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Health is wealth · Fitness centres, wellness hubs, and gyms, in particular, provide a service that remains in high demand regardless of broader. By investing in your health, fitness, nutrition and BMI, you'll be helping save on Going to the gym gives you access to hi-tech training equipment and. -- Now that people are returning to gyms and workout studios, investors have started to wonder about the market for at-home. HOW TO USE MACD INDICATOR IN FOREX TRADING

So with five grand of my redundancy money, chipped in with Andy and we started actually a corporate wellbeing company. I wanted to get on with it. I wanted to earn a lot of cash when I was young and so I started a business in aerial photography, hired a plane, hired a photographer, flew all over Cambridge taking pictures of villages, and then sold those pictures door to door and that was a great learning lesson in business and early entrepreneurship for me.

So I was quite happy about that, but then I had to get a job and I got a job in the same company that Marie was working in, which is Fitness for Industry. To pick up where Marie left off, we sat in a coffee shop in Soho and we decided to start this business called Our Pleasure Management, which is a corporate fitness business.

Five grand in each, two PCs, me working from a rented room in London, Marie worked from her respective house in London and we just cracked on. We started Socius Investing. Do you want us to say a bit about Socius Investing Alex? Would that help? Alex: Yes, absolutely, go for it. Andy: Well, Socius was born out of the experiences that Marie and I had had building businesses from that self-funded startup and working with VCs. So Socius is Latin for companion or partner.

So if they are entrepreneurs or investors on their own. We invest our money in the business, which means that our success is the same as their success. Is Investing a Science or an Art? Alex: Awesome. So Marie, with a background in science then, would you say investing is more of a science or an art or a mixed combo to both? Marie: What a great question. And what do I want about this? Is it science or art? It is definitely both.

This is probably foreign territory or uncharted waters for a lot of people as they start this venture, they know they probably need to do it, but how do you get that started? So there is an onus on the new startup to actually do some research before they start to look. So look at if there are any attractive things that you can add to your pitch that make it interesting for an investor.

There are people out there whose whole residential is to lend money. So [inaudible ] for meetings and crack on. Alex: Nice. Good to know. To give these new entrepreneurs the best chance for a successful investment, what kind of things do you think they should have prepped in the earliest stages alongside their business plan? And by the way, putting a forecast together, anyone can do that, this is literally a spreadsheet exercise. Alex: Andy, do you have any that spring to the top of mind?

Andy: Yes, I do. I read a load of books. Alex: Andy, what do you think the investors of Netflix said to the owner? I mean, it was a small company compared to what it is now. Marie: Yes, exactly. Data Points for Evaluating Growth Potential of An Investment Alex: Maybe a good segue then to the next question that I had for you guys is what kind of data points are you evaluating when it comes to basically anticipating the value and the growth potential of an investment, what kind of stuff do you guys look at?

Marie: Well the numbers do have to be solid. Broadly, the numbers have to make common sense because you just need to be able to explain changes and why certain things are where they are, if you like. Have they got the right amount of cash in the business because working capital is important. Just having pounds in the bank is not where you want to be, you need to give a bit of a margin in there because as we all know, hardly anyone hits a forecast, hardly anyone and that is just an absolute fact.

So one has to bear that in mind and what was the other thing I was going to see about the numbers? Cash, make sure it makes sense. And why have you done it? So things I look for are cash level, do the numbers make sense, and have you worked through the pricing policy? How many people do you know, pay 40 pounds a month for that of if that pricing an app and you see how many apps right now on your phone, are you paying a subscription for?

And how many are you on freemium? Or if it free with adverts, would you pay for it? Pull them back to real life and say, okay, how many people do you know, pay for that? I find that really difficult because I am an optimist. So those types of really human things are overlooked in the [inaudible ]. Expectations for the Investment Process Alex: I like the Andy K pub challenge, take them down there, see if you can get challenged and see if you can answer and if not, back to the drawing board.

You heard it here first. Maybe you guys could walk us through what someone expects actually during the investment process. Andy: Do you want me to start on that one, Marie? Marie: Yes. Alex: Loaded question, but yes. Where would I start? Andy: Yes, absolutely. But yes, that process, I mean, Marie and I did a due diligence process and it lasted six months and do you know what?

We got it completely wrong, really bad investment. I would obviously never name it, but it was a bad investment, still paying the price and it was a bad investment. This was only a few years ago, so we all make mistakes, absolutely.

