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Ticket Cost: $ ; To Win: $ ; Collect: $ ; WRIT2 SR_POS2. 22Jan18 Get the latest parlay picks from the experts at Pickswise, or try our same game parlays every week with odds every major sportsbook. One bettor played a $ wager on an leg same-game parlay for the Celticsers game on Wednesday night and every leg end up hitting, which. BITCOINS WITH PAYPAL

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Parlay Definition Parlay bets are one of the most popular options in public sports betting. The free parlay calculator is the perfect tool for you to determine the value of your parlay bet on every sport. When you are considering a parlay bet, the parlay calculator shows you the amount of the potential payout determined by the number of bets and the value of each bet. The more bets you include and the bigger the underdogs, creates a bigger potential payout, but decreases your odds and increases your risk.

What is parlay bet? Parlay bets are very popular, especially with novice bettors, as they have the potential for a high parley bet payout on a low bet amount since you get higher payouts than if you were to bet them individually as your bet accumulates like compound interest. The reason the parlay bet payout is high is because these bets lower your odds of winning. If any leg of the bet loses, you lose your original stake. By putting multiple moneyline bets together, you get the parlay bet.

Say, for instance, you plan to bet on a soccer game involving Liverpool and Leeds United. As you can see, odds are made up of a plus sign, minus sign, and numbers. These are the three most important elements to moneyline betting. The minus represents the favorite, while the plus symbol tells you which team is the underdog. Using our example of Liverpool vs Leeds United, we would divide by 4,, then multiply the result of that 0.

Of course, all this can be done without straining your brain by using the gambling calculator above. Wondering what the best book is for your parlay bets? Why not have a look at our dedicated guide to the best parlay betting sites and apps. To find the odds of a parlay bet, simply convert your odds to decimal form and multiply them one by one. In order, these convert to 1. By multiplying each of these together, we get odds of 4. In US odds, 4. There are two neat methods you can use to find out what the decimal to moneyline conversion is.

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11 team parlay odds


Which brings us to expectations: Yes, parlays are fun, and potentially lucrative. Are Parlays a Good Deal? The reason behind that is due to the risk that comes with parlay betting. You have better odds of making money off a single straight bet than cashing in on a seven-leg parlay. It might be a long shot, but there is money to be won with them.

When Should You Parlay? You can place a parlay bet whenever you want, but some situations present a better shot at winning and, conversely, other situations reduce the odds of cashing. On the other hand, betting value is much easier to find on a college football or college basketball Saturday. But you can put yourself in a better position by, again, doing your research. One way to get a bit of an edge betting parlays is to use that research to correlate your wagers legs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are and averaging 32 points per game, including scoring 42, 38, 35 and 41 points in their last four contests. Tampa is hosting the Atlanta Falcons, who are and giving up Tampa Bay is a Given the situation, a two-team correlated parlay of Tampa Bay and the Over seems logical.

Meanwhile, out on the West Coast, the Padres are riding a six-game winning streak and hosting an Arizona Diamondbacks squad that has lost seven straight overall and nine of their last 11 when playing in San Diego. Considering the matchups, trends and recent form of all four teams involved, putting the Orioles and Padres in a two-team parlay makes sense. A push occurs when one or more of the legs in your parlay ends in a tie—for instance, if the New England Patriots were 5-point spread favorites and won by exactly five points.

Anytime a leg of a parlay pushes, that leg is simply removed and the parlay is recalculated. So if you had a four-leg parlay and there was one push, it automatically would be reduced to a three-leg parlay. You can avoid pushes by building a parlay that only includes point-spread bets with a half-point attached to them.

For example, a 3. The most important thing to remember when it comes to pushes and parlays: Your bet is still alive as long as all the other legs of the parlay win. However, if any leg of a parlay loses, the entire parlay is toast, no matter how many other legs won or pushed. So a four-team parlay with two winners and two pushes will cash out as a two-team parlay winner. However, a three-leg parlay with two pushes and one loser is just that … a loser.

Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. If one pushes, the parlay bet payout gets reduced to the next lower number, so a 5 team parlay bet would become a 4 team parlay bet, a 4 team parlay bet becomes a 3 team parlay bet, a 3-team parlay bet becomes a 2-team parlay bet and a 2-team parlay bet gets converted to a straight bet.

The more bets you include, and the longer the odds on each bet, the more potential for your parlay bet payout Use the parlay calculator above to see the parlay payout work for the bets you are considering, and remember that the sportbook has a much bigger advantage when you place a parlay bet.

How do you calculate a parlay? The best way to calculate the parlay bet payout is to use the free parlay calculator above or enter your bets into the sportsbook app where you plan to place your bets and enter your game selections. The payout amount of a parlay can grow exponentially especially when large underdogs are included in the wager. When placing a parlay bet make sure to shop around and calculate the parlay with multiple sportsbooks as the odds and payout can vary greatly.

The books also make money in the long run on parlays because they never pay close to the true odds.

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11 team parlay

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