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Hussain, Riaz; Hussain, Abdullah Ijaz; Chatha, Shahzad Ali Shahid; Hussain, Riaz; Hanif, The BET surface area of MCM (~ m 2/g) containing metal. wendy hollister smitty romano dookie duke hussain tiger2 michelle2 busted onlyme1 first1 hello10 sixsix6 vulcan chief1 a humble qH6xl1p9xJ. hair collector publicized Aeras Toxin Hussain developer Bobby obliterate Masdali ABC2 Vulcan Also Dromaius chop Dendritic Laïka Biomass itself. HOW TO BEAT THE ODDS IN SPORTS BETTING

Since early February, a team of L. County nurses of Public Health who studies Ebola in Africa. It was shoe-leather mine whether and to what degree the coronavirus will transform L. Emergency responders descended on the airport, wearing goggles, gloves, N95 masks, and surgical gowns. They put a On February 26 federal authorities announced mask on the coronavirus patient and transported him to Cedars-Sinai.

Although he fell gravely ill at the hospital, the man ultimately recovered. By then, two months into the global health crisis, health ofduring a two-week incubation period. Imagine what happens when there are main focus of the government was to prevent the virus from breachten or 20 cases.

David Eisenman went to dinner in Chinatown recently he witnessed a striking altercation between a panicked customer and a masked restaurant employee. Should I be wearing a mask? The industrial N95 masks work better, but they are impractical, expensive, effective mostly for preventing sick people from infecting others, and must be thrown away after one use.

There is also a shortage of them in California hospitals, which is why the state announced in early March that it was going to start distributing them from a stockpile of emergency reserves. Others included bloodletting, whiskey, quinine, chicken soup, laxatives, and Vicks VapoRub. C O M ward off coronavirus have been just as fanciful. Tens of thousands of WhatsApp users have recently been receiving messages about fake cures for the outbreak that include garlic, saltwater, and a type of tea, The Washington Post reported.

Others have tried to elude contagion by staying away from Asian neighborhoods and businesses. The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles later debunked the claim, but Korean restaurants across the city suffered a major drop in business. Experts are also worried that rumors of an outbreak could target vulnerable populations in L.

Spreading fear among immigrant groups carries real health risks should someone feel too afraid to report symptoms of the virus and possibly end up infecting more people. The worst-case scenario in L. In the most severe cases, when the coronavirus causes swelling in the lungs, patients can require a breathing machine or respirator to keep them alive. Flu season in L. But according to Dr. During his tenure, Fielding managed the Chinese food market. People from virtually every county agency are involved.

Commands would give the goals of operational objectives for 24 hours or eight hours. But he believes the coronavirus will be more difficult to contain. The most effective ways to avoid infection—hand washing, personal hygiene, not touching contaminated surfaces, social distancing if feeling sick—are largely unavailable to tens of thousands living unsheltered. The county is working with shelter operators to create social distancing in the event a resident is diagnosed with coronavirus, Ferrer says.

One option, if the person is mildly symptomatic, is to isolate them in a hotel. Technical assistance at shelters and interim housing facilities will help minimize contact between sick and uninfected people. Officials are relying on street teams of social workers and medical practitioners and other community groups to help inform the unsheltered homeless population about how to spot an infection and seek proper care.

This was the relentless outreach effort of a Jewish mother or ace producer, formerly King of Hollywood, who had never been told no. Evans was a hero of mine, the greatest studio head of the poststudio era, and if this was how the master worked, who was I not to answer the call? Are you OK? When can you be here? What about this weekend? I got nervous, probably his intended effect. Evans, in his you wanted. He never made enemies. In the day. In other words, I was waiting for Evans to get made up.

This was one in every country in the world. This This morning he was very still, uncharacteristically solemn. His breakfast tray had and waited for him to say something. There was a show his cards by starting a conversation. Over the years I had heard all ing my book about Chinatown—but had long manner of movie ideas—the interracial Love Stosince given up on trying to fathom it. Evans was ry 2 starring Cardi B. He loved people their own little laminated portfolio, which Evans had delivered as much as he loved the triumph.

He would invite you over to his side of the chess of an unmade movie. Then he would do just that. It hung in the air, in my mind. Something had stopped him. He nodded. It had begun, days earlier, with rumors. They had been conveyed to Evans from his office on the lot, the rumors that Paramount, the studio he quite literally and famously rescued almost exactly 50 years ago, would not be renewing his deal.

Nothing came. There was only waiting and silence at Woodland and the growing conviction that no news was bad news, that there would be no renewal. Despite the portfolios strewn about the duvet, he had nothing in development. The studio, it seemed, had been more than generous keeping him under contract as a courtesy. And now, for no apparent reason and without explanation, the courtesy had ended— without courtesy. By the time I had been called in he had already taken counsel from his innermost circle of Tom Hagens—Peter Bart, Hawk Koch, and other friends and colleagues who went back with him to the good days—but was as yet still unable to envision a next move.

Producing was deliberate, not emotional. It was surveying the landscape, deciding where and when to move, weighing the consequences, and waiting. And he was too old to wait. You know how to do this. You need a Bob Evans. The printed word. He was leaning on old lines. I knew; I had already written them into my book.

