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The betting odds calculator allows you to input your stake & odds in American, Decimal or Fractional formats to quickly calculate the payout for your bets. A quinella bet means picking the first and second horses in a race, in ANY order. Learn about quinella betting tips and strategies at Racenet! If I had intended to take a field bet on the Big Six, it would have been on the Blue but you can never predict the quadrella dividend. FUN88 BETTING

That second dividend would not have covered my outlay that I postulated above. This will return you about If you win. Well actually, if Fred wins. The only reason you might do it is if you are flush with money and you think what the hell, this is a lottery ticket. Should you go for the whole dividend for the dollar?

That really is entirely your decision. I finally decided that the only way I could approach quadrellas on a rational basis was to identify meetings where I believed I had a chance of picking the winners of three legs in one or two shots. Three maximum. And I wanted the fourth leg to be an extremely difficult one. Arguably the return was no fortune, but you can never predict the quadrella dividend. Three of the Sydney horses that won featured as part of the Big Six, but to combine these into the selections for the Big Six was out of the question because of the two full-field bets.

Treat the Big Six as a fun bet. Choose your time and place. Acknowledge that some weeks it will be next to impossible to beat. The horse may carry less weight than it is allotted. This is very rare but if applicable, is usually caused by the lead bag the extra weight carried to make up for the jockey's weight not being attached to the jockey's saddle. Win or Place Bet — Which is Better?

This is something that you have to weigh up as a punter. A win bet will always pay out more than a place bet. A place bet will pay more often, but at lower odds. In a mathematical sense, the odds offered in the win market are generally better value than those in a place market. When framing their markets, bookmakers are generally more generous with their market percentages in win markets — the win market attracts more money, so they can afford to be.

What are Fixed Odds? Fixed odds are the primary product of bookmakers. When you place a bet at fixed odds, you are paid out at whatever the odds are when you place your bet. Bookmakers constantly change the odds on horses these changes are called fluctuations , so the odds on your horse may increase or decrease after you bet. With fixed odds, you get whatever the odds were when you bet. What is a Tote? Tote is short for totalisator, which is a pool betting system.

Rather than having a bookmaker manage and offer the odds to punters, a totalisator simply pools all of the stakes placed by all punters on all horses in the race. The tote operator then takes out their commission called the takeout , and the remainder of the pool is split among the winners — with a winning dividend declared so that each winner is paid out in proportion to how much they staked. With a fixed odds bet, you are paid out at whatever price you take — the odds at the time you placed your bet.

With a tote bet, you don't know the final dividend and thus your payout until after the race.

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