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of a hierarchy of (r × r) tri-diagonal matrices of increasing size. ANITI through the French “Investing for the Future PIA3” program. Automatic Performance Tuning of Sparse Matrix Kernels; Updating LAPACK and ScaLAPACK Ideal: program in your favorite high level language (Matlab, PETSc). Use matlab to simulate the power control algorithm (1), starting (a) A matrix A ∈ Rn×n is tridiagonal if Aij = 0 for |i − j| > 1. FOREX SINHALA BLOGS

Moreover, this representation reveals already the QR factorization of the semisepar- able matrix S: the Givens transformations appearing in the representation of the matrix are exactly the same as the Givens transformations appearing in the Q factor of the QR factorization. More information can be found in [42, 34]. In [42, 44] other algorithms, based on the Givens-vector representation can be found. The algorithms for retrieving the representation and for constructing the full semiseparable matrix, given the Givens-vector representation, can be deduced easily with the inform- ation in the previous section.

Here an O n implementation of a matrix vector multiplication will be given. The formulas will be given for nonsymmetric semiseparable matrices, who have two se- quences of Givens transformations and two vectors. To deduce the algorithm, we have to decompose the matrix into a strict uppertriangular, and a lower triangular part of S.

Rewriting the formulas reveals the order O n algorithm for the multiplication. Combining the last 2 equalities of all the yi one can derive an order n algorithm to perform the multiplication of S1 and v. The multiplication of S2 and v can be derived in a completely analogous way. We have given an altern- ative definition and a corresponding representation which keeps the interesting proper- ties of the standard representation but does not exhibit the disadvantages.

Appendix A Our main result here will be to prove, as in [21, Chapter II] , that the inverse of a one-pair matrix is an unreducible tridiagonal matrix and vice versa. First some notation has to be introduced. Proposition 7. This proves This matrix will then appear to be a one-pair matrix.

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Jun 14, at 1 Thank you so much. And there was a point where he said: When implementing the normal equation in octave we want to use the 'pinv' function rather than 'inv. Jun 15, at 1 RishabhKumarSingh indeed!

But this is a mathematical property of of the pinv, it has nothing to do with precision. If inv exists, then pinv will necessarily be equal to inv.

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