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In the forex world, a “robot” is a program that strictly uses technical signals people is the revenue generated from the sales of their forex “R2-D2s.”. eToro Copy Trading – Overall Best Automated Forex Trading Software with Low Fees and Tight Spreads; MT4 via – Mirror the Buy and. Automated forex trading software scans the market for favorable trades based on your input. Find out more about this valuable forex tool. SPREAD BETTING EXPLAINED SPORTS CLIPS

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Due to confidentiality concerns, it is often difficult to effectively spread the word regarding a potential business for sale; conversely expressing an interest in acquiring a certain product or service can also be a sensitive topic for some potential buyers. Because Atomiq Consulting is an independent, 3rd party, we can more effectively help to source potential business deals while keeping sensitive information from either side of the transaction held in private.

Due to our extensive network, we constantly learn of different products and services for sale in the forex industry. In addition, we are often approached by potential buyers looking to sell their businesses. Because of industry experience and established connections, we are in a unique place to connect both buyers and sellers together.

If needed, we are happy to provide references. For specific details, please contact us Introducing a New Service: Forex Website Domains for Sale If you are in the process of setting up a website for your forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange, news website or technology company, then you must check out our complete list of forex and crypto themed website domains for sale.

In addition to the various businesses we have for sale, we can also help your brokerage obtain a forex broker license in a variety of global jurisdictions. A Forex Trading Software is a combination of the trading terminal, Manager Terminal for brokers, matching engine, trade server, data server, security protocols, set of APIs for custom development, provision to add third-party tools and plugins.

Forex Trading Terminal Forex Trading Terminal is where traders can see currency pairs, charting tools, indicators, live price quotes, place different kinds of trades, see the live positions, profit and loss statement, exposure, order book, updates news feed, forex calendar, and place withdrawal requests, etc. Manager Terminal Manager Terminal is the forex trading software delicately developed for brokers to create a user account, assign trading instruments, set charges like spread, commission, brokerage, swap, etc, place orders on behalf of clients, check the exposure, credit, and debit balance to user accounts.

Matching Engine Matching Engine in Forex Trading Software is the matchmaker that ensures the orders placed by traders are matched and filled according to the rules set by brokers. In the case of A Book arrangement, trades are sent to Liquidity Providers or other third parties for matching. C Book or Hybrid brokers send some trades to LP while settling some trades themselves.

A matching engine is a robust component of forex trading software that lets the trading platforms engine running. They both have manager and server APIs. Felxibility to connect third party tools, bridges and APIs By developing such complex forex trading software, these companies have already moved mountains but forex brokers still need a few additional tools and plugins to operate seamlessly and offer complete trading solutions. These tools, plugins, and APIs need special permissions and protocols to connect and function properly with this forex trading software.

Every good forex software has provision to connect third-party tools, APIs, bridges, etc. Here are few examples for you to better understand this: Liquidity Bridge Managing Liquidity for forex brokerage business is in itself is daunting work. Live Price Feed To run a smooth brokerage operation, forex brokers need to connect with some third party for Live Price feeds that will keep sending and updating the live price of currency pairs.

This is very essential for forex traders to analyze and make trading decisions. Brokers need third-party tools to connect with their forex trading software to keep getting real-time live forex news and alerts. Every smart Forex Trader always keep a track of these events and a forex calendar is a handy tool for them. You may require a third-party tool to connect and provide Forex Calendar to your traders. And this is perfectly right for Forex Trading Market.

As it grew, several top forex brokers and information technology businesses started working on developing Forex Trading Software and tools to suit a larger client base which is the end-user; the forex traders! Their primary business is developing innovative forex trading software and tools that forex brokers would buy or get the license for a fee.

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