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Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator developed by John Bollinger. The indicator forms a channel around the price movements of an asset. Bollinger Bands best Settings John Bollinger the developer of the Bollinger Bands indicator recommends using settings of 9 – 12 based on a 2. Bollinger Bands Analysis in Forex The Bollinger Band is best described as an on-chart volatility indicator. It consists of upper and lower bands which react. CRYPTOCURRENCY P2P MINING WHAT DETERMINES REWARD

The theory works the same as trading any asset. If a trader expects the price of a currency to go up, they will buy the currency. If they expect the price of the currency to go down, they will sell the currency. Key Takeaways Bollinger Bands are a type of technical analysis used to lay out trend lines two standard deviations away from the simple moving average price of a financial instrument.

Bollinger Bands are useful for demonstrating changes in volatility of a financial instrument. Forex traders might use the bands to set sell orders at the upper band limit and buy orders at the lower band limit. To address certain risks with Bollinger Bands, traders should determine entry and exit points near the lines and take action accordingly. Another technique is to set a second set of Bollinger Bonds only one standard deviation from the moving average, creating channels that can be used for determining trades.

Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands are a form of technical analysis that traders use to plot trend lines that are two standard deviations away from the simple moving average price of a security. The goal is to help a trader know when to enter or exit a position by identifying when an asset has been overbought or oversold. Bollinger Bands were designed by John Bollinger. Bollinger Bands help by signaling changes in volatility. For generally steady ranges of a security, such as many currency pairs, Bollinger Bands act as relatively clear signals for buying and selling.

This can result in stop-outs and frustrating losses, though, so traders consider other factors when placing trades in relation to the Bollinger Bands. Setting Limits First, a trader must understand how Bollinger Bands are set up. There is an upper and lower band, each set at a distance of two standard deviations from the security's period simple moving average. Therefore, the Bands show the volatility of the price in relation to the average, and traders can expect movements in price anywhere between the two bands.

Forex traders can use the bands to place sell orders at the upper band limit and buy orders at the lower band limit. This strategy works well with currencies that follow a range pattern, but it can be costly to a trader if a breakout occurs. On the other hand, when price breaks above the upper band, the market is perhaps overbought and due for a pullback. Mean reversion assumes that, if the price deviates substantially from the mean or average, it eventually reverts back to the mean price.

In range-bound markets, mean reversion strategies can work well, as prices travel between the two bands like a bouncing ball. During a strong trend, for example, the trader runs the risk of placing trades on the wrong side of the move because the indicator can flash overbought or oversold signals too soon. To help remedy this, a trader can look at the overall direction of price and then only take trade signals that align the trader with the trend.

For example, if the trend is down, only take short positions when the upper band is tagged. The lower band can still be used as an exit if desired, but a new long position is not opened since that would mean going against the trend. Price often can and does "walk the band. Therefore, the bands naturally widen and narrow in sync with price action , creating a very accurate trending envelope. Returning to the chart above, we can see how trend traders would position long once price entered the "buy zone.

The reason for the second condition is to prevent the trend trader from being "wiggled out" of a trend by a quick move to the downside that snaps back to the "buy zone" at the end of the trading period. Note how, in the following chart, the trader is able to stay with the move for most of the uptrend , exiting only when price starts to consolidate at the top of the new range. Note, however, that counter-trend trading requires far larger margins of error, as trends will often make several attempts at continuation before reversing.

As for the stop-loss points, putting the stop just above the swing high will practically assure the trader is stopped out, as the price will often make many forays at the recent top as buyers try to extend the trend. By using the volatility of the market to help set a stop-loss level, the trader avoids getting stopped out and is able to remain in the short trade once the price starts declining. A squeeze occurs when the price has been moving aggressively then starts moving sideways in a tight consolidation.

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BBTrend can signal both strength and direction. It is an alternative to the average directional index. One pattern traders look for with BW is called the Bollinger Squeeze. It is identified as a narrow width caused by low volatility. The Squeeze can also be easily seen on a chart and, as its name indicates, looks like the upper and lower bands are squeezing the middle band. Traders use this indicator as a signal that volatility is about to increase.

If price is currently heading down and indicators are heading up, the sign is bullish. The upper band is identified as 1. This is helpful for traders to identify when a price jumps a band, which can determine divergences and trend changes. It is one of only a few indicators that can signal both strength and direction, making it a very valuable tool for traders. The degree above or below zero determines the strength or momentum behind the trend.

Article Sources Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. Traders use these indicators to discover inversion patterns, trends, and price breakouts. In this article, we investigate three of those indicators. Then traders can more clearly see when the breakout price for a particular stock is likely to occur. The breakout price is the point at which the two bands in the Bollinger Band indicator cross each other.

This helps them more precisely characterize their best Forex trading range, as well as any possible instability in the market. Originally called the Bollinger Bands Trend Price Action Forex Trading Indicator when it came out in , it is one of just a couple of Bollinger Bands indicators that can flag both direction and strength. This makes it a truly beneficial technical tool for price action Forex traders, as they can use this indicator to analyze the codes that appear in the graph.

For example, if a trader notices that the lower of Bollinger Bands rises above zero, they understand that to be a signal of a bullish market. On the other hand, if that band stays below zero, that is a sign of a bearish market trend. The amount at which the band is below or above the zero can tell a trader much about the quality or energy of the trends. Therefore, this indicator has become a valuable asset for Forex trading technical analysts.

Also, it offers an option to the directional development list, or ADX, an indicator that gives comparative readings.

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