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Peace demonstrate that the use of oracles in public discourse could be a good starting point for the study of the role of religion in the public sphere of fourth-century Athens. This paper goes beyond discussion of the quoted oracles in oratory themselves, asking instead the crucial question of where these oracles come from. The origin of oracles is a significant issue because it helps clarify the process by which orators come to make the decision to 5 quote specific oracles in their orations: it elucidates both the nature of these religious pronouncements further, as well as the authority which they are assigned in the rhetorical contexts of the Athenian law courts.

Scholarship dealing with the complex issues of literacy, orality, writing and record-keeping in ancient Greece has given comparatively little consideration to the recording and archiving of oracles as a genre of texts. This paper will therefore scrutinize evidence for such recording and archival practices, in order to demonstrate the crucial role of writing in the application of oracles in the rhetorical setting of the Athenian law courts.

Pollution as a rhetorical topos in ancient texts and cultures James W. Watts Syracuse University Aristotle famously focused his consideration of rhetoric on three settings for public speeches: the political assembly, the legal trial, and the funeral. He omitted a public arena that was no less prominent in Athens than in other ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, namely, the temple. Temples continued to operate, even expand, in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, despite Greek intellectual discomfort with some religious ideas and practices, as reflected in drama and philosophy.

Including the religious sphere within descriptions of ancient rhetoric introduces a range of religious concepts employed for persuasion. Prominent among them in all ancient and many contemporary cultures is the idea of purity and its opposite, pollution.

Ma dates to preserve purity extended to a wider variety of settings such as homes and were more demanding for some classes of people such as priests. This paper explores the implications for rhetoric and religious studies of treating purity and pollution as a topos in the Aristotelian sense. The rhapsode, performing at a festival or celebration, becomes caught up in the power of his recitation.

First and foremost, we see here a radical imagining of how the power of ritualized speech, emanating from the gods, can affect an audience and effect a shared response. Yet, alongside this, we find anxiety: this extended chain of unthinking and manipulated people is not unproblematic. Elsewhere too Plato expresses anxiety about the psychological, ethical and civic effect of religious performance on an audience.

Strikingly, though, far from rejecting wholesale the use of religious discourse in the construction of authority and engagement of an audience, Plato often appeals to religious models such as oaths, inspiration, divination and initiation as persuasive and dialectical tools. Turning to the orators, I will examine how the same authors both critique others for using religious performative speech and, in other contexts, help themselves to this very same discourse. Deploying test cases, I will ask whether, in doing so, these orators play on an ambivalence in their audience about the dangers and powers of performative religious discourse.

The juxtaposition between Plato and the orators — authors writing in different genres and for very different audiences, but in a broadly similar time and place and with the goal of persuasion always in mind — will give us an insight into the way that religious rhetoric was thought about, used and abused in different contexts in fourth-century Athens.

The next great research challenges for him are two: first, to finish his second monograph, Religious Discourse in Attic Oratory and Politics contracted with Routledge; e pe ted i. She obtained her first degree from the Department of Greek Philology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens He is now working on a book about law and the sacred in Ancient Greece. Her research interests include Roman elegy and epic in particular Ovid , Roman epigrams Martial as well as Greco-Roman culture and religion, as indicated by her publications such as Heroides 10 and Ars Amatoria 1.

Pechlivanos eds. She received her Ph. In addition to the history of the ancient and early medieval world, she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on Rome and its empire. He received his B. He has taught at Allegheny since He was a co-editor of Philodemus and the New Testament World Leiden: Brill, and two collections of essays devoted to teaching biblical studies in a liberal arts context published by Sheffield Phoenix in a d 5.

More recently his attention has turned to performance as a dominant factor in ancient rhetoric. She is currently working on a monograph on the interrelation of law and religion in the Greek city state. She has also edited and partly written a textbook on rhetorical criticism: Retorikkens Aktualitet, 3. Edition, co-editor M. She teaches the history of rhetoric, visual rhetoric, rhetorical criticism and theory. He is a biblical scholar whose research focuses on the interplay of ritual and rhetoric in the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible.

