Prepare to have your mind blown. When discovered, their bodies were carved with strange symbols, leading people to believe its not just the work of serial killer, but perhaps a Satanic cult.

Underneath her body, police discovered the service weapon belonging to her husband police officer Matthew Boynton. This murder changed one small town forever. This weekly podcast hosted by Emily G. Thompson takes hour-long looks featuring audio from the calls, trial testimonies, and interviews of the same of the world's most famous cases.

Each episode, you'll hear from two different calls from around the world: one message relating to the world of crime, and one that will for sure make you smile. While the details at times talked about in the episodes can render an appetite nonexistent, host Justin S. Drown knows how to tell a story with the utmost compassion.

The hosts, Aaron and Justin, have been around since and have the episode log to prove it, with over episodes to listen from. Most of the episodes focus on cold cases as the hosts zero on the many different pieces of evidence that could lead to cracking the case. But what if they aren't? Court Junkie looks at the criminal justice system and its role in true crime, from cases of arresting the wrong person to an "accident" being a murder investigation in disguise.

Death comes the six-part series The Dating Game Killer. Little did the people know that he was actually a prolific serial killer on the run, posing as many different people on the way. It's as crazy as it seems. This under minutes podcast has a new episode every single day yes!

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Every piece of evidence, every new information should be scrutinised very keenly to get a proper sense of the events. In each season, it comes up with a case that seems too bizarre to pass a conclusive verdict on. The arguments of the prosecution and the defendant make it very hard for the jury which now also includes the listener to decide something. In this podcast, every detail of such cases is turned inside out to bring the case to a justifiable end.

You can listen to all its episodes here. For someone who has the whole case laid out in front of them, we are oddly judge-y of the cops who go blind into these mysteries. What does it take to solve a murder? What is the professional and personal turmoil that the detectives have to tackle while investigating gruesome crimes? All its episodes are available here. Who Killed Elsie Frost? By the end, the answer still remains vague. If you are interested in such cases, then here is another mystery for you.

In , year-old Elsie Frost was found dead in an underpass beneath a railway line. Unsolved If you love watching police procedural shows then you have caught a wrong habit of watching every case meet a proper end. More often than not, a case is never solved.

A missing person remains missing. A dead body might have the clues to its killer, but they are never enough to point towards the perpetrator. You can listen to the podcast here. Convicted The description of this podcast begins with a statistic. Pay heed to the fact that most of them were either on the death row or were sentenced to life or two in prison. How do people survive these wrongful convictions and the battle to prove their innocence, while their life hangs in a balance? Listen to the stories of real people who have been exonerated after serving serious time in prison.

This includes his parents, his two sisters and a brother. David was the eldest of all siblings and the only one left alive. What really happened that day? Who typed that message? Listen to all episodes of this podcast here. Read More: Podcasts Like Dr. Death 7. Happy Face It is said that most of the times, a crime is committed by the person close to the victim. Be it the murder or sexual assault or kidnapping, the cops first look at the family and friends.

Despite this fact, people rarely think about someone in their close circles being a murderer. Melissa Moore was one of those people, and reality hit her hard when she discovered that her father was actually a serial killer. What disturbed her more than the heinous crimes committed by him was the question of whether she has inherited his killer instincts? Is she too a psycho? Read More: Podcasts Like Lore 6.

It will go somewhere else. This reasoning applies to people too. In this podcast, host Tim Weaver discusses the true meaning of disappearance. Is there is a pattern behind this irregular chaos? How do things work for the people whose job is to track down missing persons? With three episodes dropping at once on 10 April , now is the perfect time to get downloading. Empire on Blood iTunes Stitcher In the last week of this quarter, all seven episodes of the brand new true crime podcast, Empire on Blood dropped.

Empire on Blood investigates the double murder conviction of Calvin Burari, a showy, mink-wearing, crack dealer from the Bronx. Download and listen to journalist, Steve Fishman tell this compelling wrongful conviction tale. Empire on Blood comes in at number 8 in our top podcasts like Serial. In the Dark iTunes Stitcher It took 27 years for law enforcement in Minnesota to solve the case of the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling, even though the man who would finally admit to the crime was sitting under their nose the whole time.

In The Dark comes in at number 7 in our top podcasts like Serial. These twists are most compelling when the available evidence is considered: the murders were captured live on video and one of the faces of the murders was revealed. Download and listen to host, Lisa Arthur seek to answer: was this a home-invasion gone awry or were those that were murdered targeted?

Felonious Florida comes in at number 6 in our top podcasts like Serial. Death in Ice Valley iTunes Player. Death in Ice Valley investigates the unsolved mystery of who the Isdal Woman was and how she died. Death in Ice Valley is not the project, the real project is solving the mystery and the podcast is one of the tools investigators have deployed to help them to do so.

Download and discover if you can help solve it. Death in Ice Valley comes in at number 5 in our top podcasts like Serial. Black Hands comes in at number 4 in our top podcasts like Serial. Someone Knows Something iTunes Stitcher Having released three vastly different who-done-it series, David Ridgen and the team at Someone Knows Something know how to produce and present pods of this genre. In the first series, Ridgen investigates the case of Adrien McNaughton who, in at the age of five, while on a family fishing trip, vanished without a trace.

In season two, Ridgen searches for answers in the case of Sheryl Sheppard who disappeared 4 days after her boyfriend proposed to her on national television, in The most recent series investigates the murders of Charles Moore and Henry Dee who were found in the Mississippi River in Someone Knows Something comes in at number 3 in our top podcasts like Serial. Dirty John iTunes Stitcher An exceptional true-crime story of deception, seduction, stupidity and survival that masterfully leaves the listener wondering, who done what to whom?

Fans of hosts staying out of the story will love this podcast. Goffard resists the urge to inform listeners of his views and leaves the story to be told predominantly by Debra Newell and two of her daughters, Jacqueline and Tarra.

Dirty John comes in at number 2 in our top podcasts like Serial. S-Town iTunes Stitcher This is a portrait of a life; a masterpiece. Telling you too much would detract from the listening experience. By the end of episode 2, you will be hooked.

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