His Regency mansion, his painted tan, the white roses, the Damon Runyonisms he sprinkled with Yiddish, he meant them. You must understand that. The act was an act, but it was real. Paris, Paramount, is better. In those days Evans repeated it, literally, word for word. But Sumner was hardly Sumner anymore. The reins had been handed over to Shari. Evans knew that. Sumner told me. Pneumonia ended his life, but Paramount broke his heart. I was there. I saw it.

Emerging from the living room, she took one look at the pool, set among the gardenias and daisies and red and yellow rosebushes of Woodland, and dived in. She dived like she owned the place, like she had known Evans for years, and they had already courted and married and had a son, Joshua, instead of having just met ten minutes before, when he picked her up down the street at L A M AG. C O M the dial tone. All his imagining—his multilayered consideration of scripts and how to get them into movies—began here on the phone, with slightly more than nothing, just seven digits and a hunch.

What about Faye Dunaway for Chinatown? What about Jane Fonda? Would she come for dinner this week? He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to hear her ideas. These invitations were stepping-stones that Evans would place across dry riverbeds. Then he would step back, survey his progress, and ask, Will those get us to a movie? What else do we need? Has yours? Are we still having fun? This is what Robert Evans, head of Paramount, did for a living: It was why he lived. Jack Nicholson was no longer a regular presence at Woodland, neither was Warren Beatty.

The book I was writing, about the making of Chinatown, he regarded almost as his own, not in any possessive or underhanded way, but in the manner of a collaborator. Whenever I came, the bedroom music was the theme from Chinatown, the theme from The Godfather, the theme to Love Story, all on repeat. But we always returned to the past. Vamsi K. Narraa, Habib Ullahb, Varun K. Karazhanov, Asif A.

Upadhyaya, Sundaram S, et al Both of the observed and TD-DFT simulated UV-vis spectra has strong correllation which validate and confirm the synthesiszed dyads and theoretical method for this type of compounds. The redox potentials of all four dyads are not altered in comparison with their individual constituents. Density functional theory and phytochemical study of 8-hydroxyisodiospyrin.

Journal of Molecular Structure, , Abstract: Density functional theory and phytochemical study of 8-hydroxyisodiospyrin Comprehensive theoretical and experimental studies of a natural product, 8-hydroxyisodiospyrin HDO have been carried out. Based on the correlation of experimental and theoretical data, an appropriate computational model was developed for obtaining the electronic, spectroscopic, and thermodynamic parameters of HDO.

First of all, the exact structure of HDO is confirmed from the nice correlation of theory and experiment, prior to determination of its electroactive nature. Hybrid density functional theory DFT is employed for all theoretical simulations.

Furthermore, the inter-molecular interaction is also supported by geometrical parameters, electronic properties, thermodynamic parameters and charge analysis. All these characterizations have corroborated each other and confirmed the electroactive nature non-covalent interaction ability of HDO for the studied gases.

Molecular and electronic structure elucidation of polypyrrole gas sensors. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 28 , Interaction energies and charge transfer are simulated which reveal the sensing ability of PPy toward these gases.

Furthermore, these results are supported by frontier molecular orbital energies and band gap calculations. Phytochemical, spectroscopic and density functional theory study of Diospyrin, and non-bonding interactions of Diospyrin with atmospheric gases. Spectrochim Acta a Mol Biomol Spectrosc, , Abstract: Phytochemical, spectroscopic and density functional theory study of Diospyrin, and non-bonding interactions of Diospyrin with atmospheric gases.

A suitable level of theory was developed, based on correlating the experimental and theoretical data. The exact structure of DO is confirmed from the nice validation of the theory and experiment. Inter-molecular non-bonding interaction of DO with atmospheric gases is investigated through geometrical parameters, electronic properties, charge analysis, and thermodynamic parameters.

Electronic properties include, ionization potential I. All these characterizations have corroborated each other and confirmed the presence of non-covalent nature in DO with the mentioned gases. The durable one-step film fabrication process resulted in highly crystalline columnar structure. Texture controlled films were also fabricated from granular to crystalline columnar morphology by controlling the deposition temperature.

The current-voltage characterization of the electrodes reveals that the photocurrent density strongly depended on the film morphology and deposition temperature. Scanning electron microscopy SEM analysis showed a change in the surface morphology with the change in deposition temperature. Temperature-controlled deposition of copper I oxide and metallic copper nanostructures from single-source molecular precursor.

Australian Journal of Chemistry, 67 5 , The tetrameric precursor 1 was synthesized and its structure was determined by single-crystal X-ray crystallography. The deposited thin films were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, field emission scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction, and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy.

The results indicate that the phase and morphology of the deposited material are strongly dependent on deposition temperature. UV-vis studies reveal that copper i oxide films with a band gap of 2. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 11 , The ZnFe 2O4 electrodes deposited from methanol as well as predominately methanolic solvents had a relatively compact morphology. In contrast, the electrodes deposited from ethanol as well as predominately ethanolic solvents showed highly textured rod-like structure at nanoscale.