He also is a co-founder of SCRIPT, the Society for Comparative Research in Iconic and Performative Texts, which fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars in investigating the social functions of material texts. He combines the two research interests in his comparative studies of the ritualizing of scriptures.

She is particularly interested in religion, gender, and the importance of the classical past for Byzantine culture. The study of cultural memories of classical Roman masculinity in Byzantium led her to write Heroes and Romans in Twelfth-Century Byzantium Cambridge She reconsidered the strength of the famed Byzantine bureaucracy in Authority in Byzantine Provincial Society, Cambridge He has published over articles and 13 books on Hellenistic literature, Classical Roman literature, the Ancient Novel, the literature of Late Antiquity, the reception of the Classics in Modern Greek literature and in Italian, English, and French literature and Modern Greek Literature.

Studies on his Cretan Novels Her thesis e a i ed religio a d authorit i Atti orator , focusing on the use of sources of religious authority, such as oracles, dreams and oaths, in the political and legal contexts of classical Athens. Romane Memento; Vergil in the Fourth Century ; ed. Ted Hughes and the Classics ; ed.

Latin Panegyric. Oxford 3 Readings in Classical Studies ; co-ed. Gibson Pliny the Younger in Late Antiquity ; co-ed. Double Vision He has recently completed a commentary on Panegyrici Latinin II 12 and is now writing a biography of the emperor Diocletian. Her recent research has focused on the reception of Greco-Roman texts in Western literature and the socio- legal position of women in ancient literary works.

She is co-editor of two Edited Volumes, Philhellenism and European Identity: Concepts and Functions of European Philhellenism in the Era of the Restoration —30 and Medea De-dramatized, have been published in and respectively. She obtained a B. She participated as a regular researcher at two projects of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna: a.

Her research interests focus on religious poetry, hymnography and their Byzantine commentaries, history and theory of exegetic and homiletic texts, their role in the Byzantine education, lexicography, critical editions and commenting of Byzantine literature. His research interests lie mainly in the field of Greek and Roman drama parti ularl post lassi al perfor a e , Helle isti literature ai l of the o i ode : mimiamb, epic and philosophical parody, etc.

He is also interested in reception studies mainly the reception of ancient Greek drama in Modern Greek literature ; in the theory and practice of long-distance adult learning; and in the didactics of ancient Greek language and literature in secondary education. He studied Classics at the Universities of Athens B. Teubneriana Xenis ed. The Electra scholia edition was awarded the Academy of Athens prize for the best monograph on, or critical edition of, a work of classical literature, published in the last five years 29th Dec.

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In Ancient Greece, citizens of the polis viewed the relationship between religion and the rule of law very differently.

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Td direct investing rates and charges Xenis University of Cyprus Edward M. Pollution as a rhetorical topos in ancient texts and cultures James W. Babs is rewiring her whole computer more info to make it more powerful, so Tim has come over to help out. Romane Memento; Vergil in the Fourth Century ; ed. And when Athenians and other Greeks formed private religious associations, they adhered to the basic precepts of the rule of law. He received his B. She has published two books: Female corporeal performances: reading the body in Byzantine passions and lives of holy women in and Court ceremonies and rituals of power in Byzantium and the medieval Mediterranean: comparative perspectives in
Betsy drake placemats for children Ted Hughes and the Classics ; ed. Against this background, I revisit the religious fabric of petraki giallourou speech ofand tentatively identify some sympathetic Christian notices; I also trace some examples of str of religious terminology to consider the role and effect on the creation of generic nicosia betting of the curating of collections of literary panegyric in the fourth century. I e for i g the la s, the it state ould use a o i atio of religious penalties and secular penalties without causing any confusion. But Cass still doesn't know Dick and Tim that well, so this is a rare cute moment with the three of them. He is also interested in reception studies mainly the reception of ancient Greek drama in Modern Greek literature ; in the theory and practice of long-distance adult learning; and in the didactics of ancient Greek language and literature in secondary education.
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