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In Europe, and less frequently in Australia and New Zealand, races with jockeys riding directly on saddled trotters (trot monté in French) are also conducted. Comparison of the best Harness Racing betting odds from Australian and UK bookmakers with market movers, betting fluctuations, fixed odds and much more. This book represents three decades of handicapping and betting harness races and is a summary of observations that are important to being a winning player. HORSE BETTING EACH WAY DEFINITION

These strategies include: Placing different kinds of bets Buying betting odds Betting on multiple races Looking for specialists, and many more. Harness racing uses a system called pari-mutuel betting, check this site to get an idea about the system. Pari-mutuel betting is different from the betting systems used in other sports. The difference is brought about by the lack of fixed odds in harness racing.

Therefore, winning in harness racing betting might be challenging despite having betting strategies. This article provides tips that you can use when choosing a profitable harness racing strategy. This mistake leads to some losing their money. One of the ways that you can learn more about harness races is through racing forms. Racing forms provide information that can help you place profitable bets. This information includes: A list of participating horses and their starting positions.

Knowing the position of horses is important as some positions are considered disadvantageous. Betting on horses in such positions, decreases your chances of winning. The trainers of the participating horses. Such information will help you differentiate between the horses likely to win the harness race from those not. Frequently Watching Harness Races Watching harness races frequently helps you learn and gain information that can help you choose a profitable harness racing betting strategy.

There are differences between the Australian and New Zealand industry, although the situation in Australia is probably not dissimilar. Only research here would confirm or reject any comparison. Further research specifically on the target group would also be valuable. This research could identify their attitudes to ownership such as perceived benefits that would attract them into ownership or perceived barriers that may make them reluctant.

The list may include the following factors. Social Involvement One positive aspect of ownership for many is the social connection, getting together with friends and family. In many towns in Australia the Harness Racing Club is an important part of the community with a long history and tradition. Competition Harness Racing is a sport, and like any sport one of its key facets is competition.

Prestige Product Horses are prestige goods. People buy prestige goods because they feel that it differentiates them and reflects well on them personally. Financial Return Through Gambling Money is a high profile reason why people race horses. The importance of stakes in attracting owners has been outlined earlier. One of the important factors in stimulating betting is providing punters with information. Owning a horse gives an owner access to information that gives them an advantage over the average punter.

As well as increasing their confidence this probably improves their chances of betting successfully. Breeding a successful horse gives the owner the joy of knowing they met the extra challenge of making the right breeding decisions. Breeding a horse instead of buying it a later stage can also reduce the cost of gaining ownership and provide an ongoing interest and benefit after the horse finishes its racing career.

To the uninitiated there are a number of obstacles to becoming an owner. A strategy that emphasises the positive, but does not break down the barriers to entry will have little success. Knowledge Barrier How to buy a horse? How to choose a good horse? How to choose a trainer? How to race a horse? How much will it cost? All these questions and numerous others act as a deterrent to a someone without specific and detailed knowledge. Even to long time owners some of these questions remain difficult.

The key is information. The industry has to find a way or ways of over coming the information gap in the target group. Possible Answers What are ways of helping prospective owners overcome this problem. Different forms of ownership can help in achieving this. For example a syndicate or partnership with friends or family can provide the uninitiated with access to the knowledge they do not have.

It can also make the ownership experience more enjoyable. Developing a partnership or professional relationship with a trainer can also overcome the hurdle of a lack of information. It may remove the new owner from some of the involvement and decision making, but it also means a committed and focused trainer and partner. Financial Barrier Purchasing a horse outright and paying for all the training, vet, transport, racing and costs can be a costly proposition.

The NZ Racing Industry Board research shows however that cost does not necessarily prohibit ownership, even for lower middle income earners. It is important that potential owners know the ways of over coming any perceived financial barrier. Possible Answers Again, forms of ownership such as syndicates and partnerships spreads the costs and the risks while still providing the fun and excitement associated with ownership.

A partnership with a trainer can also lower training costs. Breeding a horse can also lower the cost of owning a horse, although it may not be as attractive to first time owners. A suitable horse can also help offset purchase costs later on through breeding opportunities.

What is the right way to approach the target group? Whatever the strategy, it must reach the target audience, so it has to be properly directed. The fact that people interested in horses, racing and betting are more likely to become owners is helpful as it easier for the industry to reach them.

The next step is to come up with an idea that will encourage people make to the initial contact. Then the information and answers to their questions to help them to carry on must be freely avaliable. Once this is developed it needs to get to the target group. The industry may already have, or could develop, information on people in this group through databases and other resources already developed.

For example, data collected from people attending race meetings or TAB customers would be valuable in approaching the target group. An association through family and friends who own horses is a common way for people to become owners. Therefore, encouraging existing owners to inform others about the strategy the industry has developed to attract owners would be a good approach.

They could be done separately or in combination. Inbound Telephone One strategy is to advise the target group of a free-phone service. It is important that the person handling enquires can answer all the likely questions that could arise and have well developed tele-marketing expertise. They should be able to provide written information and also refer interested people to trainers, Owners' Associations or other organisations that can provide more specific assistance to encourage people to take the next step.

In addition to a specific telephone service, the industry can utilise messages on existing phone services to promote and advertise ownership promotion. The benefits of a free-phone are that it acts as a gateway, passing on inquiries, so is low cost, and easy to set up and operate. It is extremely important however that any inquiries are cultivated and that means the standard of service and advice given all the way down the chain, as well as the first contact, have to be extremely high. Open Days Another, more complicated strategy is to invited the target group to a series of information days.

These would be held at tracks involving trainers, horses possibly for sale drivers, breeders etc. This is another way of introducing people to the industry and industry professionals that they would rely on to become involved in the industry. The benefits of information days are that they are good adverts for the industry. People go to the track, see horses and meet people and personalities involved in the industry that they usually see from afar.

The draw backs are that information days would take more resources are probably less likely to elicit an initial response that a free phone call. The responsibility for success lies with more organisations, making planning the operation more complex. Ownership Facilitator A further approach maybe to develop the role of an ownership facilitator.

This person would handle any enquires from interested people and assist them through all the steps of ownership. For example they could help ensure that people go into the type of ownership that suits them and remain available for advice at any time. The benefits of this option are that it provides a relationship with the potential customer and would build confidence through continued support.

A facilitator could also follow-up on any enquires and identify opportunities for new ownership promotion. Given their constant exposure to potential owners they would also gain valuable information on attracting owners.

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