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Tap on three horizontal lines (appear left side into the top search bar) to get Settings on Google Map – Tap Settings – tap on Distance unites –. Measure distance between points · On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app · Touch and hold anywhere on the map that isn't a place's name or icon. The distance between them will appear just above the map in both miles and kilometers. The tool is useful for estimating the mileage of a flight, drive, or walk. FOREX CLUB SCAM

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The distance calculator will then display a measurerment of the length in feet, meters, miles and kilometers. If you would like to suggest changes to the google maps distance calculator you can contact us and let us know. You can also suggest other tools you would like to see on the site. Other uses for the distance tool Use this tool to draw a line on a map and find its length. This line can represent the outline of a property, a running route, hiking trail or to trace the outline of any border on a map.

Fence companies can use this to quote the price of a fence based on the length given to them by a customer, or by looking up a customers address and then drawing a line around the perimeter of where the fence will go. You might be interested to know how far it is from one to the other. Calculate the straight line distance from latitude and longitude The simplest method of calculating distance relies on some advanced-looking math.

Known as the Haversine formula, it uses spherical trigonometry to determine the great circle distance between two points. Wikipedia has more on the formulation of this popular straight line distance approximation. To visualize the calculation, we can draw a Polyline between the two markers.

Add the following lines after the markers in the JavaScript: Loading Using the JavaScript equivalent of the Haversine formula, we can determine the length of the Polyline, the straight distance between our two markers. Add this function to your JavaScript, before the initMap function: Loading To call the function and report the distance below the map, add this code below your Polyline in the initMap function: Loading A quick glance at the map shows there is no road or even pathway straight across Central Park.

The Haversine formula is useful for basic proximity, but is insufficient for many use cases, especially within cities. Paste the following at the end of your initMap function: Loading DirectionsRenderer ; directionsRenderer. The message below the map is also extended to include the distance. We can dig into the data that comes back in the response to find driving distance 1.

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