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It is an add-on (like the Chrome extensions) called Block Site. It allows you to block a website whenever you needed. Step 2: Here, click on the Add to Firefox. AdBlock for Firefox is an ad blocking add-on (or browser extension), which means it blocks Firefox ads and prevents advertisers from tracking you across the. MinerBlock is an efficient browser extension that focuses on blocking browser-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web. CRYPTO EASIER TO CYPER NUMBER OR MODULO N

This way, no website can use your computer resources to mine digital currencies. There are some companies that offer crypto-currency mining tools for embedding in websites. When you are visiting a website with crypto-currency mining tool, it uses the resources in your system PC, MAC or Linux to mine cryptocoin and earn some digital currencies. The more time you spend on these websites, the more digital currencies will be generated.

There are several ways to prevent websites from mining coins using your browser. The first and the easiest one is using - Block Coin Miners - addon which does the job seamlessly for you. Note: in order to report bugs, please fill the bug report form in the addon homepage. What are fingerprinting and cryptomining scripts? These scripts slow down your computer, drain your battery and rack up your electric bill.

How will Firefox block these harmful scripts? To combat these threats, we are pleased to announce new protections against fingerprinters and cryptominers. In collaboration with Disconnect , we have compiled lists of domains that serve fingerprinting and cryptomining scripts. Now in the latest Firefox Nightly and Beta versions, we give users the option to block both kinds of scripts as part of our Content Blocking suite of protections.

In Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67, these new protections against fingerprinting and cryptomining are currently disabled by default.

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Arthur Edelstein April 9, At Mozilla, we have been working hard to protect you from threats and annoyances on the web, so you can live your online life with less to worry about.

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firefox addon block crypto mining

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