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Yes, Xur'ios sells items in Legions version of Dalaran for Curious Coins, Xur'ios, a mysterious vendor in WoW, is very stylistically and. Yee I've noted something interesting about the Dalaran Heist everyone. Ethereal Arms-Dealer So I just used Xur'ios art because. Destiny has an infamous vendor called Xur, who appears in the game up on the Destiny subReddit, Xur'ios, who can be found in Dalaran. BETTING SITES IN KENYA THAT USE M PESA SERVICES

News by Wesley Yin-Poole Deputy Editorial Director Updated on 18 comments Destiny was once described as a cross between a traditional first-person shooter such as Halo, and a massively multiplayer online role-playing game such as World of Warcraft. Destiny didn't quite turn out that way, but after the game came out it was clear many of the developers at Bungie were fans of Blizzard's MMO.

Xur from Destiny. Still creepy. Now, there will no doubt be plenty of developers at Blizzard who are fans of Bungie's "shared world shooter", and it looks like World of Warcraft is acknowledging its console cousin in the coolest way possible Blizzard is popping a pretty cool Destiny Easter egg in upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Legion that will be familiar to anyone who's played Bungie's online shooter.

Destiny has an infamous vendor called Xur, who appears in the game once a week to sell seemingly random exotic items. In his pomp, Xur's arrival would send Destiny players into a frenzy as they splashed out cashed in Strange Coins on exotic-class items they were yet to obtain.

I wrote a feature on Xur and the players who tried to predict what he'd sell each week. With Legion currently in closed beta, World of Warcraft players have discovered a vendor named "Xur'ios" who sells rotating items for "Curious Coins". As rounded up on the Destiny subReddit , Xur'ios, who can be found in Dalaran, has two types of inventory items: some items are fixed, but one item each day is random you can find a complete list over at WoWHead.

Xur'ios, of Azeroth. The description of Gjallar's "Horn", which costs 50 Curious Coins, is as follows: Gjallarhorn, remember, was perhaps the most sought-after weapon during Destiny's first year of life. The rocket launch was considered overpowered for the incredible burst damage it caused. However, a permanent -2 Attack could force a lot of decks to be totally unable to deal with him. Even nerfed, his hero power is strong enough that his occurrence rate was halved.

If you Embrace the Shadow or Renounce Darkness, he'll scold you for abandoning one side. Marei Loom She'll exploit your finances, but she won't finance your exploits. A Forsaken bank teller working for the Dalaran Bank. Her Hero Power, "Next Beleaguered Bureaucrat : Has the general attitude of one, as she's focused on processing her workload. Dull Surprise : Gives a dull "Oh, no Mo Eniwhiskers Mo's money creates Mo's problems. Gold Elemental Something has gone awry at the bottom of the wishing well.

A massive elemental presumably made of all the gold thrown into Dalaran's wishing well. Evil Laugh : Can let out one of these as its Hero Power feeds it a coin. A savvy player can use this to fill its hand with coins and mill it or make it fatigue early if it puts Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the board beforehand. Banker Biggs His minions are compound-interesting. An orcish banker. His 4-mana hero power, Invest! Gentle Giant : Despite being a rather large orc, he seems friendly and opposed to fighting you.

Noz Timbertail This kobold pirate has elevated sneak attacks to an art form. A kobold pirate robbing Dalaran for Queen Wagtoggle. Suspiciously Similar Substitute : He's thematically similar to Candlebeard, but specializes in Stealth instead of Charge. Against you. Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel, Jastor Gallywix is the wealthiest, most powerful and meanest goblin there is. His wealth resides in the Dalaran Bank, and he's not going to give it up for anything.

Gallywix's Hero Power mimics his collectible card somewhat - it has him take a copy of the first card you play each turn and give you one of his coins. Gnomes that copies any spells your opponent casts and gives them a Coin in return. Adipose Rex : The most important goblin is incredibly fat. Togwaggle even lampshades it. Fat Bastard : He's probably the fattest goblin, and certainly the meanest. Tactical Suicide Boss : One of the cards he runs is Fel Reaver, which mills him each time you play a card.

