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Spread Betting Company, Demo Account, Start Trading The InterTrader Demo Account can also be used with our mobile apps so you can learn to trade with. (Photo: The spread betting and CFD industry has shifted its focus towards professional traders. InterTrader offers a demo account for testing the InterTrader service on the MT4 platform. This demo account is available for spread betting or CFD trading. 2022 INVESTEC DERBY BETTING

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Lest it be thought that this is the only reason for considering an account at InterTrader, we should point out that this company offers all the facilities that others do, such as webinar training in fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and trading strategies.

Live Squawk Stay in touch with market news headlines throughout the trading day via text and audio plus research and video summaries. Technical Analysis and Trading Signals Including target and stop levels, with full research available. The analysis package covers indices, sectors, forex, stocks, bonds and commodities.

Heatmaps At-a-glance guides to the market hotspots, colour-coded for degrees of price movement over the given time period. A trailing stop is a special type of order which limits your risk while helping to lock in your potential profits. Although the website is streamlined, it appears that it has all the services you would expect, including real-time trading charts with a full array of technical indicators.

You can trade on all major indices, the FTSE shares plus selected foreign shares, commodities, Forex, interest rates, and bonds. Mobile: Yes, in fact InterTrader has recently improved its trading apps for the iPhone and iPad which now come with advanced charting functionality and support a range of orders including stop and limit orders, guaranteed stops, new orders with contingent stops and limits and one cancel the other.

The charts are live and update in real-time as in every price tick. What is interesting is that the technical indicators update automatically as the live prices change. Some traders might like this, others might not but I think this is fairer than having trades executed at inferior prices. Note that executions errors are only encountered during period of very high volatility.

They offer the service on spread betting as well as DMA FX, most other brokers do not offer it on spread betting. The ones that do offer only do so in LOTS and you have to do your own conversion, InterTrader offer it pound per point trades. They are looking for commissions on volumes traded so they accommodate scalping, high frequency trades. They have multiple institutional liquidity providers and have the depth to accommodate high volume traders.

We offer a low-latency trading environment combined with multiple execution venues to provide best execution prices. Our service has attracted many partners to date including FCA-regulated asset managers and investment funds. Tradeback Loyalty Programme Many spread betting firms focus their efforts louring traders to use their services with exceptional bonuses and safety nets, this is nice and beneficial for all sides involved but, what about keeping the loyal customer happy, does your spread betting broker reward you for trading with him overtime?

InterTrader decided to take a stand and reward loyal traders in the best way possible cash. Traders are always looking for the tightest spreads around, if Mr Trader will calculate what was the effective spread on his trade he will find out that it was -: With the 'Tradeback' rebate programme you can get back part of the spread commission.

The InterTrader loyalty programme is available to all traders who sign up from FSB, once an account is live it is automatically entitled to enjoy TradeBack rebates. Note also that the Gold bid-offer spread is now 4 points. Security of Funds You can rest assured that your funds are safe with InterTrader. This goes well beyond the GICS mandate to protect clients' funds.

Verdict: InterTrader gets a thumbs up from us even if I have reservations on their interbank prices. I don't believe a trading company would give you the same spreads they get and only charge volume commission as their sole source of revenue.

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