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Investtech sent me faulty upgrades that disabled army trading software for both manual and robot trades. Investtech was unable to resolve the technical issues created by these upgrades. The first one installed well and influenced nothing; that is, my charts and settings remained intact and Fapturbo continued to trade automatically. The second upgrade wiped out my charts and settings, although Fapturbo still worked after I re-installed all charts and settings.

The third upgrade disabled MT4. Investtech would peace close trades over the telephone when asked, despite having done so many times historically. Investtech failed to close my account in a timely manner. On September 8th,San Diego, California, as well as most of Arizona, parts of New Mexico monetizer upper west Baja California, Mexico experienced a massive power outage that lasted about ten hours.

This caused my computer and Fapturbo to stop. When I got home from work, I called Investtech to check my positions, fearing Fapturbo had opened positions, then became disabled and unable to close positions when needed. I called at 8: Toronto timeand spoke to Kevin Chan, who checked peace account, and said there was no new open positions created by Fapturbo. I told him MT4 no longer worked and to close all my positions to protect that amount. But since I was in no danger of losing, I did nothing, except discontinue all present and future trading.

Investtech shut down their website before addressing monetizer issues. They sent me a temporary password fx It appeared to be dead. I reasoned that it was too corrupted, as software can become from time monetizer time, in this case engendered by sequential peace from Investtechfx. None of the buttons I normally use to download MT4 worked. I was locked out. On September monetizer,I sent another email requesting Investtech close my account, not reset it.

Unfortunately we are unable to close the positions for customers under any circumstances. They have closed many individual positions, especially when MT4 misbehaved. I had also called Investtech and talked to the receptionist the day before. I army having unrelated computer difficulties and had only email for a short time.

The receptionist stated Investtech would close all the positions in my account, but would not send me money via PayPal that being the cheapest way to avoid wire transfer fees because the balance was too large. So, in my email, I provided information to transfer the entire forex to my credit union. Investtech took back trading incentives which were given to encourage deposits and trades.

There was never any mention in all my contacts with Investtech that these trading bonuses would be revoked, once peace, and used to benefit both of us. In this same email, Investtech again requested my wire transfer information, which I provided. I commented they had no integrity, referring to recouping the trading bonus given earlier. I paid taxes on that amount to our IRS, and I expected similar gains for Investtech did not respond, and I had, up until this point, been unable to access any records of transactions.

Meanwhile, funds were transferred to my credit union, via wire. Later that day, I sent another email re-iterating their mistake and asking them to check the bank routing numbers, and to send me records for tax, and now accounting purposes. Also on September 23rd,I sent a general inquiry email to osc. I also asked Investtech who was their regulatory agency. She also stated a case will be opened Case ; further, that the matter was also copied to the Enforcement Branch of OSC.

There is no history of malfunction and there was no voice or other messages on either of them from Investtech. We are her sic to assit sic you regarding your concerns and issues with your account. The first and second weeks of October were uneventful, except that Jacob at Investtech did return many telephone calls, allegedly trying to cooperate with resolving my issue.

It corrupted my email program Outlook. I am able to open all other PDF files but this one gave me an error message that the data were corrupted. I installed the demo software successfully, but my username UN and password PW did not work. Jacob also requested I remove my complaint about Investtech on ForexBrokers.

On October 15,I sent an email requesting that my complaint on ForexBrokers. I also noted that there were several other complaints on this website, most about Investtech army refunding their money. Jacob also re-sent the data in another PDF file, which did open. However, when converted to xml file format, Excel displayed it in parts, which I will analyze when I more fully learn how to use Excel. Peace attached for results of data analysis done by hand.

He asked that I send him this narrative and the data Investtech sent me. I am sending him the email with the corrupted PDF file, and will upon his request, send him any and all email from Investtech. Jacob at Investech sent me a successful link to the MT4 peace, Demo version about one week later. I accessed this Demo, but there were no data in the Demo software. I did not see anything about entering my UN and PW into the Live Account side, but sooner or later I tried this, just because nothing else worked.

This did open my data, which I intended to use to create reports and investigate this issue. Data in MT4 cannot be tabulated or manipulated to analyze. The data appear to be incomplete. In this version of the data, using the MT4 software, there was no option to do either sort, print, etc. Moreover, the data appeared to be incomplete; that is, lacked a listing of all fxcm trades from the beginning of my trading with Investtech in May Further, my intent was to begin with a snapshot on September 8,and then to look at fxcm closed trade from that date forward.

It should have been an easy matter to follow any trades from September 8th when I stopped trading, and any dates thereafter, specifically from September 15th second request to close my accountor even peace September 21rst, that being the date Investtech acknowledged closing my positions.

The software did not allow any manipulation of the data, army I could not complete my analysis using their software. As stated, Jacob re-sent the data via another PDF file October 16th, but due to family illness, I was not able to look at it until October 29th. This was in the form of a printout I created for taxes.

I did this by hand. I think the number of trades is about equal. Investtech added, and then closed over fifteen additional trades forex I did not make, thus attempting to make the data support their withholding at case closing. Recall that I stopped trading with the MT4 software after monetizer two manual trades on September 8th, I asked Monetizer to forex all open trades as of that date.

Investtech closed all open trades in my account on September 21rst and should have had to close only about eight between seven and ten--min and max range of trades open at the end of monetizer trading day, on average. Investtech closed at least fifteen and probably up to more like forex trades trades that did not exist on my end; trades that apparently were artificially created and then closed by Investtech. All twenty-six trades closed at a loss-- a total loss of.

Further analysis revealed some interesting findings. In other words, there could not have been any army during this time. Please take a look around and get an overview of how our features can match with your needs. We recommend you to start out by taking the tour to start your journey into the FX Choice trading world.

Over the last couple of years we have become a leading broker specialized in online Forex and CFD trading for private clients as well as institutional investors and fund managers. We offer a multi award-winning trading platform, which allows any auto trading systems to work with it. We from FX Choice have always emphasized that technology is the key element in the highly competitive online trading field.

Being an online broker with a large network of clients worldwide we have put security as a priority right next to technology. Enter FXChoice. Though after almost 2 years with them, everything has been great. A broker that pays withdrawal small and large outweigh better spread brokers any day.

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ForexPeaceArmy- Sive Morten Daily EUR/USD 10.21.22

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Fx monetizer forex peace army broker Does Global Prime profit from client losses? Do not trust any information to be found on the website www. Global Prime earns a percentage of the spread from these trading counterparties. The updated documents can be found here: link This means that we do not profit from client losses or trade against our clients. For any questions, please contact your account manager or the Support team.
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ForexPeaceArmy- Sive Morten Daily EUR/USD 10.21.22

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fx monetizer forex peace army broker

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