Since his Hero Power generates a lot of Gallywix Coins over time, you can accumulate them and force Gallywix into fatigue once he plays it. We Buy Anything : Gallywix always buys the first card you play, regardless of what it is except for his own coin. He could buy one of the Treasures you collected, or he could just buy a regular Coin. And your minions.

The kobold queen, who's set out to rob Dalaran on her own. Wagtoggle's Hero Power steals a minion from your deck and puts it into play. When that minion is killed, it returns to your hand. Distaff Counterpart : To Togwaggle, right down to a spoonerized name. Every Man Has His Price : Her Hero Power is called Bribery, implying she's getting your minions to betray you by offering over some of the gold she's stealing. Given that you're playing as the bad guys, that actually makes some sense.

It's Personal : Apparently her and Togwaggle have some unspecified history. Either way, he demands that you take her candle, which is Serious Business in the kobold world. On this chapter, both players have a random minion trapped in the Violet Hold, which will awaken after a number of turns have past equal to its mana cost.

Erekem This Arakkoa can see the future An arakkoa prophet. His Hero Power reveals a minion from his deck and puts it on top. Ascended Extra : He was a boss in the original Violet Hold instance. Fantastic Racism : As an uncorrupted arakkoa, he looks down on Kriziki and calls her pathetic. Seers : His hero power manipulates the future. Lavanthor "What's in your mouth Lavanthor? Spit it out!

Bad core hound! On Heroic, it costs no mana. Playing with Fire : His hero power. Unfriendly Fire : His hero power damages everything, including other rocks. On heroic, it's not uncommon for him to amass an army of them and blow up his entire board for no reason.

Ichoron This elemental is double the trouble and triple the bubble. A water revenant. Ichoron's hero power gives a minion Divine Shield. On Heroic, it instead gives all his minions Divine Shield. Sael'orn Traps prey like a spider A vile aranasi prisoner. Her Hero Power, Web Grab, summons a minion from your hand, synergizing with her array of hard removal spells and Poisonous minions. All Webbed Up : What her hero power is meant to represent.

Spider People : Arasani are somewhere between demons and spiders. They don't fit the usual "drider" look, being something more akin to a humanoid with spider-like features. Weaksauce Weakness : Having a few strong Deathrattle minions will render her gimmick pretty much moot. As the description notes, she is the wife of Millhouse Manastorm, and she is NOT happy about him leaving her to be locked up in Violet Hold.

Ax-Crazy : Her sanity has dropped a bit after her imprisonment, going on a rampage and fighting you just to try and hunt down her husband. After he's dead, she still attacks you, explicitly saying you're next. Berserk Button : Millhouse, specifically because he left her trapped in Violet Hold. Developer's Foresight : Millhouse Manastorm has unique dialogue when he's drawn from your deck after shuffling himself into it at the start of the fight and when he's played.

Millificent has another unique line if Millhouse is killed. Playing two Millhouses at once has her rant about it. Playing five will actually make Mallificent Rage Quit. The Dreaded : Millhouse is terrified of her, to the point he hides in your deck to get away from her and visibly panics should you choose to play him.

Gadgeteer Genius : Comes with being a gnome; she can build Squirrel Bombs on the fly as her Hero Power indicates and runs a Mech deck filled with Magnetic minions. Mythology Gag : Her introductory dialogue with Millhouse, as well as her exclusive minions are taken from her encounter in the instance "Assault on Violet Hold". Rage Quit : Have five Millhouse Manastorms on board somehow and she'll screech in rage before conceding. Woman Scorned : She is not pleased her husband left her behind, and is only attacking you because Millhouse hid himself in your deck.

Moragg Prisoner Indefinite suspension. Avoid eye contact. His Hero Power, Ray of Suffering, acts similarly to the Lich King's Remorseless Winter hero power, dealing damage to the enemy hero and increasing after each use. On Normal it costs 3, on Heroic it costs 2. Oculothorax : The majority of his body is a floating eyeball, although he also has other eyeballs near the top of his head.

