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Basics of NS2(TCL)


Right start is the key for right success. This is the reason; we focus on guiding the beginners as they are like mud which can be molded in any ways. We mold our students in a perfect way to make them to walk towards the right path of success. Also, We start our guidance from the basics of NS-2 and support until the student becomes an expert of NS Along with tutoring service on NS-2, we offer support for NS-2 based projects, assignments, lab cycles etc.

To investigate network performance, researchers can simply use an easy-to-use scripting language to configure a network and observe results generated by NS2. Undoubtedly, NS2 has become the most widely used open source network simulator, and one of the most widely used network simulators. Unfortunately, most research needs simulation modules which are beyond the scope of the built-in NS2 modules.

Incorporating these modules into NS2 requires a profound understanding of NS2 architecture. Architecture of NS2 As shown in fig 1. It is commonly used for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs and testing. Tcl is used on embedded systems platforms, both in its full form and in several other small-footprint versions. The procedure is as follows. To see the demo in GUI, run nam tcp. You can parse the. The design theory behind nam was to create an animator that is able to read large animation data sets and be extensible enough so that it could be used in different network visualization situations.

Under this constraint, nam was designed to read simple animation event commands from a large trace file. In order to handle large animation data sets a minimum amount of information is kept in memory. Event commands are kept in the file and reread from the file whenever necessary. The first step to use nam is to produce the trace file. The trace file contains topology information, e.

Usually, the trace file is generated by NS. During an ns simulation, user can produce topology configurations, layout information, and packet traces using tracing events in NS. However any application can generate a nam trace file. When the trace file is generated, it is ready to be animated by nam.

Upon startup, nam will read the trace file, create topology, pop up a window, do the layout if necessary, and then pause at time 0.

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Introduction to NS2 - NS2 Tutorial # 1

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