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Figure 5 – Historical Global NBSK Pulp Prices (FOEXUSNB Index), Base Price varied fro m C$ 95/M Wh in the Peace Region to C$. buy a product, i.e. price, eco-friendly packag- ing, the product's recyclability NBSK: long-fiber northern bleached softwood kraft pulp. gain by buying companies at reduced prices and selling the parts for a sum softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp exceeded $ per ton, with southern bleached. WARREN BUFFETT INVESTING IN CHINA

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They still wanted their full volumes and took their full orders. A couple of contacts mentioned low port stocks, especially in Italy. The main problem, he added, was more the late arrival of vessels as opposed to a lack of pulp, with significant congestion in ports and ships having to wait to unload. Other market players said that while there had been some improvement in the shipping situation at sea, bottlenecks with inland transport from ports to mills via rail and truck continued.

Supply disruptions were another key topic on the mind of market players. While the suspended production at Ence is creating pressure on the market, several contacts suggested that the overall supply situation had perhaps eased somewhat. Perhaps the biggest change moving into August is that there are no price increase announcements on the table for BEK.

Several contacts also reported rising pressure on pricing in the peripheral spot markets such as the Middle East. Uneven NBSK price increases across the market The situation on the softwood side of the market in July was somewhat messier, with contacts reporting a range of developments from stable pricing to varying levels of increases.

A source from a major Canadian seller said its monthly allotment was sold out, mainly to end-users, after the cut was implemented and the shipment is expected to take place at the end of September. Meanwhile, Russian BSK pricing has become less transparent, as most of the tonnage is sold resale to domestic Chinese buyers in renminbi through a handful of traders. Contacts indicated that the prices that traders settle with Ilim are basically pegged to futures.

Sources said mills use a mixture of whatever low-cost pulp they could find, including softwood, hardwood, non-wood and even pulp processed from recovered paper as furnish, and convert it into low-quality fluff pulp products used chiefly in adult diapers and pet pee pads. In the meantime, sales of nonwood pulp such as bamboo, bagasse, and reed pulp manufactured domestically have seen an increase and prices have firmed up.

However, futures prices for the September contract are much higher than the January one. The September contract is due for delivery around mid-September. Meanwhile, the backwardation in the forward curve in BSK futures foretells weakening prices for the grade in the future but no crash in the near term, shored up with the indication of the September contract.

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‘Lower the cost of capital and drive economic growth’ - Sean Peche Q\u0026A

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