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Minnesota vs. Wisconsin spread: Minnesota +5; Minnesota vs. Wisconsin over-under: points. Featured Game | Minnesota. NCAA Tournament Win Odds By Seed ; 14, %, - ; 15, %, - ; 16, %, - ; OVERALL, %. Wisconsin Badgers NCAAB team report including odds, performance stats, injuries, betting trends and recent transactions. WATCH KING OF THE HILL ONLINE FREE REDDIT

Head coach Matt Langel has done a solid job, as Colgate ranks as one of the best teams in the nation in terms of shot quality. The Patriots might not be the most athletic team in the nation, but they do one thing very well: shoot the three ball.

Colgate ranks second in the nation in three-point percentage They are a consistent team with tournament experience, and they are capable of surprising a high-seeded team. Since Jan. A lot of their losses came during a long stretch of away games when they were missing their star, Nelly Cummings.

Colgate basically takes no shots from midrange. They either are taking a deep look or finding a way to get to the rim. From a betting angle, I like Colgate first-half spread bets, as they led Arkansas after the first half. If they open against a team that focuses on interior defense, Colgate might be able to get open look after open look, forcing their opponent to adjust after the first half. Beating Colgate involves beating them in transition, forcing them inside, and capitalizing on the glass.

Rapid Prediction for Wisconsin Badgers vs. Colgate Raiders Are the Wisconsin Badgers lucky, good, or both? Indiana matchup as an example. In this game, Indiana has to win by 4 or more points to beat this spread and Wisconsin either has to win the game outright or lose by 2 points or less to beat the spread.

Point spreads also have an additional element known as juice, or the vig, which is the tax paid to the sportsbook for each bet. The juice is indicated next to the point spread. This number is used to determine a wager payout.

Bettors are required to accurately predict if the teams combine higher or lower than a number set by oddsmakers. Indiana at points. Wisconsin Prop Bets For those Wisconsin fans that have a particular favorite player, prop bets are a great way to show your support. Oddsmakers will also set lines on player statistics. Bettors then have the opportunity to guess whether those players will go over or under the set line to win money. Some popular prop bets include how many points a player will score, who will score first, how many rebounds a player gets, and many more.

A futures bet is wager for an event happening in the later in the season.

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Michigan Basketball 43-6 Scoring Run vs Wisconsin - 2021 College Basketball

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