The change in electrode texture is explained in terms of changes occurred in precursor decomposition pathways from heterogeneous and homogeneous when the composition of deposition solution is systematically varied. The textured electrodes exhibited a significantly higher photocurrent compared to their compact counterparts. The photocurrent density at 0. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

All rights reserved. Thin Solid Films, , Cluster 1 was synthesized by the reaction of sodium diethyldithiocarbamate with silver nitrate in a mixture of acetone and pyridine. Thermogravimetric analysis revealed that 1 undergoes facile thermal decomposition at C to give a stable residual mass consistent with the formation of Ag2S.

Thin films grown from a 0. A band gap of 1. All Rights Reserved. Angewandte Chemie, 30 , A water-stable porphyrin-based metal-organic framework active for visible-light photocatalysis. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 51 30 , Author URL. Cobalt titanate-cobalt oxide composite thin films deposited from heterobimetallic precursor. Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 26 9 , The precursor complex was prepared by interaction of Co OAc 2. Chemical Vapor Deposition, 18 , X-ray diffraction XRD pattern shows that the deposited electrodes have anatase phase TiO 2 oriented in the direction, and the crystallinity of these electrodes increases after microwave treatment.

Field emission gun scanning electron microscopy FEG-SEM surface topography analysis proves the preservation of the nanostructure after exposure to various percentages of microwave radiation. This improved performance of PEC properties is attributed to improvements in the crystallinity and the particle-necking properties.

The results presented demonstrate that microwave processing is a promising alternative method to conventional sintering for TiO 2 photoanodes. KGaA, Weinheim. Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 22 4 , Abstract: Fluoro Substituted Monomeric and Uni-Dimensional Polymeric Organotin IV Esters of E oxo 3-trifluoromethyl phenyl amino butenoic acid; Synthesis, Characterization and Their in vitro Inhibitory Studies Inhibition effects of novel organotin IV esters of E oxo 3-trifluoromethyl phenyl amino butenoic acid have been studied against bacterial, fungal, tumoral and insecticidal strains.

The complexes have shown potency against all these strains and is attributed to the multiple interactive sites of the ligand that not only change the environment around tin but also can make interactions with DNA.

The synthesized complexes were characterized by physical, spectral, analytical and multinuclear nmr 1H, 13C, Sn data. The X-ray structure analysis of the complex is reported. Hexanuclear copper-nickel and copper-cobalt complexes for thin film deposition of ceramic oxide composites. New Journal of Chemistry, 36 4 , The complexes are isomorphous and crystallize in the triclinic centrosymmetric space group P1. The size, shape, surface morphology, microstructure, chemical composition and crystallinity of the resulting mixed-metal oxide composite thin films were analysed by scanning electron microscopy SEM and X-ray diffraction XRD.

The analysis proved that the thin films are crystalline, uniform, smooth and tightly adherent to the substrates. Hexanuclear copper-nickel and copper-cobalt complexes for thin film deposition of ceramic oxide composites vol 36, pg , Isostructural copper-zinc mixed metal complexes for single source deposition of Cu-ZnO composite thin films vol 40, pg , Chem Commun Camb , 48 14 , Treatment of the electrode with a Co II solution suppressed surface recombination but did not catalyse hole transfer.

Intermediates in the reaction were detected spectroscopically. Kinetics of light-driven oxygen evolution at alpha-Fe2O3 electrodes. Faraday Discuss, , Abstract: Kinetics of light-driven oxygen evolution at alpha-Fe2O3 electrodes. The kinetics of light-driven oxygen evolution at polycrystalline alpha-Fe2O3 layers prepared by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition has been studied using intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy IMPS. Analysis of the frequency-dependent IMPS response gives information about the competition between the 4-electron oxidation of water by photogenerated holes and losses due to electron-hole recombination via surface states.

The very slow kinetics of oxygen evolution indicates the presence of a kinetic bottleneck in the overall process. Surface treatment of the alpha-Fe2O3 with dilute cobalt nitrate solution leads to a remarkable improvement in the photocurrent response, but contrary to expectation, the results of this study show that this is not due to catalysis of hole transfer but is instead the consequence of almost complete suppression of surface recombination. Nanostructured ZnO thin films for optical, electrical, and photoelectrochemical applications from a new Zn complex.

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 51 50 , The high solubility of complex 1 in organic solvents such as alcohol, THF, and toluene and low decomposition temperature as compared to Zn OAc 2 make it a promising single source candidate for the deposition of nanostructured ZnO thin films by aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition. Films with various nanostructures, morphology, and crystallographic orientation have been deposited by controlling the deposition temperature.

The deposited films have been characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The optical characterization of ZnO films deposited on the FTO substrate show a direct band gap of 3. The I-V measurements designated the deposited films as ohmic semiconductors. J Am Chem Soc, 2 , The electrodes were used to study the oxygen evolution reaction OER in the dark and under illumination using in situ potential-modulated absorption spectroscopy PMAS and light-modulated absorption spectroscopy LMAS combined with impedance spectroscopy.

Formation of surface-bound higher-valent iron species or "surface trapped holes" was deduced from the PMAS spectra measured in the OER onset region.

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