Cyanigosa This master of chaotic magic was the chosen agent of Malygos. A dragon of the Blue Dragonflight. In World of Warcraft, she was the supreme commander of the forces attacking the Violet Hold during the instance and served as the final boss for the raid. Her Hero Power deals 1 damage to all enemies whenever she casts a spell which she has a lot of ; on Heroic it deals 2 damage.

Avenging the Villain : The villain in this case being Malygos, who is canonically dead at this point judging by Kalec being an Archmage and her line for defeating the player. Evil Versus Evil : Cyanigosa isn't nice by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, she wants to destroy Dalaran, which creates obvious friction with the League of E.

Person of Mass Destruction : Her Hero Power can easily devastate your board if she gets a few spells off. She also backs it with some heavier board clears like Dragon's Fury. Zuramat the Obliterator Imprisoned because the Kirin-Tor mostly frowns on obliterations. A voidlord. Zuramat's hero power banishes a minion to the Void, a special realm where the banished minion doesn't count as dead and won't trigger Deathrattles.

He has a boss-exclusive Void Shift card which destroys all minion for 3 mana, but resummons all minions he sent to the Void. On this chapter, each player has three board spots filled with Permanent carts, representing fighting in the tight streets. Applebough This old tree is full of knowledge to drop. A fruit vendor on the streets of Dalaran. And a tree. Her Apple Toss hero power deals 1 damage to the lowest health enemy and repeats if said enemy dies; on Heroic the damage increases to 2.

Carnivore Confusion : She's a tree, but is also a fruit vendor. Lazul even lampshades this. L causing chaos on the streets of Dalaran. Tierra Blythe Be sure to tip your wait staff! Or else. A bartender. Tierra's hero power, Order Up! On heroic, she summons two at once. Hovering over the card reveals that she's even called a "Kind" Waitress.

Albin Eastoff Friend? He's on a beastial rampage, he's not particular. A worgen knife vendor. His hero deals damage to three random minions. Locksmith Zibb Mages in Dalaran rely on Zibb's skills to lock up their spells. Zibb's passive hero, Spell Lock, causes all spells to Overload for their price. Anti-Magic : Spell-focused decks will quickly find themselves out of mana facing off with Zibb. Pun : If you play a Lackey, he'll remark that he has the keys right here. Reformed Criminal : He offhandedly mentions how he used to pick locks for pay.

His attempts to reform you fail, though. Timothy Jones Timothy has never dusted a golden. Not even once! A human jewelcrafting vendor. Camp Gay : T. Rasil Fireborne Some say art is subjective. Rasil prefers destructive.

A blood elven painter. Rasil's hero power, Masterpiece, spends all of his mana to summon a random minion of cost equal to the spent amount. Art Attacker : He uses enchanted paint to summon minions and kill you. Shout-Out : He's essentially a big Bob Ross joke. Final Bosses Jepetto Joybuzz Some assembly required. A gnomish toymaker who sells gizmos and fun things at the Wonderworks.

He's also the leader of the shopkeeper's group in Dalaran. Steal his Unusable Enemy Equipment and use it against him, he'll remark on it being stolen out from under his nose. If you summon a Legendary, he'll remark on it being a limited edition toy. Captain Hannigan Guards! The captain of the Dalaran Guard. You need to manage them, or be quickly overwhelmed. On this chapter, each and every minion has their Health and Attack swapped due to Dr. Boom accidentally slicing into a toxic sewer gas line.

Chomper Chomper survives the sewers by snacking on smaller minions. A crocolisk living in Dalaran's sewers. Its hero power, Chomp'' deals 1 damage and has Lifesteal. On heroic, this increases to 2. Sewer Gator : Goes without saying. Sharky's Hero Power destroys a random damaged minion. Threatening Shark : A shark swimming through the sewer. Go figure. Dazzik "Hellscream" Something about the Warchief seems a little A goblin who think he's Garrosh Hellscream.

