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The ultimate aim of the indicator is to give you an edge in the financial trading industry. This can be done by opening a BUY/SELL position in. Boring, slow and conservative, but it gets the job done with little fuss. Go back and look at the trend up in the euro. All the way up to , nice trend line. If you know your system's probability of winning p and its win/loss ratio r, For example, if you open a long position you might consider placing the. BTC FINANCIAL CORPORATION SUBSIDIARIES

Now, what trips up most traders is figuring out where to place the profit target. Should it be a set distance? What about those key levels? To the first question, the answer is always no, at least for the way I trade. I would never just place my target 50, or pips away from my entry. Which brings me to the second question — what about those key levels?

Last but not least, the target for a trade should never be based solely on the amount of pips between your entry and stop loss. For instance, I often hear traders saying that their risk for a trade is 50 pips, so in order to achieve a reward-to-risk ratio, they placed their target pips from their entry. Their only reason for placing it there was to achieve a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. When trading with price action, profit targets should always be placed at or around key support and resistance levels.

Anything less is arbitrary and therefore means nothing to other market participants. Trail your stop loss order in lieu of a profit target A third way to take profit involves trailing your stop loss. Some traders will use the stop loss order in place of a profit target.

For instance, if the EURUSD were in a steep downtrend, you may want to avoid setting a hard target and instead trail your stop loss to lock in as much profit as possible. Notice how you would have given up quite a bit of profit had you solely used your stop loss in the ranging market above.

So just remember, this option is best employed during strong trends. If you do choose this method, I would advise you to determine a soft target so you can still calculate the risk-to-reward ratio. In other words, pick a level you believe is likely to be hit if your analysis is correct. Of course, you can use option two and three together and get the best of both worlds.

My Preferred Method I like to keep things simple. This goes for the trading strategies I employ, as well as the methods I use to limit losses and maximize profits. When it comes to booking profits, I like to use a one-two punch. This reduces and eventually eliminates the risk while locking in profit along the way. I also always define a realistic profit target before committing to any position.

By deciding beforehand, I eliminate some of the emotions I might otherwise experience. Also, as mentioned above, defining a target up front allows me to determine whether the setup meets my criteria of a reward-to-risk ratio.

Final Words Regardless of how you decide you take profit on your open positions, determining your target in advance is always a smart decision. At the end of the day, there are really only three options for booking profit. You can either close the position manually, let the market hit your take profit order or trail your stop loss. My preferred method for booking profits is to use key levels to determine an exit price.

In addition, I always trail my stop loss to some degree, in order to take some risk off the table and eventually begin locking in profit as the trade moves in my favor. To do that, I need your help. However, the highest timeframe available there is H1 hourly with a maximum of 20 data points in the chart. The list of symbols includes 11 currency pairs and 1 commodity pair gold. Overall, the market sentiment information offered by Oanda isn't very exciting.

Combined with the requirement of opening a live account with them which is a real pain , this makes it a suboptimal choice of a Forex sentiment analysis source unless you are already trading with this broker. However, they can be changed to almost any other currency pairs. The numbers are presented in a very accessible manner. Additionally, it is possible to view the details for an individual currency pair.

All values are broken down into longs, shorts and total. There are about 40 hours of data available for M5, 30 days for H1, and 10 months for D1. A breakdown of community members and the sizes of their positions is visible below the details chart. This breakdown can also be switched to entry prices mode, showing the average entry rates of those positions.

While many members protect their positions with privacy settings, some share their trades fully. ForexFactory is not a broker but a community website for traders. Nevertheless, they are able to offer their own sentiment meter. Its biggest problem is that it is based on the accounts of the traders who voluntarily signed up with ForexFactory and connected their live account to the website. This results in a limited and somewhat biased sample. It is based on the data from IG 's live account holders.

The data is updated in real-time. The data is given for all major Forex pairs, gold, silver, and some stock market indices. You have also an option to go to the Full IG Client Sentiment Report to check some detailed reports for many of the above-mentioned trading instruments. This report includes a 6-month sentiment chart for the currency pair. They are available in a free-for-all mode, which does not require any registration.

The charts are quite counter-intuitive. I had to press their help button and read the pop-up windows with tutorial information to understand where long positions are and where the short ones are. It is a single diagram for all currency pairs. Clicking on a currency pair name will bring up three other charts: Normalized Net Orders — relative proportion of buy and sell orders at a given point in time. Instrument Open Orders — shows a number of buy and sell orders at given price points.

Price Chart — a good old currency pair price chart.

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If 40 is set, Buy signal will be triggered with the ratio of positions that equals 40 or less, and Sell signal will be triggered with the ratio of positions that equals 60 or higher. Alert on receipt of new data.

You can set a sound alert that will be triggered at any change made in the column with signals. You can select a sound file. Data comes from different sources, such as brokerage companies and some other services. Unlike the Current Ratio indicator, the data are presented as a chart that significantly boosts the efficiency of the analysis.

Note that this indicator is rather resource-intensive, so you should use no more than its copies. Quick access to data. You can enable and disable brokers directly from the indicator window: This function is convenient to use when you need to consider a particular broker in more details.

Signal range. Highlights the range between Buy signal and Sell signal. Minimizing the panel. Description of settings Brokers: Active — data on broker will be displayed on the chart when the indicator is loaded or the terminal starts Not active — data on broker are not displayed, but they can be enabled by clicking the button on the panel. Off — completely disables a broker; there is not even a button to do it.

Terminal time offset from UTC. Bar calculation: By the period beginning — display the data existed as of the beginning of the period, namely, at the point of Open of a particular candlestick. By the period end — display the data existed as of the end of the period, namely, at the point of Close of a particular candlestick.

Panel — position. Selects the panel location: on the left or right side. Switches between dark and light color schemes. Hotkey — minimize panel. Lines width. Determines the boundaries for constructing the signal range. If you specify 0, the signal range will be disabled. You can set a sound alert which is triggered during obtaining up-to-date data. Download and Installation You can download the indicators by clicking the links provided above. The first tool would be the Forex Open Position Ratios summary, which shows the long to short ratios of traders at the Forex brokerage firm Oanda.

Now while it only measures the retail traders at that firm, it gives you an idea as to how retail traders are positioning their money. Keep in mind that retail traders almost always get it wrong or show up too late. As a general rule, going in the opposite direction will work out in the long term. It comes out on Friday and gives you an idea as to how money is being positioned in the currency markets.

Granted, this is in the futures markets involving currencies, but it gives you an idea as to how various players in the market are positioning. For example, I am looking at the Canadian dollar futures position for the week of March 13, , and it shows how many noncommercial, and commercial traders are both long and short. It shows the change of interest in the contract, and the number of total traders.

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