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The DraftKings UFC promo code will give you a $ bonus after a $5 wager on any fight. The bonus is automatic, so it doesn't matter if your. UFC Fight card and odds at DraftKings. The UFC main card is headlined by the Usman-Edwards welterweight title fight. Usman is the. View MMA odds and bet online legally, securely, and easily on MMA fights and more. 24XP FOREX NEWS

Every bet on DraftKings will go toward earning points for Dynasty Rewards. To stay in the action without spending money, check out the free-to-play pools. To claim the DraftKings UFC promo and use what the sportsbook app has to offer, follow these steps when signing up.

Click here and register for a DraftKings account. When following our links, you do not have to use a bonus code. Right now, you can bet on the NFL preseason and make future wagers for the Super Bowl, conference winners, division winners, player props, and team props.

You will see odds for the next play being a rush, pass, first down, or touchdown. It is also offering a free-to-play game every week of the season. DraftKings is giving away millions in prizes. As such, bettors will find more UFC betting action and opportunities at sportsbooks that go above and beyond the norm.

Additionally, only some sportsbooks cover more organizations than just the UFC. The UFC is far from the only game in town. Other promotions such as Bellator , ONE Championship , and the Professional Fighters League regularly put on great fights and provide exciting betting opportunities. If the chosen fighter wins the bet, the customer wins the bet. First, bettors can see Fighter A is the heavy favorite because of the negative odds.

Second, bettors can tell Fighter B is the underdog due to the positive odds. The oddsmakers set UFC odds in an effort to balance the books. Had they priced both of the above fighters at even money, the betting public would overwhelmingly back the favorite Fighter A and put the sportsbook at risk of losing a significant amount of money. By adjusting the odds, the bookmakers lure bettors in on both fighters.

For example, the go-the-distance prop is ideal for any bettor who is having trouble picking the winner of a bout but knows both fighters are explosive, stand-and-bang athletes. Rather than backing the winner, the bettor may find it wiser just to predict it being a short fight. In many instances, sportsbooks set the round total at 2. Bettors then try to predict whether the match will last more than 2. Winning Round Winning round bets list both fighters with rounds displayed under their names.

For example, if a bettor selects Fighter A in Round 1, the bet only wins if Fighter A finishes the fight in the first round. All other outcomes, even if the selected fighter wins, result in a loss. Winning round bets are more difficult to win, but they offer higher payouts due to the increased accuracy needed to predict the winner and the round of victory.

Method of Victory Method of victory wagers involve choosing who will win the fight and how. Typically, the options for each fighter are: To win by decision To win by KO, TKO or DQ To win by submission For example, if the bettor has a fighter in mind known for razor-sharp submissions, the method of victory bet may be the best choice. If it wins, the payout will exceed that of a standard moneyline bet on the same fighter.

It creates a highly engaging experience that makes even the weakest UFC cards exciting from the prelims down to the main event. For the most part, in-play bets mirror those offered before the fight, with the only difference being the ever-changing odds.

The most common types of in-play bets offered for UFC fights include moneyline wagers on who will win, how long the fight will last, and the method of victory. Aside from pure entertainment value, in-play UFC betting opens the door to additional levels of strategy not provided by pre-event bets because bettors have more information to work with as each fight unfolds. The oddsmakers also have access to this same information and adjust the UFC odds accordingly, but they also have to account for public sentiment.

The public can often get caught up in the moment to push the odds in favor of the savvy bettor. As an example of how intelligent bettors can use public sentiment to their advantage, imagine a heavy favorite who tends to start slow and then turn up the pace as the fight goes on due to great cardio and a smart game plan.

If the favorite gets off to a slow start, it is not uncommon for public money to rush to the underdog. That would be an ideal time for the intelligent bettor to get money in on the favorite at improved odds. Bettors can also use in-play MMA betting to hedge their bets when things really do start to go wrong for their selections. The main thing UFC bettors should be on the lookout for is getting swept up in the moment during an exciting card and placing UFC bets just for fun.

The sheer number of markets available during any single event combined with the natural ebb and flow of a fight makes it deceptively easy to risk more money than one planned. As is the case with traditional sports betting, fantasy MMA allows players to put their knowledge to the test and win money if they outsmart the competition.

The basic idea behind fantasy UFC is to draft a team of fighters slated to compete on the next card. Each player receives a virtual salary to draft their athletes and must use it wisely to build the best possible team without exceeding their salary cap. After players draft their teams and pay the entry fee, they earn fantasy points as their fighters land punches, complete takedowns, and win fights.

The faster their selections win and the more dominant their performances, the more points they accumulate. Knowledge is just as crucial for success in daily fantasy as it is with standard sports betting. MMA is a pretty niche sport already, and finding people who not only watch it but also have an interest in fantasy betting is a narrow demographic.

The good news is most of those people have congregated at one fantasy sports site in particular: DraftKings. DraftKings Fantasy is the best place to fantasy UFC due to the number of customers and amounts of money that players can win. DraftKings hosts everything from heads-up contests to tournaments with room for more than 14, entrants.

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And here is the recent Draftkings UFC promo for this particular event. Given the names that participated in this event and the huge number of massive favorites, this offer was absolutely unbelievable. Draftkings has become a lead sportsbook when it comes to MMA. Most bookmakers nowadays have coverage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Nevertheless, most offer a limited number of markets — predominantly Moneyline and total rounds. Draftkings offers odds for absolutely all UFC events throughout the year and all big Pay-per-view events come with a wide variety of markets.

Bigger events include the option to bet on alternative rounds, method of victory, round victory, and more. Create an account at Draftkings. Draftkings provides unique offers and promos for new users. If you want to bet on other sports immediately, there are multiple offers for new customers at all times. Make a deposit. All available UFC fights will be listed in the respective category and you can make your selections within seconds.

Place a bet — you have the option to bet on singles or a parlay of up to 20 selections. This means that you can have 20 different fights or games in a single bet slip. Pickswise Pickswise provides exclusive sports betting content to MLive.

Please wager responsibly. How free bets work at DraftKings DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the best places to wager on sports, and new customers can use their free bets from UFC on a variety of sporting events this weekend. Pacers matchup. As you can see, there are tons of matchups to bet on at DraftKings Sportsbook, so sign up for a new account ahead of UFC Is DraftKings a good sportsbook?

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