His Hero Power is "Armor Up", which grants him two armor. He plays a traditional Control Warrior deck. Developer's Foresight : He says every single Warrior voice line if you let him. He even has his own Scourgelord Dazzik that makes him into a Death Knight, complete with all of Scourgelord Garrosh's voicelines! Loony Fan : Copies all of Garrosh's mannerisms, and apparently needs to be reminded that he's a goblin by Dr. Shoddy Knockoff Product : His Hero Power shows a wooden shield with a skull painted on it held together with tape.

Gameplay and Story Segregation though, since it's actually just as good as the real deal. Cravitz Lorent Your battle with this romance novelist won't have a happy ending. A forsaken author of steamy romance novels. His hero power, Forbidden Love, destroys a random minion each player controls. Easter Egg : If you idle for long enough, he decides to give you a free sample.

The Rat King There must always be a rat king. A giant sewer rat. When the Rat King dies, the eldest Underbelly Rat on the board becomes the new Rat King, maintaining its current health. He will be revived after five friendly minions die. Disaster Dominoes : On the boss's end for once. Killing one Rat King with a sizable board usually means you can keep killing any others in line, since they're now defenseless.

Most Rat King victories involve you killing them all off in a single turn. Hidden Backup Prince : Its hero power swarms the board with these. Rodents of Unusual Size : It's a lineage of giant rats. Succession Crisis : The only way to win is to force one of these by killing every rat on the board.

Final Bosses Madam Goya "Extortion" is such an ugly word. Goya prefers "Licensing Fees. Has been collecting donated artifacts to populate the museum and promises guests that their upcoming exhibits will be no less than 'thrilling. Her Hero Power is Blackmail, which replaces a card in your hand with a 2-mana Extortion - playing it returns the card to your hand.

Her Battlecry swaps a friendly minion in play for one in your deck. Adaptational Villainy : In World of Warcraft, Madam Goya was slightly shady, but had no explicit criminal ties; here, she's explicitly in cahoots with the Jade Lotus. Awesome, but Impractical : Being able to potentially cheat out a big minion at the cost of a small one with Goya's effect can potentially be awesome.

Being at the mercy of the Random Number God? Not so much. It doesn't help that her stats are fairly sub-par to begin with, and you still have to worry about the opponent packing removal spells. Developer's Foresight : Squeamlish and Mr. Chu have unique intro dialogue with her. She also has unique responses to the player summoning her card version or any of the Gadgetzan mob bosses. Graceful Loser : Unlike most bosses, Madam Goya only expresses mild disappointment upon defeat.

Sadistic Choice : Her Heroic deck includes a lot of minions that react to the player casting spells, which Extortion just happens to be. Either you pay off her Extortions, ending up behind on mana and giving her minions a buff, or you're stuck with a bunch of dead cards in your hand. Silk Hiding Steel : Always remains polite and composed while alternating between extorting and beating the crap out of you.

Villainous Friendship : A few of her responses suggest that she's close to Aya Blackpaw. A goblin specializing in everything explosive. Flark insists on referring to himself as an engineer rather than a scientist - you'll find no theories or " hypotenuses " in his lab. Originally Boom's apprentice, Flark decided that robbing Dalaran wasn't good enough, so decided to blow it all up instead, no matter who gets in his way.

The fight against Boommaster Flark has the player interrupt him just before he sets off a colossal bomb in the Underbelly. The player starts with Permanent red and blue wires on their side of the board - if the wires meet, the player takes 5 damage, meaning you have to keep minions in between them at all costs. Flark's Hero Power coats a minion in blast powder, causing them to instantly die the moment they take damage.

Action Bomb : His Goblin Bombs. However, you'll likely need to boost their attack somehow to make use of it; no one's going to voluntarily attack a 0-attack minion that damages them when it dies. Boss-Arena Idiocy : Lampshaded. He wonders why he gave the wires to the player, since his goal is to connect them and blow the place to smithereens.

