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Nothing for me is more attractive than women singing metal, I mean I have a So now I present to you Elysion's album Someplace Better. Someplace Better by Elysion is awesome, it's diverse and interesting. Check them out Shine by Indica is good album, it's different from previous album. album: "Someplace Better" (). 1. Made Of Lies 2. Someplace Better 3. Fairytale 4. The Promise 5. Our Fate 6. Awake 7. What Lies Beneath 8. Trasparent. FOREX4NOOBS EBOOK LOGIN

Did Elysion have the same proposal by a promoter? If you have this proposal tomorrow, how would you react? I can only speak for Elysion so the answer is no, as far as I know we never had any proposal of this sort. A lot of bands are more respected in other countries than their homeland.

How is Elysion received in Greece? It might be so but Greece has always had a very dynamic and devoted metal fan base. We would be the last ones to complain about the way our homeland has treated us ,as this would be enormously ungrateful.

I know Elysion always meant to treat our Greek crowd with respect and it was obvious, from our very first steps, that we were awarded with equal respect from this crowd. If what you have to offer is true, that will be acknowledged sooner or later. Sure, there are many. There are truly many Greek musicians we admire so it would be a thrill to join forces with them, be it in an album or on stage.

What steps or approach would be taken by Elysion if they would like to get bigger than they are? We only wish to be as big as our music can makes us. No less, no more. Since you mentioned Septicflesh, I think their amazing talent and character made them who they are.

I wish for us to evolve and write more beautiful songs, be better at what we do. Your band, however, keeps it more simple and straightforward. What inspired you to go in this direction? So far it has been straight forward, like you said, and let me say it could be more difficult this way because staying simple is quite hard. Still, who knows what will happen in future..? Nearly 15 years later Elysion stepped up with a poppier, more mainstream metal sound to try to capitalize on this mostly untapped area of the metal world Silent Scr3am was an alright, if overly safe, debut and one that went largely unnoticed by fans of the symphonic metal genre.

Someplace Better, their sophomore release, holds a lot more potential to be a breakthrough album. I've played Someplace Better for a variety of people, including people who would normally be disgusted by the very idea of listening to metal, and I have yet to have anyone dislike it. Then again I've mainly only played "Made of Lies" for them, which is a clear standout hit, and honestly no other song on the album comes even close to matching it. The unfortunate part of relying heavily on being "catchy" is that the most catchy song will ultimately overshadow everything else.

This isn't to say the rest of the album is bad, in fact the final four songs on Someplace Better are very good and make for one of the stronger closings of any album in the genre in my opinion. Even so, everything before those tracks "Made of Lies" excluded all blend together into a hard to distinguish clump.

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Elysion Someplace Better

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