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Sometimes if you what to make a double chance bet, you find the best odds at two different bookmakers. Here you can easy find the stake at the different. System betting allows you to take different combinations across your selected legs. Use the system functionality to hedge against an unexpected. This tool calculates the stakes that allow you to spread your stake around a few selections so as to win a level profit if either of them wins. BTC TREND 2022

The process calculates the correct stake to place on each selection so that the return is the same if any of them wins. The system has since taken his name. The strategy can pay dividends when gamblers successfully reduce the potential winners of an event to a select few from the field or when information about runners not expected to perform well does not reach the market so as to affect the odds making backing the rest of the field profitable. Dutching techniques are often used to find two, or more, selections in a race or sporting event.

Depending on the price and quality of the leaders in the field you could just dutch the top runners or maybe larger parts of the field. Dutching is useful if you want to oppose one or more horses but you are uncertain of the potential winner. There are several other scenarios in which you could put it to use. It also throws up opportunities on other sports such as soccer. Rather than making a judgement on a soccer match why not hedge your bets and dutch the correct score market?

Dutching by excluding weak participants or outcomes that stand little chance of coming in you can turn a pretty useful profit. Available now on our website or at your local TAB pub, club, agency and your local racetrack. The new Super Multi allows you to select multiple combinations within the same Multi, giving you more ways to win.

Plus, you can now include up to five legs of racing or a maximum of five different legs. Add Flexi betting and you have one super-strength Multi. Sport and racing in the one multi A maximum of five racing legs can be included System Betting Select combinations in addition to the straight all-up The system number is the number of legs over which the bets must be successful in order to get a return Flexi Betting Allows you to nominate a total spend for your bet Total spend gets split evenly across all combinations How's It Different from a Multi?

With a traditional Multi, you only win if all legs are successful. With a Super Multi, you can take "Systems" within your original selections, giving you multiple combinations within the same Multi. This means that you aren't required to win every single leg to get a return, and the more legs that are successful, the more times you win.

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