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Dobbing means 'Double or Bust'. It's just a slang word to describe a particular strategy. Essentially, the word is interchangeable with 'trading. How come horse racing betting websites can offer such incredible sign-up bonuses? I don't technically bet on horses but my system is similar to dobbing. simulation model of a contemporary online sports-betting exchange: such in financial markets will recognise dobbing as an instance of hedging, and the. CRYPTO ADVISOR SHOP

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Simple In Running Trading Tool Dobbing Strategy There are a number of ways that you can look at the data included in the App, so a quick system has been created, with a number of rules that are simple to follow that has over an 18 week period, provided a healthy profit of 61 points. The biggest problem most punters face is patience and many cannot fathom the concept that there is always another race.

With some days during testing not having any bets at all this may trouble some traders but the key is to look long term and to see where you could be if you wait for those profitable horses that this system selects. There is a spreadsheet that you can download at the bottom of the page which takes all results from the 26th June to 8th November , showing all of those that passed the rules below.

In Running Trading Tool — Dobbing Strategy Rules The rules may seem a bit long winded but are logical and very simple to apply as follows:- 1. This was one of the first rules that I came up with after looking at the DOB tab over a number of weeks. These horses are very simple to find as you can see on the image below, by clicking the DOB tab on the software , then the DOBReturn column far right.

Please click any images to enlarge them for easier viewing. So a horse that starts at This opens up a drop down list of the horses form, in running high and low prices and BSP plus the percentage amount dropped to in all of its races. This is the same idea for rules 4 and 5 and just ensures that a horses run style may not be inconvenienced by other factors. A horse up in class may struggle to run how it normally would in a lower grade and not be able to drop in price.

Similarly a horse may struggle to run in its normal way on Soft ground but run confidently enough on Good or firmer fro its price to drop in running. This works for any priced runner as long as the price is 2. One approach is the pace angle. The longer a runners keeps the lead the more likely it is to DOB.

Pace information can be found on the pace page for each race. The other main approach I use is the form approach, but this time rather than looking at the finishing position a runner has achieved in the past I look at how low it has traded and whether it managed to DOB from it's BFsp. In the same way that I use patternform to filter out previous race I've modified Patternform to show how well a runner has performed in it's previous by In Running Price which I call Moneyform - i.

Hcap ratings, Speed figures, draw analysis etc etc. When we study a race we utilise these tools to try to understand the quality and preferences for each runner. There isn't the same abundance of tools available for In Running analysis. Timeform have an approach and betfair publish the In Running Low prices with limited filtering. If for any reason I don't have a moneyform figure for a previous run foreign race, BFsp less the 2. DOB - A blank value means I don't have the data available I might change this to another character This though is only a rough indication of how a runner has performed from a DOBBING perspective since it doesn't take into account the type or race etc, and a much fuller and more versatile tool is described in the next section DOBBING Moneyform Patternform for In Running Prices The patternform card has been amended to include the Moneyform figure rather then the formfigure for each runner.

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A Dobbing Strategy Guide for Horse Racing (£20 Profit on a Loser) dobbing betting websites

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