difference between distance travelled and displacement

It is important to note that the distance traveled does not have to equal the magnitude of the displacement (i.e., distance between the two points). Distance, Displacement ; promocodecasino.websitece has only magnitude, with no specified direction. promocodecasino.websitecement has magnitude as well as direction. ; is a scalar. Difference between distance and displacement is that distance is the scalar quantity, While displacement is the Vector quantity. FBS INC FOREX

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Distance - Understanding with an Example One day, Riya decides to go for a long drive. Instead of considering a path, she roams around the city. Here, what do you understand from this example? Now, let us understand what displacement is. Displacement - Understanding with an Example Assume a new scenario where the same person, Riya is heading towards her office hurriedly.

As she went for a long drive last night, she was tired and woke up late. She has got a very important project to do and is getting late. Now, she looks for a shortcut to reach 30 minutes prior to the daily timings, so what that shortest path is? Thus, when we consider the type of path, it is displacement. We can measure the path an object takes and also the direction of the path.

Hence, from our examples on distance and displacement, we understand that distance has just magnitude, which is regardless of the direction. However, displacement takes both the magnitude and direction of the path travelled by an object. Hence, distance is a scalar quantity and displacement is a vector quantity. Distance is always positive or zero, while displacement can be positive, negative or zero. Distance gives the complete information of the path followed by the body.

As against this, displacement does not give the complete information of the path travelled by the object. Displacement decreases with time, whereas distance does not decrease with time. The value of displacement can be positive, negative or even zero, but the value of the distance is always positive. Distance is a scalar measure, which takes into account the magnitude only, i. Unlike displacement which is a vector measure and takes into account both magnitude and direction.

Distance covered is not the unique path, but the displacement between two locations, is the unique path. Distance can be calculated by multiplying speed and time. On the contrary, the displacement can be calculated by multiplying velocity and time. Conclusion So, with the points mentioned above, you might have understood, the distance and displacement are not same at all. Distance is the actual length of the path covered by someone or something, but displacement is the length of the shortest route between the starting and ending points.

So, displacement is either equal to or less than the distance between two points. Further, the reference point is used in displacement but not in distance.

Difference between distance travelled and displacement ordini condizionati mt4 forex

Distance Vs Displacement - Physics

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