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This trading system also uses the divergence of the MACD indicator to search for macd Divergence Action 1-Hour Forex Trading Strategy buy signal example. This is a full strategy designed for forex major pairs, specially EUR/USD using 1h time frame chart. Its components are EMA MACD OBV PSAR RIsk management. › h4-forex-trading-strategy. BIG NAMES IN INVESTING

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Additional minutes should be spent, at or somewhere near to the end if possible. Total minutes each day is important, which becomes to minutes a week. So now, as we convert minutes into hours, the answer will be 4 hours. To estimate or see market action, the nature of price should be utilized by solely looking for charts of developing bigger peaks, bigger bottoms if upswing , and small bottoms and smaller peaks if downtrend.

The market contestant should buy during upward movement or execute during downtick for trading in such a situation. Is it really adequate to buy or execute, up or bottom respectively and expect things to keep going? Shareholders may count on market activity to find a perfect time for assessment. Once a clear pattern is recognized, the shareholder will prepare to access by looking for a price momentum, which generates another spot.

Shareholders should try procuring upward when the market is down or beneath support. At the time of a new swing fall, contestants might consider procuring upwards. Shareholders should revise the clusters of market activity, which can shape on or around certain fluctuation for a generous clue for access. Bullish signals can be observed on or beyond freshly noted new lows by participants.

I attend a 5 day live web seminar. All this did not help me at all as it did not fit my style of personality and I just did not seem to connect with all this different strategies. Over two years of watching the graphs with different indicators, moving averages etc. I started to get a feeling for the movement and motion of the market especially the EurUsd around certain moving averages. I like the 4 hour timeframe as one are not glued to the screen full time. If you look at FIG 1 below you will see that there were 14 signals over a period of 5 weeks.

Within that period of FIG 1 the signals given were pretty good. There are times when some signals does not produce positive results. I then had to work on a filter system to only let me take the best ones. I will show you later how the high probability trades look like. In FIG 1 the signals are shown and FIG 2 shows that an entry is made after the 4 hour bar has closed and at the opening of the next bar. In FIG 3 another 19 deals were shown of which the last one was not finished yet so out of a total of 18 trades 5 were wrong and 13 were right.

As it is a 4 hour strategy it means sometimes setting the alarm clock to catch an entry in the early morning hours. What makes it nice is that one will know after the close of a 4 hour bar whether the next 4 hour bar might close as a signal by just following the MACD.

Therefore one can set an alarm at that time. Have a look at FIG 1 to 3. Disclaimer: As trading in the Forex market is very risky, the reader if going beyond this point and applying the concepts and methods describing in this document do so on his or her own will and risk. The writer and or anyone involved in the compiling of this document will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by using the methods described in this document as no money management nor stoploss levels are discussed as it vary from trader to trader according to there own risk and capital profiles.

Let us start to set-up our charts. Moving Averages: First of all are the moving Averages that we are going to use. Fast EMA 5 2. Slow EMA 13 3. Level —0. Let me show you the very important ones first. By not following every signal but only the ones that gives high probability trades through certain MACD patterns serves as a filter.

The ones not familiar are not taken. This is the filter. B and C are trend continuing patterns and are entered in the direction of the trend. Red circles indicates entry signal and entry is made on the opening of the next bar. The head and shoulder is another definite. Double top and bottom does not need any introduction as it speaks in any timeframe. When the MACD comes down towards the Zero line and turn back up just above the Zero line it is normally a trend continuing and should be taken and are normally a strong move.

Round tops and bottoms are for sure. Just be careful when within the first zone 0. I like the rounding to be formed over at least 5 bars. This was a difficult month Jan up to now but already Pips up and a great move is coming as the price is within a range for almost 8 days. Lets see if that will happen. Up to now I have only concentrated to give the signal on the MACD window so that you will be able to recognize it. It is easy to see the formation after it has formed. It takes a bit of practice to recognize it while it is forming.

Lets look at a couple just to see how they look when the trade is entered. Let us look at the graph above.

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4 Hour Market Rhythm (MACD) Strategy By Phillip Nel

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