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Security firm Elliptic estimates that over $1 billion has been stolen from blockchain bridges so far in , stemming from five major hacks. Updated Aug 4, at a.m. PDT Crypto exchange ZB Exchange has paused user withdrawals, likely in response to a suspected hack. A blockchain linked to Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, has been hit by a $ million hack, a Binance spokesperson said on. TRAVELFLEX CRYPTO

Operations restarted at around UTC. Following the resolution, Zhao praised the BNB team, saying that they handled the issue quickly and with transparency and responsibility. The team also posted an update on the matter, saying that a new on-chain governance mechanism would be introduced on the BNB chain to combat future attacks.

There will also be governance votes to determine whether to freeze the hacked funds and whether to use BNB Auto-Burn to cover the remaining hacked funds. The Bottom Line Hackers have been exploiting the crypto industry for years. The largest cryptocurrency hack to date was conducted in March and targeted the network that supports the popular Axie Infinity blockchain gaming platform.

Blockchain projects promise security, but back-to-back attacks shatter this myth and investors' confidence. Bitrue - June 27, Bitrue is a popular Singaporean crypto exchange that was hacked for over 4. The attack exploited a vulnerability within the exchange's security measures to gain access funds of 90 customers, which comprised 9.

Bitrue is currently the 68th largest crypto exchange and is well known for its wide variety of XRP trading pairs and advanced trading platform. Over 3. Binance - May 7, Binance is one of the world's best cryptocurrency exchanges by popularity and rating 1 by trading volume and overall liquidity. The platform is now on the list of hacked exchanges due to a large-scale security breach that occurred on May 7, According to the Binance Blog, the attackers used a variety of methods to exploit Binance's security systems included phishing, viruses and other vectors.

Customers that were affected by the hack were reimbursed in full with funds taken from the exchange's insurance account. The exchange was later found guilty of negligence and should have allocated more resources in terms of security to prevent the massive data breach incident.

The cause of the hack is largely unknown, however a Security report detailing the findings has linked 2 of the hacks to Lazarus Group. Coinbene - March 25, Another crypto exchange that suffered a hack in is Coinbene. Large transactions were identified leaving the exchange on March 25 to an unknown wallet address.

Coinbene has denied any involvement with the hack and did not respond to any questions regarding a possible hack that raised further questions. DragonEX announced in its official Telegram channel it had suffered a cyber security attack. The exchange is currently still active however has not recovered from the incident with very low volume and liquidity.

Coinmama - February 15, Coinmama is a well-known cryptocurrency platform that allows individuals to buy crypto using a credit or debit card. Bitcoin and other digital assets are not stored on the exchange which significantly reduces the risk of theft. However, the exchange suffered a wide-scale data breach that affected , user's in The customer's email addresses and passwords were leaked in a massive global hack that involved 24 websites and some million records.

Cryptopia - February 1, The New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia was hacked on several occasions in early The reported amount of assets lost during the incident was 9. The Cryptopia breach is regarded as one of the biggest hacks in New Zealand's history.

Unfortunately for the company, the exchange was hacked a third time while under liquidation. LocalBitcoins - January 26, A well-regarded and best-rated P2P exchange for transacting crypto suffered a security breach that lasted only a few hours on January 26, Hackers were able to steal around 7. The cause of the breach was due to hackers phishing customers login credentials and 2FA one-time codes from a LocalBitcoins forum, not the exchange directly. There are rumours of an exit scam as the website's social media profiles were deleted following the "hack".

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and MonaCoin were the 3 digital currencies transferred out from hot-wallets on September 14, Zaif refunded lost holding by affected customers and resumed full services and is currently a top 50 cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, traffic and liquidity according to coinmarketcap.

A number of ERC tokens were stolen from the exchange that comprised of 1, ether, 2. An internal staff member at CoinSecure was blamed for a incident as he was the only person with access to the private keys. Incidents like this may have contributed to the regulatory authorities in India deciding to declare Bitcoin as illegal in the country. Bitgrail - February 10, The founder of Bitgrail was accused of "hacking itself" to steal around million dollars worth of cryptocurrency from the trading platform.

According to reports, , users on the platform were affected by the hack in early Further to legal proceedings, it was concluded the exchange and its owner was personally at fault and to be declared bankrupt to return as much of the money to the customers as possible. Coincheck - January 27, In one of the largest hacks in recent years, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was involved in a cyber security attack in The exchange accepted it was responsible for contributing to the security incident as it had stored large amounts of user funds on hot wallets instead of cold wallets.

The website used to host the service was hacked and replaced with a fake website that had the same appearance. The hackers were able to obtain the customers login information and steal their funds. Founded in , Bitfinex has been the go-to destination for advanced charting tools for cryptocurrency traders.

Over its journey, Bitfinex has been involved in a few incidents, most notably the incident on August 2, where an unauthorized transfer of approximately , Bitcoins was made from the exchange. To date, the stolen funds have not been cashed out using another exchange or been recovered. Bitfinex has even offered rewards to identify the perpetrators. Gatecoin - May 9, Launched in , the Hong Kong based crypto exchange was one of the first regulated platforms in the world.

Gatecoin was a victim of a cyber attack whereby hackers managed to get access to the private keys to user funds. Gatecoin never recovered from the theft and eventually went into liquidation. Shapeshift - March 14, Shapeshift is an instant crypto swap platform and trading exchange that offers a variety of digital assets. The exchange was founded in and led by Erik Voorhees who is a prominent figure in the crypto world.

Shapeshift was hacked 3 times by an employee working for the company. The first incident took place on 14th March and resulted in the loss of Bitcoin. The theft continued over the next few days and additional Bitcoin and Ethereum were removed. The hacker even sold Shapeshift key security data and forced the exchange to suspend its service to improve its security infrastructure.

BTER was compromised several month before this incident in where a hacker penetrated the exchange's servers. The total amount stolen represented only a small portion of the user funds held under custody on offline cold storage wallets. A staff member working at the exchange was victim to a social engineering attack in which they were persuaded to open and distributes files containing malware.

The files were executed and the attacker was ultimately able to obtain the backup passphrase to Bitstamp's wallet. The stolen coins were left on an online wallet at the time of the theft. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin funds on exchange cold wallets were not affected. Poloniex - March 4, The popular trading platform Poloniex lost about Gox - February One of the most well known and famous cryptocurrency exchanges to be hacked was Mt.

The exchange was the victim of multiple security breaches in its earlier years. However, in a devastating hack resulted in a loss of , Bitcoins belonging to its customers and , owned by the exchange. This was a significant hack considering the number of Bitcoins that had been mined at the time and in circulation. The Mt. Gox caused significant damage to the reputation of the industry and took years to recover and restore confidence in using centralized exchanges.

Bitfloor - September 12, Bitfloor was a licenced cryptocurrency platform in the United States that was based in New York.

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