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This is how you can talk to Mom and Dad about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that more closely resembles securities such as stocks and bonds than it does an actual legal currency. What Is Crypto? A cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that relies on cryptography for security. Help your child understand that crypto can be. PLACEPOT BET VICTOR PREDICTIONS

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Tweet on Twitter Most of us have had to explain to a retiring parent, elderly aunt or grandparent the inner workings of new tech.

Ledger chrome ethereum Things our lawyers want you to know Things our lawyers want you to know This article offers general information only and is not intended as legal, financial or other professional advice. So, cryptocurrency is a coded kind of digital currency which exists digitally on a blockchain. If the money is sent back to your mother, this would be a new line item requiring the same authorization and legitimizing steps as before. By looking into various types of information, you are helping your child separate reliable information from potential cons and become a smarter consumer. Users can transfer in U.
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Are any cryptos worth mining at home Watching one of these videos together can be a great way to start a discussion about cryptocurrency with your kids. The only thing that is shocking to many people about cryptocurrency is that it is not tangible. How Cryptocurrency Works Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset that relies on cryptography. And now, crypto presents a potential third asset class to mix in. Fang has witnessed what a discerning shopper her son has explain cryptocurrency to parents. Bitcoin—the first major cryptocurrency—was born during a time when people had a severe distrust of the traditional financial system.

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You can remain completely anonymous if you like. There are some 2. Cryptocurrencies can be used by anyone with internet access. With a traditional bank or a financial institution such as PayPal, they hold the reins. If they decide to freeze your account, they can do so. But with a digital wallet of cryptocurrency, you are in charge. You can use it to buy stuff. As tempted as you may be to brush off the questions, see it as an opportunity to serve as an evangelist and educate others about the excitement of crypto and even blockchain.

After all, a rising tide of interest will raise all crypto boats. Jason King — Humanitarian Hacker. Executive Director, Unsung. Don't Miss a Beat — Subscribe to get crypto email alerts delivered directly to your inbox. This means there is no centralized body looking after it. You tell her to imagine sending money to her brother. This line item is seen and stored by thousands of other computers that confirm the transaction is authorised and legitimate. Skella says it works a bit like having a few hundred friends watching the pair exchange the money.

The record book cannot be reversed, so the records are permanent and seen by everyone who has a copy stored on their computer. If the money is sent back to your mother, this would be a new line item requiring the same authorization and legitimizing steps as before. And these non-physical coins have a certain value determined by their users. Cryptocurrency has value because people agree it does. If that sounds a bit confusing, King suggests thinking about rare comic books.

The more people want a cryptocurrency, the higher its value. Here are some other reasons why people value it: Cryptocurrencies are safe from forgery and counterfeit and cannot be reversed without reason and agreement. Cryptocurrencies allow for fast settlement. Users can remain anonymous, sending only the information they want to the merchant or recipient. Users maintain control, unlike bank accounts that can freeze your account.

Tech expert Lance Ulanoff says a trickier discussion is explaining where these non-physical coins come from, and where they can be sought. Ulanoff advises using the mountain analogy at this point. Except miners use computers instead of actual mining equipment.

In exchange for the power of their computers, these Bitcoin miners hope to mine a coin that can be broken, like a piece of gold, into smaller nuggets and exchanged for the currency they want. But similar to the Gold Rush of , the more miners there are, the harder it becomes to mine Bitcoins. The more widely crypto is accepted, the higher its utility and the higher its price.

This is purposeful and there are only a limited number of coins that will ever be produced. Bitcoin, for instance, has 21 million coins that can be mined with bitcoin software, or bought with other currencies on crypto exchanges. While most older people are used to the idea of centralised financial institutions and trusted third parties, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges do not rely on these. The exchange is operated and maintained by software.

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Explaining Cryptocurrency to Your Parents What Should You Do?

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