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Several forex traders use these forex indicators daily, which helps them understand when they can buy or sell in the forex market. The smaller the probability, the fewer data values above and below the dynamic zones. This translates into a wider range between the buy and sell zones. Zone Indicator BUY/SELL Signals To start with, the Zone indicator for MT4 can be used as a stand-alone indicator to trade the forex market. But can be more. BTC SATOSHI TO INR

This indicator indicates where the price is likely to reverse. In an uptrend, when the price moves above the 70 levels, it indicates a bearish market reversal. Similarly, if the price moves below the 30 levels in a downtrend, it indicates a bullish market reversal. On the other hand, RSI provides trading opportunities by creating a divergence with the price. The main purpose of this indicator is to calculate divergence with the price. The regular divergence with MACD and price indicates a market reversal, while their hidden divergence indicates a market continuation.

Traders often use it as a primary indicator to create a trading strategy. On the other hand, you can use this indicator to find a possible market reversal point or a continuation point. Therefore, you can enter the trade according to a trading strategy based on other mt4 indicators.

Bollinger Bands John Bollinger created the Bollinger Bands indicator which is one of the forex indicators. The main element of Bollinger bands is moving averages. There are two standard deviations in upside and the downside and a classical moving average in the middle. Overall, this trading indicator is very easy to use and provides a reliable trading entry.

The upper and lower line in Bollinger bands indicator works as dynamic support and resistance levels. Any rejection from these levels indicates a possible entry. Furthermore, any breakout from these levels also provides profitable trades. However, a candle close below or above the middle line creates the possibility of testing the next level. Stochastic Stochastic is a popular momentum indicator that was developed in the early s.

The main aim of this indicator is to identify the overbought and oversold zone. Traders often need to find a possible profit-taking area in their trading strategy. Therefore, they use this forex indicator to find the location from where the price is expected to reverse. The Stochastic indicator moves from 0 levels to levels. If the price moves above the 70 levels, the price will likely reverse. On the other hand, if the price moves below the 30 levels, it creates the possibility of a bullish reversal.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Ichimoku Kinko Hyo or the Ichimoku Cloud is one of the forex indicators with elements to create a complete trading strategy. Several elements in this indicator help traders to identify every aspect of the market. The Kumo Cloud is the first element of this indicator that helps to understand the market context.

If the price is trading below the Kumo Cloud, the overall trend is bearish, and above the Kumo Cloud is bullish. On the other hand, Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen are two important elements of this indicator that made with the concept of moving average. These two lines move with the price, and any rejection from these creates a trading entry.

Fibonacci Fibonacci is a trading tool that shows the most accurate market direction as it is related to every creature in the universe. The most significant part of the Fibonacci tool is the golden ratio of 1. The sequence of Vi1 for all periods gives the buy zone. The sequence of Vi2 for all periods gives the sell zone.

In the algorithm description, we have: Build the distribution f x of the price during the lookback period i. The distribution here is empirical namely, how many times a given value of x appeared during the lookback period. The problem is to find such x that the probability of a price being greater or equal to x will be equal to a probability selected by the user. Probability is the area under the distribution curve. The task is to find such value of x that the area under the distribution curve to the right of x will be equal to the probability selected by the user.

That x is the dynamic zone. So, nothing to do with Bollinger Bands Dynamic zone calculation can be applied to a wide range of indicators and this thread is going to be a thread where I think those should be kept simply in order to make them available in one place.

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