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The 2nd round will begin on Sunday, with the Bucks and Celtics facing off at pm EST in the NBA Showcase game on ABC. NBA Play-In Tournament Matchups. Playoffs | Bracket | App. Checkout the Results, Statistics, Playoff Leaders, Per Game Stats, Advanced Stats and more for the NBA playoffs on ROBERT MCGEE SCALPING FOREX

The Play-In Tournament runs over four days, from April 12th to 15th. The 1st round gets underway on April 16th and will likely run until the first weekend of May. While the first round and NBA Finals start dates are set in stone, the 2nd round and Conference Finals start dates will hinge upon how long the series in the prior round last. For the third straight season, the NBA will continue with the Play-In Tournament for the seeds in each conference before commencing the traditional team playoff format.

Following the Play-In Tournament, we have a traditional playoff bracket with eight teams from both the Eastern and Western Conference competing in a postseason of four rounds comprised of seven game series. The opening round matchups are , , and With a Game 3 win at Denver, the Golden State Warriors have won a road game in 24 consecutive playoff series, beating the previous record set by the Miami Heat with This record has since been extended to 27 consecutive playoff series with their road wins against Memphis, Dallas, and Boston.

The Dallas Mavericks totaled nine assists against the Phoenix Suns in Game 5, the lowest amount of assists in a playoff game by a team since For the first time since , every Conference Semifinals series went to a Game 6. The Mavericks — Suns series was the first of the playoffs to have a Game 7, making it the 23rd consecutive NBA postseason to feature a Game 7. The last time a Game 7 did not occur in the playoffs was This was the th Game 7 in NBA playoffs history.

With the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks losing to the Boston Celtics , the playoffs will mark the third straight year where the defending champion was eliminated before the Conference Finals. After the Celtics defeated the Miami Heat , it is also the fifth straight year with a different EC champion. With the defending Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns losing to the Dallas Mavericks , this marked the second straight year both of the NBA Finals participants from the previous year were eliminated before the Conference Finals.

The Dallas Mavericks made their first Conference Finals since Neither the first-seeded team nor the second-seeded team made the Western Conference Finals for the first time since In Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Miami Heat failed to get a shot for more than 8 minutes until in the first quarter. This marked the longest a team has gone with no field goals to start in the postseason in 25 years.

The 18 points was the lowest amount combined in a playoff game since starters were first tracked in and was also the first time in which a bench player outscores the entire starting lineup. Jayson Tatum set the all-time NBA record with turnovers in a single postseason. The top six teams in each conference, based on winning percentage , directly qualified for the playoffs; the seeding order of those teams was also based on winning percentage.

If two or more teams had the same record, standard NBA tiebreaker rules were used. The NBA Board of Governors approved a format for the —22 season to have a play-in tournament involving the teams ranked 7th through 10th in each conference. The 7th place team and 8th place team participated in a "double-chance" game, with the winner advancing to the playoffs as the 7-seed. The loser then played the winner of the elimination game between the 9th place and 10th place teams to determine the playoff's 8-seed.

The NBA's regular playoff format then proceeded as normal. All rounds were best-of-seven series; a series ended when one team won four games, and that team advanced to the next round. All rounds, including the NBA Finals, were in a 2—2—1—1—1 format with regards to hosting. In the conference playoffs, home court advantage went to the higher-seeded team number one being the highest. Conference seedings were ignored for the NBA Finals: home court advantage went to the team with the better regular season record, and, if needed, ties were broken based on head-to-head record, followed by intra-conference record.

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Not only should the prospect of contending in Los Angeles appeal to free agents, but the Lakers could have a financial advantage as well. Both teams have flaws. The Lakers don't have enough defense at the forward spots. The Warriors are relying on a lot of gambles on their bench. James and Curry are getting older. But the talent and fit at the top of these rosters is nearly flawless for postseason play. They can put five-man lineups on the floor that most teams simply can't match.

And it's not even close 1. Los Angeles Clippers The Clippers are probably not going to wind up with the best record in the league. Paul George is still recovering from shoulder surgery. Kawhi Leonard will probably miss a few games to stay fresh. They don't have a pure point guard on the roster, and that is going to hurt them in the regular season, when Leonard and George play smaller roles offensively. But when April rolls around, look out.

This team is a juggernaut. Leonard and George are arguably the two best perimeter defenders in basketball. Patrick Beverley isn't far behind. They have a center for all situations. They even have the league's best bench scorer in Lou Williams. There are some slight nits to be picked. West: 47 Glossary In the event two or more teams are tied in the standings, a series of tiebreakers are applied to determine which team receives the higher seeding.

Two-Team Tiebreaker: 1. Better record in head-to-head games 2. Division winner this criterion is applied regardless of whether the tied teams are in the same division 3. Higher winning percentage within division if teams are in the same division 4. Higher winning percentage in conference games 5. Higher winning percentage against playoff teams in own conference 6. Higher winning percentage against playoff teams in opposite conference 7.

Higher point differential between points scored and points allowed Three-Team Tiebreaker: 1. Division winner this criterion is applied regardless of whether the tied teams are in the same division 2. Best head-to-head winning percentage among all teams tied 3.

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