Deceptive Disciple : He was as loyal as every other scientist back in The Boomsday Project, but turned against his mentor in an instant for not delivering on the explosions. Eviler than Thou : Tries to pull this on Dr. Mad Bomber : He could give Dr. Boom himself a run for his money in the "obsessed with explosives" department. Outside-the-Box Tactic : Silencing your own minions will remove the Blast Powder, keeping it safe for at least one turn.

Flark: Well Suspiciously Similar Substitute : To the original Dr. Boom, as a 7-mana Legendary that summons small bombs with a damaging Deathrattle. On this chapter, there is no twist. However, you will have to fight 12 bosses instead of 8, with the last four being a Boss Rush in a fixed order.

Lilayell Suntear She makes the instability of the universe work for her. A member of the Sunreavers. Lilyell's Hero Power passively causes her spells to summon a minion of the same mana cost alongisde them, the same the Burgled Bag of Spells Tavern Brawl.

Summon Magic : Her hero power summons a random minion whenever she casts a spell. Archivist Oshi Those who forget history are doomed to resummon it. The Citadel's archivist. Oshi's Hero Power summons a random friendly minion that died her turn. The Council of Six Tick. There's no time to read her card text! Go, go, GO! A powerful chronomancer and the first challenge.

Her Hero Power passively limits the player's turn to 25 seconds 15 on Heroic. She plays an aggressive Secret Mage deck. Developer's Foresight : Each of the playable heroes has a "time running out" voiceline, which is only used in this encounter. Original Generation : Unlike the other members of the Council, she has no precedent in Warcraft. Time Master : She warps the flow of time, cutting your turn down. Trap Master : Norroa's deck is chalked full of Mage Secrets, including more than two copies of most.

Archmage Vargoth Your little invasion ends here. Trapped for years in Outland, Vargoth found new sources of magic. One of the soldiers who accompanied the Alliance Expedition beyond the Dark Portal, Vargoth is an accomplished mage and high-ranking member of the Kirin Tor.

The Archmage : Vargoth is a member of the Council of Six, and in World of Warcraft is even seen wielding Aluneth if the player isn't the mage representative of the Tirisgarde. Continuity Nod : When summoning him, he will exclaim that he is finally free of "the blasted tower" World of Warcraft players had to get him out of, after Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider killed Vargoth's expedition team and locked Vargoth inside his own tower.

The range in quality of Arcane spells in the game is quite high. He does mitigate some of this with lots of Spell Damage minions, however. As a card, he recasts a random spell at a random target. Accidental Aiming Skills can therefore occasionally happen if the Vargoth luckily uses the correct spell to hit exactly the right target. Granted, you can completely avert this by only playing a single untargeted spell alongside him, or only use buffs if the board can be cleared, and it's probably advisable to play him this way.

Archmage Kalec Kalecgos You have reason to be frightened, invader! Click here to see him as Kalecgos It's just a matter of time before he's the next Malygos. Although he is a powerful blue dragon, he likes to remain in the form of a blue-haired human named Kalec. On normal, it's 3 mana. On Heroic, it's one. His hero power represents his mastery over magic. Kalecgos's effect lets you cast any spell for no mana, and gives you a free spell for the turn he's played and every turn after.

Dynamic Entry : Giving you a free Pyroblast, Flamestrike, or other big spell as soon as he comes down certainly qualifies. Bonus points if Kalecgos gave you that spell from his Battlecry. Exact Words : Kalecgos allows the Mage player to cast the the first spell they will cast, or have already casted, of each turn for free. That includes playing The Coin to try to cheat out Kalec one turn earlier, which is an interaction Blizzard explicitly warned players about, after playtesters kept doing it wrong.

Gathering Steam : His Hero Power is slow at first, but will quickly ramp out of control if the player lets him. Me's a Crowd : Oddly enough, he has the Legendary version of himself in his deck.

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