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In , Dana Richardson was elected to the board replacing his father. Frank Wheeler was also a board member. Robert Fry was acting manager and Jim Kurt z was line man. He pulled a trailer behind his car to carry his supplies and tools. In Robert Fry resigned to spend more time on his radio business. Doris Brookhart was hired as business manager. In Jim Kurtz retired at age 75 and Russell Moon was hired to replace him. At the annual meeting in board members were given a free telephone for serving on the board of directors.

Fred Bowsher was asked to audit the books of the telephone company in Prior to this time, three stockholders were asked to perform the task. At about this time it was apparent the Company was going to need a new building and a different switch in order to meet growing needs. Then the bank would lend the Company the funds for our improvements. The board secured Emmet Lusk as the attorney to do the legal work to incorporate the value of the franchise in the records of the Company.

This was added as an asset in This building was built in In Carl Mack was elected to the board replacing Clarence Dingledine. Russ Moon and his dad took a truck to Doylestown and dismantled the switch and hauled it back to Buckland. In the by-laws were revised so that all of the board of directors would not be elected the same year. Two board members were to be elected for three years Hager and Richardson , two for two years Wheeler and Mack , and one for one year Bonifield. Then the stock was split making two shares for each original stock.

Doris Brookhart resigned because of ill health in and Kay Lishness was hired as the office manager. Gerald Brookhart replaced Carl Mack as the new board member in A change from a four digit switch to a seven digit service occured in This eliminated the need for telephone operators for the switchboard.

Many hours of dedicated service were given by the switchboard operators. Odos Craig was elected in to tthe board of directors replacing Frank Wheeler. In Wapakoneta Telephone Company refused to act as a toll center for Buckland. Lima was contacted and agreed to serve as toll center for the Buckland Telephone Company.

The stock was split in The by-laws were changed so a total of twelve shares could be owned. In an advertisement stating that Rural Electric Association was making telephone loans was noted and a letter seeking information was undertaken. Colburn, an agent for R. On June 25, the board made an application for a loan. Fred Bowsher retired as auditor in and Mr. Ward was secured to replace him. William Gutman purchased the old switch in In the company signed a note with R. The board had paid for the cable but Mr.

Elsass failed to inform the Detroit Finance Company of this fact in his business arrangements with them. The board lost the local hearing. Then the board took the case to the Court of Appeals. Use the zip search and check with BTC Communications directly to verify availability.

Please call a representative at to confirm. Explore plans below or call to get started. Please enter a valid address. Share your experience to help other users. When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning.

If you are experiencing issues with your router, call BTC Communications customer service directly for assistance. This speed test will determine the capability of your Internet service whether you use BTC or another provider.

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