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Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls Apr 24, game result including recap, highlights and game information. Game 4: MIL leads series The site has Milwaukee as a favorite in Game 4 against Boston on Monday night. SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE. GoEscape Southwest. The wide-open spaces of. The Bucks head back to Boston with the series even at after the Celtics win a bruising Game 4 In what has been a knock-down, drag-out. PLAINTE MOTION FOREX CARGO

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Booker shot 3 of 14 in Game 3. That's what happens in the Finals. Unless you're named Michael Jordan, great defenses make your life more difficult. Those same defenses took everything away from their teammates in Game 4, and it came down to these two superstars stepping up and carrying their offenses afterward. Middleton did a teensy bit more when it counted, and now, this series is tied at Booker's foul trouble Both fan bases have plenty to gripe about when it came to Devin Booker's whistle.

Had the Bucks lost this game, Booker's blatant foul on Jrue Holiday with remaining would have been the story. Booker, who already had five fouls, should have been knocked out of the game with his sixth. The officials missed the call. The Bucks won anyway. Crisis averted. Now, let's look to the Suns' side of the ledger.

Booker played only seven minutes and five seconds in the fourth quarter. He sat two minutes and 28 seconds in the third as well. When he played in this game, the Suns battled the Bucks to a draw. When he sat, they lost by six points. So that raises the ultimate question: Should Monty Williams have stuck with Booker regardless of his foul trouble? Or was he right to put him on the bench? Well … that's a complicated question. It's one Phoenix already had to wrestle with in Game 3, when Deandre Ayton played only 24 minutes due to foul trouble and the Bucks killed the Suns in the minutes he sat.

But Booker wasn't held out of almost an entire half as Ayton was. He still managed to play 38 minutes and 30 seconds in total. Without foul trouble, Booker probably plays more. He nearly reached 46 in Game 6 of the Lakers series and was above 44 in Game 2 of the Finals. But could Booker have sustained such an effort for that long? And could he have kept from committing that sixth foul? That depends on how you look at the one that didn't get called. A proper call would have knocked him out, but did the refs give him some leeway because of his star power?

Would they have given him that same leeway if he hadn't sat? This is all unknowable, but Booker fouling out early in the fourth quarter would have been a death sentence for the Suns. One of their major advantages in this series is that they have two elite guards and Jrue Holiday can only defend one of them. Remove Booker from the equation and he gets unleashed on Chris Paul, depriving the Suns of both of their shot-creators.

A few more Booker minutes might have swung this game. If the Suns lose this series, they're going to look back on Game 4 as the turning point. But this isn't the same situation they were in with Ayton, where his absence was inexcusable. This was a tough decision from Williams, and he managed to balance it in such a way that still allowed them to get plenty of minutes out of Booker. The best player in the series There comes a point in the NBA Finals when the things that got you to that point no longer matter.

A championship-caliber opponent has figured you out. They've mastered your play-calls and adjusted to all of your adjustments and the series slows to a crawl. When that happens, you just have to hope that the best player in the series is on your side. When the series opened in Phoenix, it looked like Chris Paul might be that player. After a stellar run through the Western Conference, Paul dropped 32 points and nine assists in a Game 1 thrashing. Devin Booker made his claim to the title at points in this game, when it appeared as if he might be on his way to a Finals MVP award with an all-time scoring performance.

Giannis finished with 32 points on shooting, 17 rebounds, and most impressively 7 assists as the Bulls tried to sell out and send more bodies at him. Meanwhile, the Bulls star lower case trio did not have great games to compensate like in their lone series victory.

Zach LaVine started the game hot with a point first quarter to keep the Bulls close, but finished with 24 overall. LaVine did add 13 assists, but he just looks like he cannot elevate when getting inside. DeRozan stayed in hell with the Bucks defensive attention very focused on him. He finished with 23 on an abysmal shooting. In the first half as the Bucks steadily built a lead, the Bulls received disastrous on-court minutes from Coby White, Patrick Williams, and Tristan Thompson.

It was so dire that it felt briefly promising when Derrick Jones finished a fast break a very rare occurrence and hit a single three. But ultimately, that faded too as his next possessions as the open man were a miss and a turnover. Bobby Portis had another fun day in Chicago hunting mismatches. Perhaps his development as a player means the Bulls really should stick with Coby White?

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Jayson Tatum and Al Horford each scored 30 points and made big plays in the fourth quarter as the Celtics earned a bruising, victory in Game 4 Monday night at Fiserv Forum.

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Liability driven investing pension plans Boston needs Tatum to play much better in Game 4 to have a legitimate chance of winning this game. Milwaukee has led from the start. In Game 4 on Monday, we got yet another spectacular game, as the Celtics erased a 7-point deficit entering the fourth quarter to beat the Bucks on the road. The shooting bucks game 4 also improve after the Celtics shot Scoring update:Q2 — p.
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Adam pogorzelski forex exchange Outside of a Game 2 explosion, both teams have been subpar from behind the arc and for the most part, three-point shooting has been taken out of the equation. Here we go. We knew that coming into this series. Officiating - The officiating can always be an x-factor and maybe more so in the playoffs than in the regular season. Will Ime once again make the right adjustments after the loss in Game 3?
bucks game 4

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