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Latest On Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust (ETC) There is no recent news for this security. Content From Our Affiliates. CORRECTION. Read the latest news on Ethereum Classic to stay posted about the second version of Ether. The most recent events, features and more. Ethereum Classic Price Update ; Today/Current/Last, 1, ; 1 Day Return, % ; 7 Day Return, %. ENGLAND SOUTH AFRICA CRICKET BETTING TIPS

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The main driver of this spike has been staking pools run by centralized companies. An Ethereum staking pool is a tool that allows multiple ETH holders to pool their tokens together to access validator status. Treasury sanctioned Tornado Cash, a virtual currency mixer that helped obfuscate the origin and destination of funds on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Treasury accused Tornado Cash of facilitating money laundering. This news speaks to the ideological divergence between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Crypto purists favor a libertarian, censorship-resistant, decentralized model, whereas crypto pragmatists point toward the more adaptable and malleable nature of Ethereum as the way to go.

Advantages of Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic Most of the Ethereum community has backed the proof-of-stake conversion via the merge. Proponents cited a few big advantages. That means Ethereum Classic miners remain huge energy consumers. Ethereum Classic also has disadvantages when it comes to scalability. Thanks to its less malleable code, crypto analyst are not optimistic that ETC can overcome the scalability issues, which are a big stumbling block to mass crypto adoption.

While scalability is also a problem for Ethereum, the community is working to improve the situation. Ethereum Classic Price Ethereum has moved from strength to strength over the years, becoming the second largest crypto by market capitalization after Bitcoin. Yet despite being 36 times smaller than Ethereum, ETC still places in the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Should You Invest in Ethereum Classic? With regards to the future, the value of Ethereum Classic will rise if more people use it. ETH is working to improve its drawbacks, while Ethereum Classic is staying largely the same. The short-term effects in the aftermath of the merge and any idiosyncratic developments are harder to predict.

ETC could easily go through short periods of outperformance. In the long term, unless ETC solves more of its problems or there is an unforeseen negative development with Ethereum, the prospects for Ethereum Classic taking over the big stage is remote at best. Was this article helpful? The increasing ascent of the bull-bear power indicator suggests a likely trend reversal. The day to day exponential moving averages EMAs also operate as dynamic barrier for the token, making a rebound conceivable.

ETC: Possible Recuperation? Traders and investors can also utilize the Stoch RSI numbers. As previously stated, the Stoch RSI is in the oversold bottom half. This indicates that the coin is now undervalued and extremely inexpensive to purchase. However, this carries considerable risk because other indicators hint to a short- and long-term pessimistic outlook for ETC.

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Ethereum Classic Update - ETC After The Merge ?

Ethereum Classic is up by 5.

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