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Anthony Di Iorio, a co-founder of the Ethereum network, says he's done with the cryptocurrency world, partially because of personal safety. Co-Founder, Ethereum; Founder & CEO, Decentral Inc. & Jaxx. Anthony Di Iorio is a Canadian entrepreneur primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and an early. My guest today is my friend Anthony Di Iorio, a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, community organizer, and thought leader in the field of digital. DIGA DI PLACE MOULIN RIFUGIO ELISABETTA

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Ethereum founder anthony ethereal wall ethereum founder anthony


He got into Bitcoin, and, at the time he met Buterin, was working with Israeli startup Colored Coins, a project to manage real-world assets as tokens on top of the Bitcoin network. Buterin also worked on the project before he came up with Ethereum; in December , he asked Chetrit to join him. Image: Decrypt Charles Hoskinson wanted to be a mathematician, before becoming disillusioned with the profession and taking an increasing interest in Bitcoin. Born in Hawaii, and raised in Colorado, Hoskinson already had experience of raising money for an early version of a decentralized exchange when he was introduced to Ethereum, and Buterin, by Anthony Di Iorio.

He became one of the original five Ethereum co-founders, and was named CEO in December —taking a leading role in setting up the Swiss Foundation, and its legal framework. Hoskinson was an early advocate of Ethereum as a pro-profit corporation, which chimed badly with many of the others, and ultimately led to his departure. In tandem, he launched Cardano , which has risen to become the sixth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, since the rollout of a major new blockchain upgrade earlier this month.

He met the first five co-founders in Miami, just before the North American Bitcoin conference in January , where Ethereum was due to be unveiled. After being the first to get an Ethereum testnet up and running, he demanded a place at the top table. The others agreed, but not without some pushback. Gavin Wood authored Ethereum's yellow paper, which laid out the platform's technical specifications. Image: GavWood. But now he is solely focussed on the Web3 Foundation , and its interoperability blockchain project Polkadot —a competitor to Ethereum.

He was added to the founders roster alongside Gavin Wood in early But each, being unaware of the other, had worked separately. Having two implementations later turned out to be fortuitous: there would always be a backup. Worst dad award goes to At the end of last year, he hinted at the frustrations that had caused him to quit.

Now, with his brother Joey, he has a games development studio, Grid Games, and recently put some of the ether he received from Ethereum up for sale to fund development. Grid Games has now begun recruiting developers. Image: Wikipedia The most experienced of the eight founders, Joseph Lubin graduated in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton in A diverse career in software engineering, music producing, business and finance followed before Lubin became interested in crypto and made contact with fellow-Canadian Di Iorio through the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

Later, he was introduced to Buterin, and was asked to join the group of co-founders. Early on, there was a realization it was going to be big and what was needed. So, how do we get those people moving into new sectors and industries where there will be value contributed into it? But how do you then reposition those people into new sectors due to the technology and innovations that will help them to flourish and thrive? I think creating radical change and creating more efficiencies that help people in their lives would be what I would see as the end game for these technologies.

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Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio: 'I Don't See Things Stopping for Ether'

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