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Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article. More recently, however, the goldbugs have discovered a new financial fetish: cryptocurrency. For a while, the price of digital currencies. Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist and right-wing firebrand, is now touting the liberating potential of cryptocurrency and. BLOOMBERG CRYPTOCURRENCY DERIVATIVES

A member of Mr Guo's movement since early , Ms Chen said she tried to warn fellow followers about her discoveries but was branded a traitor by other members of the movement. I thought I was fighting for justice. Lisa Chen has chosen to not disclose her identity out of fear of retaliation from Mr Guo's followers. An ABC investigation, through analysing financial documents, private chat rooms and blockchain wallets, has unravelled a sophisticated cryptocurrency operation endorsed by Mr Guo and Mr Bannon's political movement.

The scheme has raised alarm bells for financial crime and cryptocurrency experts, who said it had the hallmarks of a scam. Do you know more? Despite international authorities putting the platform where HCoin is traded, Himalaya Exchange, on investment caution lists, it is still being promoted by Mr Guo and his loyal followers who believe it will herald a new political age.

A spokesperson for Himalaya Exchange, said it had "no connection, whether shareholding or financial, to Wengui Guo". A new world order and a coin to overthrow Beijing An online search for the coin leads to a bombastic music video posted in November on YouTube called "Hcoin to the moon".

The title is a play on a phrase popularised by cryptocurrency investors celebrating an enormous spike in a digital token's valuation. In the video, Mr Guo is seen taking lengthy drags from a cigar, while a ship soars past a golden moon. The exiled billionaire then waxes lyrical about the coin's "advanced encryption technology" between rapid inserts of fireworks and a woman dancing in an astronaut suit.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Watch Duration: 35 seconds 35 s Guo Wengui released this flashy and highly-produced rap video called "Hcoin to the Moon" to promote the digital token. Mr Guo reportedly fled mainland China in in anticipation of corruption charges that took down his business partner and afterwards, his political patron. He arrived in the United States in , later boasting he would reveal all about top officials in China.

Qiu Yueshou, a Chinese scholar who fled the country after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in , said it was Mr Guo's promise to provide compromising information about key CCP figures that caught his attention. He said he was among a core group of Australian followers in a chat group with Mr Guo, where they received his direct orders. Mr Guo reiterated in February, HCoin would be instrumental to their revolution and would replace the Chinese currency. Mr Bannon also voiced his support.

In an interview posted on pro-Trump social media platform Gettr in November, he called the Himalaya Coin project "monumental". Himalaya Exchange denied any connection to the political operative. YouTube: Supplied For Ms Chen, investing in the coin wasn't straightforward and neither was where her money ended up.

While typical cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly from exchanges, Ms Chen said she was instructed by Himalaya Exchange to purchase HCoin tokens by making direct bank transfers to overseas bank accounts. Ms Chen provided the ABC with bank records that showed her investment was sent to accounts in the Bahamas and the US — the latter under the beneficiary account name Himalaya International Clearing.

Australian investors, in some cases, were told to sign an agreement that prohibited them from taking any action that "could potentially hurt or damage the reputation of the Exchange". The Himalaya Exchange spokesperson said it would not disclose or confirm any bank account details the ABC raised with the company. They concluded both raised red flags. It's unclear who owns Himalaya Exchange and the website does not acknowledge any connection to Mr Guo.

HCC's registration means the company is subjected to anti-money laundering laws but this does not guarantee investor protection, according to cryptocurrency crime expert George Andreopoulos. It is also an easy swindle for con artists looking to cash in; the price of gold is pegged to economic fears, and fear is the coin of the realm in conservative media. More recently, however, the goldbugs have discovered a new financial fetish: cryptocurrency. Naturally, the upsurge in interest drew out the hucksters, too, with sketchy cryptocurrency marketing campaigns associated with Roger Stone and Breitbart News urging readers to make the investment of a lifetime.

It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that the crypto-world has found a new ambassador in Stephen K. Bannon, former Trump chief strategist and bitcoin enthusiast. Detractors hate them for the same reason.

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He recently said that cryptos have a bright future. They could be a very important part going forward, particularly in this global populist revolt. This time, he is taking the opposite stance. The series of events started when Facebook announced that it would be launching a new cryptocurrency called Libra next year.

Following the uproar amongst the lawmakers, Trump tweeted that he is not a fan of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Not only this, he said that unregulated use of digital assets could facilitate illegal behavior. What does Bannon think? According to the former chief strategist, the central banks and governments want to maintain the status quo with fiat currency because of which they will ultimately regulate crypto.

Usury, the charging of interest, is strictly prohibited by the Koran, therefore these nations had very conservative banking structures. In other words, these countries operated outside of the international central banking cartel that uses debt to enslave populations. Now they have been brought in line with the cartel at the barrel of a gun, and next comes the wonderful IMF we-own-your-ass loans.

This, oil and banking, is also precisely why Iran is public enemy number one even though they never attacked another nation. The Federal Reserve system is cancer that needs removing and should be the primary issue discussed in the campaign. America is the greatest country on Earth, where anyone can run for office who chooses to do so. Whether or not you gain traction, is wholly dependent upon who you can find to finance your campaign. With Steve Bannon, he believes that Bitcoin, and all of the cryptocurrency in general, is the key to laying the groundwork to defeat the cartel.

One thing Americans have to realize about Bannon, is that he's a master strategist. He can move the chess pieces into a position of checkmate, without worrying about the time it takes to complete the game. If Bannon understands the potential of cryptocurrency, you can guarantee that the Trump Administration understands the reality of the problem with centralized banking, and knowing that much of the younger Trump family members have strong ties to Conservative-led tech companies, it would seem like an accurate depiction of this Administration to understand the importance of cryptocurrencies.

With economic powerhouses like Russia considering cryptocurrency, and even the US Government to hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the future of digital currencies, anticipation is high for a replacement system of the Fed. We know that tens of trillions, sometimes, nine trillion at a time, has mysteriously vanished from the Federal Reserve, without a single investigation into the robbery from the American people. Cryptocurrency, no doubt, has titanic potential, and Steve Bannon's recognition of such is a huge leap towards progress for the roadmap to freedom being led by President Trump.

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