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Third, refrain from expensive acquisitions before you get the profit from the last assassination. Don't buy properties, vehicles, weapons, and modifications for. Try to save up as much cash as you can and go through the Lester missions immediately while investing in stocks. After the last mission's. GTA 5: How To Complete All Of Lester's Assassination Missions · When Do Lester's Assassination Missions Start? · Assassination Mission One - Brett. ST PETERSBURG USA PROPERTY INVESTING

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Loading The Hotel Assassination At some point Lester will start providing Franklin with side missions marked with an L on the map now before you can move past the story at this point, you'll have to do The Hotel Assassination. In this case you are damaging the shares of Bilkington in order to raise the shares of Betta Pharmaceuticals. In several in-game hours BIL price will drop to its minimum and will stay there for at least 2 days, that's when you buy it.

Now comes a long period of waiting and sleeping in a safe house. Your game should then auto-save. If it does, reload that autosave. Then, you need to complete the Hotel Assassination and afterwards, do Blitz Play. When you start the Blitz Play mission, make sure you are currently controlling Michael.

This should be the default, but it is key. Play up until the point where Michael drops the envelope to Devin Weston and then immediately switch to Franklin. At this point Franklin will still be sitting in the getaway car, so you can drive straight to Devin to complete the first recovery mission. Then you need to switch over the Trevor and complete the second recovery mission.

When finished, before you proceed you have to sell all of your Betta Pharmaceuticals stock - but do not buy Bilkington yet. Wait for the Stock Decrease Continue playing the game as usual from here - Michael will run a mission for Solomon Richards and Madrazo, meet up with Trevor, take Franklin to Michael's house for the hijacking mission and more, all up until the Paleto Bay Heist mission is reached. You can just play normally through all these missions. Invest At this point, Bilkington stock will be at the minimum it can be.

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GTA 5 - How to Make $2.1 Billion gta lester missions investing

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