Do you know what if I had my time again, of course, I would never do it, but I sent it to Julie, my wife the other day, it was a bit of a shame we lost all that money, but I have learned. Marie: I was going to say another thing early in the process to watch when presenting and this is some advice actually Andy and I give a friend of ours who was starting a business not long ago when he show us his forecast, is he had quite a lot of salary in for himself. Marie: Yes, absolutely.

Marie: The first start of business is not to lose money, that is the first order. And that is harder than it seems. Alex: Second and third too I think. And then at the other end of the spectrum is your VCs, your PEs, and particularly those listed on a stock exchange because they must submit their returns and they must show growth. Alex: Would there be any other kind of metrics other than just the returns that would be really important for you guys to focus on in terms of what deems it to be successful?

I mean, both of us where, I mean, I just would invest in cigarettes, just an example. Shopping company, Marie and I invested in or something like that. So you get some, there might always be your friends, but actually, for me, I have made a lot of good friends in working with people. Alex: Absolutely.

Posted in Fitness You know that working out is good for you. What you may not know is that it can be great for your bank balance, too. With fitness comes both physical and psychological benefits - as well as financial. So how can getting in tip top shape help where money is concerned?

Here are just a few ways people who work out regularly can benefit with their budget. The best thing to do? Go for a walk. Exercise not only boosts your energy levels, but it can help trigger solutions to problems and trigger bursts in creative thinking.

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investing in fitness gym


Moreover, F45 offers you a highly-functional team training program that works as an effective method to burn fat and build healthy muscles. Unfortunately, its overall Franchise rank is 42nd, with 1, units sold. Pure Barre Pure Barre is the second largest fitness Franchise brand you should invest in. This offers you full-body workouts, low-impact training sessions, and a range of fitness levels. Pur Baree has 76, members, and now it is your turn.

Gym Guyz GymGuyz is one of the best home personal fitness training. This business encourages individual-to-individual fitness, group sessions, and commercial fitness. Having knowledge of fitness is enough. The GymGuyz offers you full support throughout the process, such as delivering equipment, booking a van, phone system, and many more.

Its overall franchise units are , which is increasing. Spenga If you are looking for a simple yet outstanding fitness business model, then Spenga is the best way to get started. It works on three fitness regimes- cardio, strength, and flexibility, in the 60 minutes workout. Sounds interesting? In addition, each workout is designed to boost endurance, flexibility, and strength. Club Pilates Club Pilates was established in and started franchising in The ultimate goal of club Pilates is to drive the modern Pilates activities by dropping traditional barriers to Pilates.

Pilates is the most effective exercise that keeps you mentally and physically fit at any age. Thus, their Pilates business model will definitely drive success in your business. You are free to choose your level of involvement in the business, and they will assist you with further Training and recruitment processes that ensure your success.

Clients must do 20 minutes of workouts to enjoy a healthy and fit life. Also, one can find the partnered exercise routines for easy training sessions. Currently, it has sold units, so book your now! So, these are our top 10 Gym and fitness Franchise businesses that you should invest in However, before investing, we suggest you check details personally to avoid any complications in the future.

The brand tends to take a lighthearted and fun approach to its marketing and overall feel. Currently, Crunch Fitness has over open locations with commitments to open a further 1, locations. You can find Crunch Fitness in five countries and 30 states with more than 1. The brand consistently ranks as one of the top franchises to invest in and has weathered pretty well during the tough times of the pandemic.

With a global presence of over 1, locations in more than 20 countries, Snap Fitness has millions of members worldwide. The brand aims to offer returns on investment and the lowest investment possible. Snap Fitness is a global leader in the fitness franchise industry with a focus on providing the best equipment and value-added services to achieve member results. As one of the fastest-growing fitness concepts, the brand has over locations across 38 states. A relatively new brand on the fitness scene, Burn Boot Camp has been franchising for more than five years.

The UFC is one of the biggest sports names in the world with millions of fans. The UFC Gym franchise makes fitness facilities accessible to all ages and fitness levels. With an established fan base and potential to grow, UFC Gym is a niche with a lot of opportunities. Workout Anytime Workout Anytime has over franchise units with The hour gym gives members access to fitness equipment, like treadmills, at all hours of the day for a full-body workout.

The low-cost membership targets those looking for affordable and convenient fitness near where they live or work. The exact amount depends on several factors like gym size and location. Blink Fitness Blink Fitness offers an affordable workout environment aimed at all fitness abilities. The brand has in-person locations as well as virtual fitness training and personal training services.

The Blink Fitness app offers users over on-demand workouts and fitness classes for motivating members at home.

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