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Hawaii Five-O is an American police procedural drama series produced by CBS Productions and created by Leonard Freeman. Set in Hawaii, the show originally. For many people, their image or perception of what the state of Hawaii is like has been formed by popular culture. One of the major productions that helped. If you've been enjoying the hit TV show Hawaii Five-0, then you'll love this 4-hour behind-the-scenes tour! See film locations featured in the show. BEST PLACES TO EAT OUT WITH GESTATIONAL DIABETES

This tradition has been continued in the version of Hawaii Five-0 , but is not limited to Alex O'Loughlin. All of the primary cast members take turns with the "Be here. Aloha" line at the end of the preview segment. There were two versions of the closing credits portion of the show. During the first season, the theme music was played over a short film of a flashing blue light attached to the rear of a police motorcycle in Waikiki heading west the film is shown at twice the normal speed, as can be seen from people crossing a street behind the police motorcycle.

In a issue of TV Guide , the show's opening title sequence ranked No. When the show premiered in Hawaii had been a state for only nine years and was relatively obscure to Americans who had never served in the Pacific Theater , but as a geographic part of Polynesia it had an exotic image. Known for the location, theme song, and ensemble cast, Hawaii Five-O contains a heavy use of exterior location shooting throughout the entire 12 seasons.

A typical episode, on average, would have at least two-thirds of all footage shot on location, as opposed to a "typical" show of the time which would be shot largely on sound stages and backlots. It is also remembered for its unusual setting during a time when most crime dramas of the era were set in or around the Los Angeles or New York City areas. The Hawaii-based television show Magnum, P. The first few Magnum P. Magnum's producers made a few attempts to coax Jack Lord out of retirement for a cameo appearance , but he refused.

Produced and written by Stephen J. It lasted for 10 seasons until the th and final episode was aired on April 3, The remake version Hawaii Five-0 used the same principal character names as the original, and the new Steve McGarrett's late father's vintage Mercury Marquis was the actual car driven by Lord in the original series's final seasons. The new series opening credit sequence was an homage to the original; the theme song was cut in half, from 60 to 30 seconds, but was an otherwise identical instrumentation.

Most of the iconic shots were replicated, beginning with the helicopter approach and close-up turn of McGarrett at the Ilikai Hotel penthouse, the jet engine nacelle , a hula dancer's hips, the quickly stepped zoom-in to the face of the Lady Columbia statue at Punchbowl , the close-up of the Kamehameha Statue 's face, and the ending with a police motorcycle's flashing blue light.

Jones was a nod to actor Richard Denning , who played the Governor in the original series. I felt like I knew them personally by the time it ended. Response from Host, Dec Our website explains and transparent about the McGarrett's home availability. We are glad that you have seen most of the locations that would have brought you more closely to the show. Mahalo for spending your vacation with us! Helpful Everything we hoped for!

We enjoyed completely! Would do again! Tour guide was fun and knowledgeable. Highly recommend. Response from Host, Dec Mahalo for spending your Hawaii day with us! We are happy that you enjoyed it. We always enjoy spending some time with our guest just talking all the way! Helpful See 7 more reviews on Tripadvisor Questions?

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NCIS Hawai'i has plenty of crime and murder, but for the most part, the cases have remained plausible. This could be due to the fact that Hawaii Five-0 ran for 10 seasons and so it needed to keep getting bigger. That's something also seen in the long-running original NCIS, which is no stranger to complicated plots like framing beloved characters for murder. Hawaii Five-0 was heavy-handed with shots of beaches, condominiums and tourist locales. NCIS: Hawai'i features locations and shots that are more representative of how people actually live.

Beach shots and condos are traded for back bays and middle-class neighborhoods. It is less colorful than its predecessors, but the realism provides a more nuanced portrayal of Hawai'i. Even though the case of the week is the highlight of any procedural, NCIS: Hawai'i has done a stellar job at developing the lives and relationships of its lead characters.

Hawaii Five-0 struggled with shoehorning love interests for Steve McGarrett into the plot of the show, and they never resonated. While Jane Tennant has had a couple potential love connections , NCIS: Hawai'i is slow-playing those possibilities and building her up independent of romantic entanglements. This has allowed the relationships of other characters -- including the possibility of Kai and Lucy -- to blossom and have adequate air time.

I love playing my own detective role with each episode by trying to determine where Hawaii Five-0 scenes are filmed. See this map for the exact location. Read our review of this tour. Kualoa Ranch is nice to see, regardless of its television and big screen fame. You would probably also recognize the statue of King Kamehameha in front of the building.

See our post with photos and video of Hilton Hawaiian Village. Do you recall the episode when Chin was grieving the loss of his wife and he was sitting on the beach and Danno joined him? That was shot on the beach just outside of Tropics Bar and Grill. The rest of the team were dining in Tropics while Danno and Chin had their conversation.

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